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The Headshot: The Secrets to Creating Amazing Headshot Portraits

Book Description

It used to be that the only people that needed professional-looking headshots were actors and models, but now thanks to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and social media in general, headshots are hot! They've never been more in demand than they are today, and Peter Hurley's unique headshot style and trademark look have made him the most sought-after headshot photographer in the world today. Here's your chance to learn exactly how to create "the look" that everybody's after.

This is bankable stuff! If you're not adding headshots to what you offer as a photographer, you're leaving a lot of money on the table. Peter knows first-hand the secrets to not only lighting your headshots like a pro (there's a whole chapter on that alone), but in this book he reveals, in the very same fashion that made him a famous name with photographers everywhere, how he gets authentic expressions and incredibly flattering positioning that will make your clients look better than they ever have in any photo—period!

It's all here: he shows you his positioning techniques, his secrets for getting genuine smiles and images that look so natural you won't believe they're posed (but of course, they are), and you'll learn the very same techniques that Peter uses to create amazing headshots for everyone from execs at top Fortune 500 companies, to Silicon Valley startups, to actors and public figures who know all too well how important a great-looking headshot really is.

Peter doesn't hold anything back. He reveals all his tricks of the trade, from his trademark lighting look, to how to create good-looking backgrounds on location, to positioning tricks you won't hear anywhere else, and it's all written in Peter's fun, quirky, inspiring style that lets you know, right from the beginning, you can do this, and you can do this big! These are the techniques that Peter has crafted from years in front of the lens, as a model for top brands like Abercrombie & Fitch and Guess, and years behind the lens, giving him an insight few photographers will ever possess, and he's willing to share every bit of it—every trick, every technique, and every nuance—in this book that will pay for itself at your very next shoot. Yes, it's that good.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. About the Author
  6. Introduction
    1. The Opportunity
    2. I’m So Un-Photogenic
    3. My Purpose
    4. The Ricochet Effect
  7. Contents
  8. Chapter 1. The Headshot Recipe That Started It All
    1. The Headshot Recipe That Started It All
    2. The White Background with Flat Light
    3. Cropping the Head
    4. Selling My “Look”
  9. Chapter 2. Hitting the Technical on the Head
    1. Strobes
    2. Backgrounds
      1. HURLEYPRO ProBoard
    3. Window Light
    4. Continuous Lights
    5. Lighting the Background
      1. Containing the Spill
      2. Power Settings on the Strobes
    6. The Square Window Light
    7. Lighting Your Subject
      1. Lighting Women
      2. Lighting Men
      3. Triangle Lighting
      4. Dealing with Eyeglasses
    8. Lens Info
    9. Camera Settings
  10. Chapter 3. The Art of Sherlock Holmesing
    1. Sherlock Holmesing?
      1. How Does It Work?
      2. Catching Them Behaving Normally
      3. Taking Notice of Issues
      4. What Are You Looking For?
    2. What’s Their Side?
      1. What Are the Indications of a Good Side?
      2. Getting the Best Side—Pulling a “180”
      3. Finding Their Sweet Spot
      4. Are They Ambifacial?
    3. Finding a Side Builds Confidence
    4. Finding the Flaw
    5. Create a Mental Checklist
    6. Hammer Them Down to Lift Them Back Up
    7. Concluding the Holmesing
  11. Chapter 4. My Lethal Combination
    1. Injecting Confidence Into Their Personal Brand
    2. Layering Confidence on Top of Approachability
    3. Just Can’t Seem to Nail C&A
    4. From Zero to Sha-Bang!
    5. Goin’ Sneaky on ‘Em!
  12. Chapter 5. Lights, Camera, Action...or Not
    1. What’s the Action?
    2. Camera Invisibility
    3. Establishing a Rapport
    4. Four Types of Subjects
      1. Picture Avoidance Syndrome
    5. Getting Life from the Lifeless
    6. Voluntary vs. Involuntary Expressions
      1. Capturing the Thought
    7. Developing Your Shtick
    8. Directing the Client
  13. Chapter 6. What’s in Your Director’s Toolbox?
    1. Clean the Room
    2. Positive Reinforcement
    3. Finding a Common Thread
    4. Speaking In Opposites
    5. Mirror Work & Copycat
    6. Rocking Out the Squinch Book
    7. Tether It Up, People!
    8. Direct Direction
    9. Direction By Misdirection
  14. Chapter 7. It All Starts With the Jaw
    1. Bring the Forehead Toward the Camera
    2. Lean Toward the Camera
    3. Tilting Your Subject & Un-Tilting Them with the Camera
    4. Hooking the Body
    5. Always Elongate the Body
  15. Chapter 8. The Beauty of the Human Smile
    1. Diving into the Smile Dimension
    2. Say, “Cheese”
    3. From a Miniscule to a Duchenne Smile
    4. Residual Laughter
    5. What About Those Pearly Whites?
    6. Taming the Gums
    7. The Fake, But Genuine-Looking, Smile
  16. Chapter 9. Make ‘em Squinch
    1. The Model/Celebrity Squinch
    2. It’s a Squinch People, Not a Squint!
    3. Showing Them the Squinch
    4. Teaching the Squinch
    5. You’d Better Believe in the Squinch
    6. Beady Eye Syndrome
  17. Chapter 10. The Hurley System
    1. Start by Building Your Shots from the Ground Up
    2. Step 1: Get That Body on the Move!
    3. Step 2: Freewheeling with That Head!
    4. Step 3: Primp That Hair and Clothing!
      1. Hair We Go!
      2. Keep an Eye on the Threads
    5. Step 4: Frame That Sucker Up!
      1. Why I Continually Chop Off the Head
      2. Croppin’ the Sides
    6. Step 5: Get That Face Moving!
    7. Step 6: Firing at Will!
    8. Step 7: Repeat to Keep Their Juices Flowing!
  18. Chapter 11. Signature Moves: Firing Up a Li’l Direct Direction
    1. Suction Cup to the Face
    2. Karate Chop to the Face
    3. Follow the Finger with the Nose
    4. Let’s Get That Jaw Where We Need It
    5. Lean Toward the Camera
    6. Hook It!
    7. Tilt/Un-Tilt Move
    8. Still Can’t Get a Jaw Line? Here’s a Move
    9. Let’s Get Those Arms Where We Need Them
    10. Have Them Hold Their Sub
    11. Miniscule Smile
    12. The Squinch
    13. Pterodactyl Neck
    14. Shoulders One Way, Face the Other
    15. Brows, Brows & More Brows, People!
  19. Chapter 12. My Greatest Discovery: Direction by Misdirection
    1. The Quandary
    2. The Start of My Discovery
      1. The Issue
    3. Direction by Misdirection
      1. Don’t You Dare Cut the Crap
      2. Control Freak
      3. Start with a Thread
      4. Intuitive Factor
    4. The Method to My Madness
  20. Chapter 13. Hurleyisms
    1. Working with a Thread
    2. Working with a String
    3. Working with a Rope
    4. Working with a Chain
    5. Hurleyisms & the Method to My Madness
  21. Index