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The Everything Guide to Starting an Online Business

Book Description

Create and run your own virtual business!

Whether it is a full-time online consulting business or just selling your crafts on the side, starting an Internet enterprise is a very appealing prospect to a budding entrepreneur! The Everything Guide to Starting an Online Business is the perfect guide as you navigate the online market—no matter your experience level. From developing an idea to sharing it with the world, this expert manual provides information on:

  • Determining what kind of business to create
  • Developing a smart business plan and online presence
  • Transitioning from brick and mortar to the virtual world
  • Using vendor sites like Etsy
  • Promoting the business with social media
Perfect for part-time entrepreneurs who want to make some extra cash or for full-timers who want one income stream, The Everything Guide to Starting an Online Business will help you get your businesses off the ground and onto the web!

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Contents
  5. Top 10 Tips You’ll Learn about Online Business
  6. Introduction
  7. Chapter 1: Setting the Stage!
    1. Know What You Don’t Know
  8. Chapter 2: How Much Time Will You Spend?
    1. Make Money in Your Spare Time
  9. Chapter 3: When Opportunity Knocks
    1. Your Idea, Someone Else’s Know-How
    2. Know What’s Hot
  10. Chapter 4: Meet the Expert: You
    1. Advanced Degrees
  11. Chapter 5: Finding That Killer Idea
  12. Chapter 6: Networking
    1. Industry Awards
  13. Chapter 7: Researching the Market
    1. Domain Names
  14. Chapter 8: Online Businesses
  15. Chapter 9: Working “in” the Web Machine
    1. Web Development
  16. Chapter 10: Caution—Online on the Edge
  17. Chapter 11: Structuring Your Business
    1. Sole Proprietorships
  18. Chapter 12: Crafting a Business Plan
  19. Chapter 13: Get Your Capital Act Together
    1. Finance Basics
    2. Venture Capital—Know All Your Options
  20. Chapter 14: Put a Financing Plan in Place
    1. Loan Sources Other Than Banks
  21. Chapter 15: Regulations and Legal Matters
    1. Agencies, Agreements, and Regulations
  22. Chapter 16: Locating Your Business
  23. Chapter 17: Furnishings and Equipment
    1. Telephone Systems
    2. Cost-Effective Decisions
    3. Cost-Cutting Ideas
    4. Technology—Get Up to Speed
  24. Chapter 18: Building Your Online Presence
    1. What Is Your Site’s Purpose?
    2. Building a Website
    3. Hiring a Professional Web Designer
    4. Ten Tips for a Site That Sells
    5. Web Hosting
    6. Domain Names—Again
    7. Preparing to Launch Your Site
  25. Chapter 19: The Laws of Website Attraction
    1. Posting in Forums and Groups
  26. Chapter 20: Selling Online
  27. Chapter 21: Advanced Concepts: Converting Browsers to Buyers
    1. Landing Pages
  28. Chapter 22: Customer Relationship Management
    1. Play Fair When Getting Your Online Customers
  29. Chapter 23: Product and Services Management
  30. Chapter 24: Employees: Choose Well, Manage Well
    1. Running Background Checks
    2. Show Them the Money—and Benefits
    3. Letting People Go—Know the Law
  31. Chapter 25: Bookkeeping, Record Keeping, and Administrative Tasks
    1. Choosing Accounting Software
  32. Chapter 26: Insurance and Tax Information
  33. APPENDIX A: A Winner’s Checklist—Tips and Tricks
    1. Make Relationships the Highest Priority
  34. APPENDIX B: Case Templates
    1. Building a Business All Online
    2. Moving a “Real World” Business to the Web
  35. APPENDIX C: Additional Resources
  36. Copyright