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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Facebook, 3E

Book Description

Facebook is by far the most popular social networking site, but it is not as user-friendly as the service would like people to think. It leaves many users scratching their heads over even the most fundamental features, such as the difference between their Wall and their News Feed. And Facebook's help system is woefully inadequate. The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Facebook, Third Edition, gets readers registered and touring Facebook in the very first chapter and never lets up as it reveals the features that have made Facebook so amazingly popular. Users discover how to:

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
  7. Part 1: Mastering Facebook Basics
    1. 1 Meeting Facebook Face to Face
      1. What Is Facebook, Anyway?
      2. Putting Your Face on Facebook
        1. Finding Friends and Entering Your Info
        2. Finding Friends Using Your E-Mail Address Book
        3. Entering School and Workplace Information
        4. Upload a Digital Photo of Yourself
        5. Logging In and Logging Out
      3. In Your Face with the Interface
        1. Scooting Up to the Top Menu
        2. Catching Up on Your News Feed
        3. Checking Out the Publisher
        4. Exploring the Left Menu
        5. Exploring the Column on the Right
      4. Adjusting Your Account Settings
      5. Following Facebook Rules and Etiquette
        1. Rules and Regulations
        2. Etiquette
      6. Taking It Easy with Facebook Lite
      7. Help! Navigating Facebook’s Help System
      8. Quitting Facebook
        1. Deactivating Your Account
        2. Deleting Your Account
    2. 2 Fleshing Out Your Personal Profile
      1. Accessing Your Profile to Adjust It
      2. Changing Your Profile Photo
        1. Uploading a Digital Photo
        2. Snapping a Photo with Your Webcam
        3. Selecting a Picture for Your Profile
        4. Clipping Your Thumbnail
      3. Adding a Blurb About Yourself
      4. Controlling the Contents of the Information Box
      5. Editing Information About Yourself
        1. Basic Information
        2. Personal Information
        3. Contact Information
        4. Education and Work
    3. 3 Connecting with Friends, Family, and Classmates
      1. Knowing What It Means to Be a Friend
        1. Sharing Walls and News Feeds
        2. Sharing Photo Albums
        3. Sharing Information
      2. Digging Up People You Know
        1. Searching for an Individual by Name or E-Mail
        2. Searching for People in Your Imported E-Mail Address Book
        3. Finding Old Classmates
        4. Connecting with Co-Workers
      3. Befriending and De-Friending
        1. Sending a Friend Request
        2. Responding to a Friend Request
        3. Dumping a Friend
        4. Creating and Managing Friend Lists
      4. Expanding Your Reach with Networks
    4. 4 Hitting the Wall … and Your News Feed
      1. Homing In on Your News Feed
      2. Checking Out Your Wall
        1. Heading to Your Wall
        2. Configuring Your Wall
        3. Bumping Into a Friend’s Wall
      3. Posting to Your Wall or News Feed
        1. Attaching a Photo
        2. Attaching a Video
        3. Posting an Event
        4. Inserting a Link
        5. Adding Other Stuff
      4. Responding to a Friend’s Post
        1. Posting a Comment
        2. Voting Your Approval
        3. Hiding a Friend’s Status Updates
      5. Posting to a Friend’s Wall
        1. Checking a Wall-to-Wall Discussion
        2. Wishing a Friend a Happy Birthday
        3. Poking a Friend
      6. To Share or Not To Share?
    5. 5 Messaging … E-Mail, That Is
      1. Accessing Your Messages
        1. Incoming! Reading and Replying to New Messages
        2. Searching for Messages
        3. Selecting Messages
        4. Flagging Messages as Unread
        5. Deleting Messages
        6. Reporting Spam
        7. Checking for Updates
      2. Outgoing! Sending Messages
        1. Sending a New Message to a Facebook Member
        2. Sending a Message to an Address Outside Facebook
        3. Sharing Photos, Videos, or Links
        4. Mass Mailing to Multiple Recipients
        5. Reviewing Messages You Sent
      3. Taking Notice of Notifications
    6. 6 Protecting Your Privacy and Profile
      1. Setting Your Privacy Preferences
        1. Profile Privacy
        2. Contact Information Privacy
        3. Applications and Websites Privacy
        4. Search Privacy
        5. Blocking Annoying Individuals
      2. Defending Yourself from Hackers and Phishers
        1. Keeping Hackers from Hijacking Your Account
        2. Dodging Phishing Schemes
        3. Preventing and Stopping Spam
        4. Reporting Scams and Schemes to Facebook
        5. A Word to Parents …
  8. Part 2: Getting More Involved with Facebook
    1. 7 Uploading and Sharing Photos
      1. Looking at Photos
      2. Preparing Photos for Uploading
        1. Editing Your Photos: Quality Counts
        2. Organizing Photos into Folders
      3. Uploading Photos
        1. Uploading Photos to a New Album
        2. Uploading Photos to an Existing Album
      4. Editing Your Photos and Albums
        1. Working on Individual Photos
        2. Tagging Photos
        3. Rearranging Photos in Your Album
      5. Managing Your Photos with Third-Party Applications
        1. Linking to Picasa
        2. Linking to Flickr
    2. 8 Uploading and Sharing Video Footage
      1. Viewing Other People’s Video Clips
        1. Watching a Video Clip
        2. Commenting on a Video Clip
        3. Tagging a Video Clip
        4. Watching Videos in Which You’ve Been Tagged
      2. Recording and Uploading Video Footage
