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The Five Cs of Good Communication: Connecting with Your Reader

Book Description

Would you like to learn how to get decision makers to read your documents? Would you like your materials to be placed at the top of the stack? Now you can! Learn from Laura Stack, the author of several published books, as she offers sage advice for successful business writing. Whether you're crafting cover letters, resumes, or emails, keep these five key communication principles in mind. Your writing must be:

  1. Clear: free from confusion; understandable

  2. Concise: short and to the point; brief

  3. Concrete: specific; not vague

  4. Correct: free from error; accurate;

  5. Conversational: familiar; friendly

When you follow Laura Stack's advice and apply it to your writing, your professionalism will help you stand out over the competition in your job search or in your emails.