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The Complete Guide to Professional Networking

Book Description

Networking is a skill that many people recognize as critically important, but which many find difficult, boring or fear-inducing - or even all three. Yet if you master the techniques that really work, networking can pay dividends. Effective networking means tapping into a team of like-minded business people willing to help each other achieve their goals. If you build, grow and nurture your business networks, you will become known for your expertise and will be better placed to win the new client, business or job when it really matters. You can network successfully in person or online and The Complete Guide to Professional Networking shows you how to use both together for the most powerful results.The techniques and suggested strategies in this book are backed up by video interviews with some of the world's most successful networking experts.

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword
  2. Acknowledgements: Behind the scenes of a networked book
  3. Finally…
  4. 01  What is networking?
  5. Definitions
  6. What the experts say
  7. The 10 keys to building your network
  8. Key points
  9. 02  How big should my network be?
  10. The rise and rise of networks
  11. What the experts say
  12. The argument for open networking
  13. How your network grows
  14. Fit for purpose
  15. Key points
  16. 03  What’s your networking style?
  17. What’s your networking style?
  18. How the styles work
  19. Recognizing the styles online
  20. Networking using styles
  21. Key points
  22. 04  How to work the room in five easy steps
  23. Introducing the five-step approach
  24. Step 1 – Plan
  25. Step 2 – Meet
  26. Step 3 – Connect
  27. Step 4 – Enlist
  28. Step 5 – Follow up
  29. Key points
  30. 05  Tools for the job
  31. Facebook
  32. Google+
  33. LinkedIn
  34. Twitter
  35. E-mail
  36. How online and offline networking support each other
  37. Keep in touch
  38. Key points
  39. 06  Building your reputation online
  40. The three Cs
  41. Your Return on Reputation (ROR)
  42. The basics
  43. Be professional
  44. What the online gurus say and do
  45. Key points
  46. 07  How to network effectively at work
  47. Starter for 10
  48. Glass ceilings
  49. Leadership is a measure of influence
  50. Influence your industry
  51. Landing a job
  52. Key points
  53. 08  The networking scorecard
  54. A professional approach
  55. The right metrics
  56. The scorecard in action
  57. Key points
  58. 09  The complete professional networker
  59. Face-to-face
  60. The bridge
  61. Online success
  62. How not to network
  63. Develop an inner circle
  64. The strategic networker
  65. Key points
  66. 10  Mobilizing your network
  67. Getting started
  68. A networking mentality
  69. Referrals
  70. The future of networking
  71. Key points
  72. Index