        1. Taking Note of Facebook’s Video Guidelines
        2. Accessing the Video Page
        3. Uploading a Video Clip from Your Computer
        4. Recording Video Using Your Webcam
      3. Editing Video Information
      4. Embedding a Video
      5. Sending a Video Message via E-Mail
    3. 9 Getting Organized with Groups
      1. A Group Is a Group Is a Group …
      2. Exploring Existing Groups
        1. Touring Your Groups Page
        2. Searching for a Group
        3. Finding Groups Through Your Friends
        4. Checking Out a Group
      3. Getting Involved in a Group
        1. Joining a Group
        2. Leaving a Group
      4. Conversing in Groups
        1. Posting Status Updates to the Group Wall
        2. Carrying on Group Discussions
      5. Sharing Photos, Links, and Events with a Group
      6. Creating Your Own Group
      7. Managing Your Group
    4. 10 Chatting with Friends in Real Time
      1. Let’s Chat!
        1. Viewing and Deleting Your Chat History
        2. Going Offline or Back Online
      2. Setting Your Chat Options
        1. Pop Out Chat
        2. Play Sound for New Messages
        3. Keep Online Friends Window Open
        4. Show Only Names in Online Friends
      3. Setting Friend List Options
        1. Display or Hide a Friend List
        2. Go Offline or Online with a Group of Friends
        3. Create a New Friend List
    5. 11 Partay! Tracking and Announcing Events
      1. Accessing and Navigating the Events Application
      2. Checking Scheduled Events
        1. Poking Around for Events
        2. Searching and Browsing Events
        3. RSVP-ing an Event You Plan to Attend
      3. Announcing Your Own Special Event
        1. Creating an Event
        2. Managing Your Event
    6. 12 Taking Notes … and Sharing Them
      1. What Are Notes Exactly?
      2. Entering the Notes Zone
        1. Perusing Your Friends’ Notes
        2. Commenting on Existing Notes
        3. Sharing Notes … Or Not
      3. Posting a New Note
        1. Reviewing Your Notes
        2. Finding Out Who’s Talking About You and What They’re Saying
      4. Feeding Blog Posts into Notes
  9. Part 3: Harnessing the Power of Facebook Applications
    1. 13 Exploring More Facebook Applications
      1. Grasping the Basics of Facebook Applications
        1. Checking Out the Default Applications
        2. Digging Up More Applications
        3. Evaluating and Authorizing Apps
        4. Addressing Security Concerns
      2. Making Your Apps More Accessible
        1. Bookmarking an App
        2. Add a Box or Tab to Your Profile
      3. Responding to and Sending App Requests
        1. Responding to an App Request
        2. Inviting Your Friends to Use an Application
      4. Editing Applications
    2. 14 Playing Games with Friends and Strangers
      1. Oh, the Games People Play!
      2. Finding Games on Facebook
      3. Let’s Play Already!
        1. Launching a Game
        2. Encouraging Your Friends to Play
        3. Making New Friends Through Games
        4. Responding to a Friend’s Request to Play
    3. 15 Facebooking with Your Mobile Phone
      1. Setting Up Facebook Mobile
      2. Texting to Facebook
        1. Posting Status Updates
        2. Texting Facebook Commands
      3. Uploading Photos and Videos from Your Phone
      4. Taking Facebook Mobile Web on the Road
    4. 16 Shopping and Selling in Facebook’s Marketplace
      1. Going to Market
      2. Checking Out the Listings
        1. Browsing by Category
        2. Searching for Specific Items
        3. Narrowing Your Search
      3. Responding to a Listing
      4. Posting Your Own Listing
        1. Sell It, Give It Away, or Ask for It
        2. Viewing and Tweaking Your Listings
        3. Closing a Listing
  10. Part 4: Getting Down to Business on Facebook
    1. 17 Doing Business in a Social Setting
      1. The Business Case for Facebook
      2. Tapping the Power of Facebook Advertising
        1. Establishing a Base of Operations on a Facebook Page
        2. Cross-Promoting Facebook on Your Blog or Website
        3. Posting Ads on Facebook
        4. Going Viral with Facebook Connect
      3. Establishing a Following with Groups
      4. Engaging Members with Facebook Applications
      5. Do’s and Don’ts of Doing Business on Facebook
    2. 18 Launching a Business-Based Page
      1. The Business Case for a Page
      2. Crafting and Customizing Your Page
        1. Laying the Groundwork
        2. Creating Your Page
        3. Getting Back to Your Page
        4. Adjusting Your Page Settings
        5. Publishing, Unpublishing, or Deleting Pages
      3. Populating Your Page with Relevant and Compelling Content
        1. Expanding Content with Other Facebook Apps
        2. Accessorizing Your Page with Third-Party Apps
        3. Feeding Your Blog to Your Facebook Business Page
      4. Building and Maintaining Your Fan Base
      5. Tracking Page Effectiveness with Page Insights
    3. 19 Mastering the Soft Sell with Social Ads
      1. Weighing the Pros and Cons of Facebook Ads
        1. Potential Benefits
        2. Potential Drawbacks
      2. Laying the Groundwork
        1. Brushing Up on Facebook Ads Rules and Regulations
        2. Setting a Measurable Goal
        3. Targeting a Demographic and Locale
        4. Listing a Few Keywords
        5. Settling on a Call to Action
        6. Composing an Effective Message
        7. Finding Just the Right Picture
      3. Launching Your Advertising Campaign
        1. Creating Your Ad
        2. Targeting Your Demographic
        3. Choosing a Campaign and Pricing
        4. Reviewing and Approving Your Ad
        5. Monitoring and Fine-Tuning Your Campaign
  11. Appendix
    1. Glossary
  12. Index