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The Artificial Intelligence Conference - New York, NY 2018

Video Description

Note: Keynotes are available now; we will be adding the complete conference compilation soon, so come back to see more of the O'Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) New York 2018 provided conference attendees with an unsurpassed opportunity to learn about the latest breakthroughs in AI. Laser focused on AI business development, the conference offered presentations by many of the world's top AI practitioners, including industry leaders such as Xerox PARC CEO Tolga Kurtoglu, Intuit CDO Ashok, IBM AI VP Al Dario Gil, and more. If there was just one take away from AI-New York 2018, it's this: AI will have an enormous impact on your business—don’t get left behind.

This video compilation gives you unfettered access to each of the conference's sessions, keynotes, and tutorials. Highlights include:

  • Keynote speeches from AI visionaries like Peter Norvig (Google), Julie Shin Choi (Intel AI), and Thomas Reardon (CTRL-Labs).
  • The AI Business Summit—tutorials and executive briefings specifically designed for executives, business leaders, and strategists.
  • Sessions on how to implement AI, including the Ashwin Vijayakumar (Intel) tutorial on the Movidius Neural Compute Stick and Danielle Dean's (Microsoft) talk on building AI applications backed by a Kubernetes cluster.
  • Sessions on the models and methods of AI, including Zoubin Ghahramani's (Uber) deep dive into probabilistic machine learning; Ameet Talwalkar's (Determined AI) exploration of scalable deep learning; Taniya Mishra (Affectiva) on AI emotion detection software; and Gerard de Melo (Rutgers University) on deep sentiment analysis techniques.
  • Sessions on AI in the enterprise.
  • Sessions covering the impact of AI on business and society.
  • Sessions on the ways people interact with AI, including talks on incorporating AI into cyberthreat detection; AI-powered customer service agents; and the uses of cognitive IoT in eldercare.

With more than 100 hours of material to review at your own pace, the AI New York 2018 video compilation is a phenomenal value for anyone who wants to join the AI future.

Table of Contents

  1. Keynotes
    1. Rapid AI Experimentation and Innovation on Amazon Web Services (Sponsored by Amazon Web Services) - Dan Romuald Mbanga (Amazon Web Services) 00:06:54
    2. Intel AI for the enterprise ecosystem - Fiaz Mohamed (Intel AI Products Group) 00:07:55
    3. Using machine learning, the IoT, drones, and networking to reduce world hunger (sponsored by Microsoft) - Jennifer Marsman (Microsoft) 00:10:09
    4. Bringing AI into the wild (sponsored by SAS) - Mary Beth Ainsworth (SAS) 00:05:14
    5. Understanding automation - Ben Lorica (O'Reilly Media), Roger Chen (Computable Labs) 00:07:41
    6. The frontiers of machine learning and AI - Zoubin Ghahramani (Uber | University of Cambridge) 00:15:34
    7. Autonomy and human-AI interaction - Manuela Veloso (Carnegie Mellon University) 00:15:15
    8. Fireside chat with Peter Norvig and Kavya Kopparapu - Peter Norvig (Google), Kavya Kopparapu (GirlsComputingLeague) 00:12:52
    9. Increasing Business Results Through AI in the Entertainment Industry - Fiaz Mohamed (Intel AI Products Group) and Justin Herz (Warner Bros.) 00:09:19
    10. WTT: What the Tensor? (Sponsored by Google Cloud) - Ron Bodkin (Google) 00:06:37
    11. The Physics of AI (Sponsored by IBM Watson) - Dario Gil (IBM) 00:11:43
    12. Using Machine Learning in Workload Automation (Sponsored by Digitate) - Abhijit Deshpande (Digitate) 00:06:32
    13. Neural Interfaces: Connecting Humans and Artificial Intelligence - Thomas Reardon (CTRL-Labs) 00:15:06
    14. Serving Billions of Personalized News Feeds with AI - Meihong Wang (Facebook) 00:12:11
    15. Hybrid Bio-Opto-Electronics for AI - George Church (Harvard University) 00:14:27
    16. AI4ALL: AI will change the World, but who will change AI? - Olga Russakovsky (Princeton University) 00:14:19