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The Everything Retirement Planning Book

Book Description

No matter what your dream for retirement - traveling the world, relocating to an exciting new city, or just spending more time with family - you can make that dream come true. The Everything Retirement Planning Book helps you determine how much money you'll need to save for your dream and the best ways to do it. This down-to-earth handbook is full of checklists to help you make the decisions you need to make before retiring.

The Everything Retirement Planning Book includes practical advice on:
  • Social Security benefits
  • Withdrawing funds from IRAs
  • Investments before and after retirement
  • Life insurance and long-term care policies
  • Working after you retire

Of course, retirement planning involves more than just financial matters. This comprehensive guide also covers the emotional and psychological issues surrounding retirement, along with the pros and cons of popular retirement destinations. The Everything Retirement Planning Book has everything you need as you plan for the next stage of your life.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Top Ten Tips for Retirement Planning
  8. Introduction
  9. Getting Started
    1. Where to Start
    2. Is “Retirement” the Right Word?
    3. How Much Money Will You Need?
    4. Calculating How Much to Save
    5. The Importance of Saving
    6. Staying the Course
    7. A Word to the Ladies
  10. Where to Put Your Money
    1. Where You Are Now
    2. When to Start Saving
    3. Deciding Where Your Money Should Go
    4. Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
    5. Roth IRA Options
    6. Who Can Invest in a Roth IRA
    7. Getting Started with a Roth IRA
    8. Withdrawal Penalties
    9. Looking into the Crystal Ball
    10. Money In/Money Out
  11. Employer-offered Retirement Plans
    1. Company Pension Plans
    2. Vesting
    3. 401(k) and 403(b)
    4. Contributing to Your 401(k)
    5. Withdrawing from Your 401(k)
    6. Roth 401(k)
    7. Small Business Retirement Plans
  12. Moving On
    1. Rollovers and Conversions
    2. You Leave, Your Money Stays
    3. Rollover IRAs
    4. Converting from a Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA
    5. Converting from a Rollover IRA to a Roth IRA
    6. Rolling Over from a 401(k) to a Roth IRA
    7. Rebalancing Your Portfolio
  13. Annuities
    1. Variable Annuities
    2. How Annuities Work
    3. Payout Phase
    4. Death Benefit
    5. Variable Annuity Charges
    6. After-tax Annuities
  14. Other Retirement Income Sources
    1. Social Security Safety Net
    2. How Social Security Works
    3. Will Social Security Be Around When You Need It?
    4. Applying for Social Security
    5. Aging in Place — Reverse Mortgages
    6. How a Reverse Mortgage Works
    7. Working after Retirement
  15. Why You Need an Estate Plan
    1. Addressing the Inevitable
    2. What Is Included in an Estate Plan
    3. Time for Some Soul-searching
    4. Preparing to Put an Estate Plan Together
    5. Business Transfer Planning
    6. Estate Taxes
    7. Incorporating a Roth IRA in Your Estate Plan
    8. Potential Estate Planning Mistakes
  16. Wills
    1. Do You Really Need a Will?
    2. How to Create a Will
    3. What to Include in a Will
    4. If You Die Without a Will
    5. Couple Wills
    6. Working Around Probate
    7. Small Estates
    8. Guardians for Children
    9. Reasons to Make Changes
    10. Why a Will Alone May Not Be Enough
  17. Transferring Legal Powers
    1. Living Wills and Health Care Proxies
    2. Reasons for a Living Will
    3. Creating and Updating a Living Will
    4. Health Care Power of Attorney
    5. Choosing Your Health Care Proxy
    6. Will Your Health Care Proxy Be Followed?
    7. When Health Care Documents Take Effect
    8. When Health Care Documents End
    9. Financial Power of Attorney
    10. Conservatorships and Guardianships
  18. Trusts
    1. Understanding the Basics of Trusts
    2. When a Trust Might Help
    3. Reasons for Creating a Trust
    4. Living Trusts
    5. Institutional Trustees
    6. AB Trusts for Couples
    7. Charitable Remainder Trusts
    8. Special Needs Trusts
    9. Pet Trusts
  19. Will Your Retirement Be an Ending or a Beginning?
    1. What to Call It
    2. Retirement History 101
    3. A Leisure Class Is Born
    4. Options for Ending Work
    5. If a Door Closes, Look for the Open Window
    6. Forward-thinking Retirees
  20. No Rocking Chairs for Baby Boomers
    1. The Boomer Philosophy
    2. Plan for Income, Plan for Living
    3. Responding to Societal Problems
    4. Down but Not Out
    5. Bouncing Back
    6. Death or Disability of Your Spouse
  21. Lifelong Learning
    1. A Lifetime of Knowledge
    2. Going Back to School
    3. Unfinished Business
    4. The Student Becomes the Teacher
    5. Finding the Patterns in Your Life
    6. Making the Classroom Fit Your Schedule
    7. Independent Study
    8. Lifelong Learning Institutes
    9. Travel-based Learning
    10. Next Chapters
  22. Where You Give Your Time and Money
    1. Giving Your Biggest Gift — You
    2. Choosing a Cause
    3. Relocating — Finding the True You
    4. Living Like You Mean It
    5. The Volunteer Trap
  23. Creative Living
    1. The Sandwich Generation
    2. Additional Living Options
    3. Building Trends
    4. The Resurgence of Communes
    5. Co-housing
    6. Independent Living Stages
  24. Loss
    1. An Aging Body
    2. Poor Self-Image
    3. Enjoying the Ride
    4. Who You Are
    5. Big Hurdles to Overcome
    6. Transformation Through Loss
  25. The Emotions That Come with Retirement
    1. Pack Your Baggage
    2. Inevitable Changes
    3. Know Your Retirement Style
    4. What You Want Versus What Is Possible
    5. Doing the Work to Quit Work
    6. Spirituality and Religion
  26. Dreaming and Scheming
    1. Hobbies
    2. Travel — The Great Reward
    3. Charting a Travel Strategy
    4. Discount Flying
    5. Flex-retirement
    6. Finishing All Your To-do Lists
    7. Getting a Checklist Outlined
    8. Initiating Something New
  27. Eating Well Through the Years
    1. Changing Nutritional Needs
    2. What and How Much to Eat
    3. Fiber Intake
    4. Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension: DASH
    5. Eating Intentionally
    6. Cooking for Yourself in Retirement
  28. Test-drive Your Retirement
    1. Try It Out
    2. Living Lean
    3. Housing Transitions
    4. Being a Super Saver
    5. Cutting Back Costs, Not Enjoyment
    6. Charitable Support
  29. Appendix A: Retirement Financial Planning Resources
  30. Appendix B: Retirement Lifestyle Planning
  31. Appendix C: Travel Resources for Seniors
  33. Copyright