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The Everything STEM Handbook

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Projects and experiments to inspire and challenge your kids!

The STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math) are top education priorities in the United States--and they are growing fields with a high demand for jobs. If you want to make sure your children are prepared for the future in these fields, here's how you can help: Make it fun! Expose them to hands-on, real-world, and fun activities so they'll become engaged, motivated, and successful students later on.

Look inside for ideas and activities to stimulate your child's interest in these fascinating subjects, including:

  • Racing juice cans
  • Setting up a circuit
  • Observing potato osmosis
  • Building a mousetrap race car
  • Creating a Cartesian treasure map
  • Going on a geometry scavenger hunt
  • Building a bridge
  • Exploring food chemistry
With easy-to-understand examples, problem-solving tips, and hands-on projects your family can create together, this guide gives you the tools you need to help your kids excel and foster a lifetime love of learning.

Table of Contents

  1. Letter to the Reader
  2. Welcome to the Everything® Series!
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Dedication
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction
  8. Chapter 1: Thinking Like a Scientist
    1. What Is Science?
    2. Fields of Science
    3. The Scientific Method
    4. The Limits of Science
  9. Chapter 2: Everyday Physics
    1. Pressure, Temperature, and the Weather
    2. Why Do Some Things Float?
    3. How a Magnifying Glass Works
    4. Balloons, Spoons, and Density
    5. Searching for Newton
  10. Chapter 3: The Physics of Moving Objects
    1. Racing Juice Cans
    2. The Physics of Floating Feathers
    3. Follow the Bouncing Ball
    4. The Inertia of Ice Cubes
    5. The Velocity of Bowling Balls
  11. Chapter 4: Electricity
    1. Static Electricity
    2. Building a Circuit
    3. Insulator versus Conductor
    4. What’s Inside a Light Bulb?
    5. Another Kind of Electric Circuit
  12. Chapter 5: Magnetism
    1. Magnetizing (and Demagnetizing) a Sewing Needle
    2. North versus South Pole
    3. What Are Magnets Made Of?
    4. Electricity and Magnetism: The Two Sisters
  13. Chapter 6: Building Stuff
    1. Building a Motor
    2. Building a Truss
    3. Building a Bridge
    4. Building a Tower
  14. Chapter 7: Making It Go
    1. Balloon-Powered Car
    2. Powering a Boat with Soap
    3. Mousetrap Car Race
    4. Water Rocket Launch
  15. Chapter 8: Naked Eye Astronomy
    1. Keeping a Moon-Phase Journal
    2. Moon Navigation
    3. Does the Sun Always Rise in the East?
    4. The Easiest Constellations to Recognize
  16. Chapter 9: Household Chemistry
    1. How Batteries Work
    2. Alkaline or Acidic?
    3. More Food Chemistry
    4. Separating Salt from Water
    5. Ice versus Dry Ice
  17. Chapter 10: Biology Basics
    1. How Plants Make Food: Photosynthesis
    2. Deciduous versus Coniferous Trees
    3. Fermentation: Making Sourdough Starter
    4. Potato, Carrot, and Cell Osmosis
    5. Dominant versus Recessive Traits
  18. Chapter 11: Making Math Matter
    1. Designing Wallpaper Using Percentages
    2. Tic-Tac-Toe Math Review
    3. Bingo Math Review
    4. Card Math Review
    5. Algebra Dice
  19. Chapter 12: Geometry All Around You
    1. Creating a Geometry Monster
    2. The Angle Guessing Game
    3. Mini Pyramids—Many Triangles
    4. Calculating the Circumference of a Pie, Bike Wheel, Car Tire, Etc.
    5. The Cartesian Treasure Map
    6. The Geometry Scavenger Hunt
  20. Chapter 13: Statistically Speaking
    1. Mean, Median, and Mode
    2. Making a Pie Chart from Scratch
    3. Pie Chart versus Bar Chart
    4. Learning Probability with Playing Cards
    5. Learning Probability with Dice
  21. Chapter 14: Money Math
    1. How Many Zeros Are in a Quadrillion?
    2. Decimals and Money
    3. Calculating Percentage Change
    4. Money’s Value over Time
    5. The Rule of 72
  22. Chapter 15: STEM Kits, Games, Apps, and Magazines
    1. STEM-Related Kits
    2. STEM Board Games and Card Games
    3. STEM Apps
    4. Other Online Learning Resources
    5. STEM-Related Magazines
  23. Chapter 16: STEM Summer Camps, Enrichment Classes, Online Classes, and Job Shadowing
    1. STEM Summer Camps and Enrichment Classes
    2. Online STEM Classes
    3. Job Shadowing
  24. Chapter 17: STEM Activities for the Car
    1. Math Rock, Paper, Scissors
    2. Science Connections
    3. Science Categories
    4. Geometry Scavenger Hunt—Travel Version
    5. License Plate Game—Math Version
    6. First to Reach 100
    7. Finish the Sequence
    8. The Birthday Problem
    9. Science Fiction or Science Fact?
  25. Appendix A: Additional Resources
    1. Science Museums by State
    2. STEM Career Websites for Kids
    3. Other Useful STEM Websites
  26. Appendix B: Bibliography