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The Career Salesperson

Book Description

As the marketplace gets younger, salespeople who excelled in the game before the advent of Google, IM, and the smart phone need a boost. This book is the perfect resource for the older salesperson who wants to regain his or her competitive edge in the marketplace.

With trademark practical advice and strategies, Stephan Schiffman guides readers through decisions they must make every day:
  • Whether to shift to a company with an older boss
  • How to get a handle on new sales-related technology
  • Why the marketplace is different today and what you can do about it
  • When the time is right to think about retirement
  • and more

This book is filled with quality advice and comments on aging from such luminaries as Elie Wiesel, cartoonist Scott Adams, and author Robert B. Parker. With this book by their side, older salespeople will regain the advantage and see their sales and commissions soar!