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The Great ScrumMaster: #ScrumMasterWay, First Edition

Book Description

This is the Rough Cut version of the printed book.

The Great ScrumMaster is the your complete guide to becoming an exceptionally effective ScrumMaster. Easy to digest and highly visual, you can read it in a weekend . . . and use it for a decade.

Drawing on more than fifteen years of experience implementing Agile and Scrum and helping others do so, Zuzana Šochová guides you step-by-step through all key facets of success as a ScrumMaster in practically any organizational context. Šochová reviews the ScrumMaster's responsibilities, introduces the powerful "state of mind" model and #ScrumMasterWay concept, and introduces crucial metaskills every ScrumMaster needs.

You'll learn how to build effective Scrum teams, manage change in Agile environments, and leverage the powerful ScrumMaster toolbox to the fullest. Throughout, Šochová illuminates each concept with practical, proven examples that show exactly how to move from idea to successful execution.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Contents
  3. 1. The ScrumMaster’s Role and Responsibilities
    1. The Self-Organized Team
    2. The ScrumMaster’s Goal
    3. The ScrumMaster’s Responsibilities
    4. Pitfalls of Combining Roles
  4. 2. The State of Mind Model
    1. Teaching and Mentoring
    2. Removing Impediments
    3. Facilitation
    4. Coaching
    5. Example: Starting Agile
    6. Example: Impediments
    7. Example: Stuck
    8. Example: Responsibility
    9. Exercise: State of Mind—Now
    10. The Missing Piece of the Puzzle
    11. Exercise: State of Mind—The Future
  5. 3. #ScrumMasterWay
    1. Exercise: #ScrumMasterWay
    2. Level 1—My Team
    3. Level 2—Relationships
    4. Level 3—Entire System
    5. The ScrumMasters’ Group
    6. The Organization as a System
    7. Cynefin Framework
  6. 4. Metaskills and Competences
    1. Metaskills
    2. Competences
    3. Core Competences
  7. 5. Building Teams
    1. Tuckman’s Group Development
    2. Five Dysfunctions of a Team
    3. Team Toxins
    4. Focus on Responsibility
    5. Organization as a Tribe
    6. Choose the Right Leadership Style
    7. Use Decentralization
  8. 6. Implementing Change
    1. Go for a Change
    2. Change Behavior
    3. Eight Steps for Successful Change
  9. 7. The ScrumMaster’s Toolbox
    1. Mastering Shu Ha Ri
    2. System Rule
    3. Positivity
    4. Facilitation
    5. Coaching
    6. Root-Cause Analysis
    7. Impact Mapping
    8. Scaling Scrum
    9. Kanban Insight Scrum Checklist
    10. XP Practices Checklist
    11. Product Owner Checklist
  10. 8. I Believe . . .
    1. The Great ScrumMaster
    2. Don’t Know Whether Agile and Scrum Is for You?
    3. Want to Transform Your Organization to Agile?
    4. Don’t Know How to Build a Good Product Backlog?
    5. Looking for a Way to Improve Your Team?
    6. Want to Become a Great ScrumMaster?
    7. Want to Become a Great Product Owner?
    8. Want to Solve Conflicts?
    9. Want to Have a Modern Agile Organization?
    10. Want to Move Your Organization to the Next Level?
    11. Zuzana Šochová—
  11. References