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The Business Plan Workbook, 8th Edition

Book Description

One of the most important steps in launching a new venture or expanding an existing one is the creation of a business plan. Time after time, studies and real-life examples reveal that the absence of a written business plan leads to a higher incidence of failure for new businesses, and inhibits growth and development.Based on methodology developed at Cranfield School of Management, The Business Plan Workbook takes a practical approach to topic of business planning for new venture creation and development. Equally suitable for a range of academic and professional courses and for those developing small businesses, it takes the reader through 29 assignments to help you create and present your business plan, from learning how to create a competitive business strategy through to forecasting sales volume and value. It will help you to validate your business idea, brand your business, research and segment your market, and raise finance; all through one persuasive plan.With new additional material covering the 7 Ps of Marketing, a section of Planning for Growth and a range of new and updated case studies of real life entrepreneurs, this classic text is an invaluable guide to all aspects of business planning.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover page
  2. Many of the topics in the book
  3. Title page
  4. Imprint
  5. Table of contents
  6. Preface
  7. How to use the workbook
  8. Why prepare a business plan?
  9. What backers look out for
  10. Phase One: Strategy and purpose
    1. Introduction
    2. Assignment 1 Coming up with a winning idea for your business plan
    3. Assignment 2: Strategy – the big picture
    4. Assignment 3: You and your team
  11. Phase Two: Market research
    1. Introduction
    2. Assignment 4: Researching customers
    3. Assignment 5: Researching competitors
    4. Assignment 6: A plan for market research
  12. Phase Three: Competitive marketing strategies
    1. Introduction
    2. Assignment 7: Products and/or services
    3. Assignment 8: Pricing
    4. Assignment 9: Advertising and promotion
    5. Assignment 10: Place and distribution
    6. Assignment 11: People, Process and Physical Environment
  13. Phase Four: Operations and staffing
    1. Introduction
    2. Assignment 12: The selling methods plan
    3. Assignment 13: Making, outsourcing and supplies
    4. Assignment 14: People and related matters
    5. Assignment 15: Legal and regulatory factors
    6. Assignment 16: Building a website
    7. Assignment 17: Communication systems
  14. Phase Five: Forecasting results
    1. Introduction
    2. Assignment 18: The sales forecast
    3. Assignment 19: Cash-flow projections
    4. Assignment 20: The profit and loss account
    5. Assignment 21: The balance sheet
    6. Assignment 22: Break-even analysis
    7. Assignment 23: Estimating financing requirements
    8. Assignment 24: Stress testing your business projections
  15. Phase Six: Business controls
    1. Introduction
    2. Assignment 25: Financial controls
    3. Assignment 26: Sales and marketing controls
    4. Assignment 27: Other business controls
    5. Assignment 28: Planning for growth
  16. Phase Seven: Writing up and presenting your business plan
    1. Introduction
    2. Assignment 29: Writing up and presenting your business plan
  17. Index of online business planning resources
  18. Index
  19. Full imprint