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The Handbook of International Trade and Finance, 4th Edition

Book Description

An essential guide for anyone involved in international trade, this handbook offers practical commentary on the key financial elements of cross-border business, including risk management, currency management, credit insurance and trade finance.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. About this book
  3. Title Page
  4. Contents
  5. Preface
  6. Introduction
  7. 01    Trade risks and risk assessment
    1. Business beyond borders: trade risks
    2. International trade practices
    3. Product risks
    4. Commercial risks (purchaser risks)
    5. Adverse business risks
    6. Political risks
    7. Currency risks
    8. Financial risks
  8. 02    Methods of payment
    1. Different methods of payment
    2. Bank transfer (bank remittance)
    3. Cheque payments
    4. Documentary collection
    5. Letter of credit
    6. Counter-trade
  9. 03    Bonds, guarantees and standby letters of credit
    1. The use of bonds and guarantees
    2. Common forms of guarantee
    3. Demand guarantees
    4. Standby letters of credit
    5. The structure and design of guarantees
  10. 04    Currency risk management
    1. Currency risk
    2. The currency markets
    3. Currency exposure
    4. Hedging currency risks
    5. Practical currency management
  11. 05    Export credit insurance
    1. A mutual undertaking
    2. The private sector insurance market
    3. Export credit agencies (official export credit institutions)
    4. Investment insurance
  12. 06    Trade finance
    1. Finance alternatives
    2. Pre-shipment finance
    3. Supplier credits
    4. Refinancing of supplier credits
    5. Buyer credits
    6. The international money market
  13. 07    Structured trade finance
    1. International leasing
    2. Lines of credit and local currency finance
    3. Project finance and joint venture
    4. Multilateral development banks
  14. 08    Terms of payment
    1. Terms of payment and cash management
    2. Contents of the terms of payment
    3. Structure of the terms of payment
    4. Composite terms of payment
    5. The final design of the terms of payment
  15. 09    The export quotation
  16. Appendix I: Electronic documents in international trade
  17. Appendix II: International transport documents
  18. Glossary of terms and abbreviations
  19. Index
  20. Copyright