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The After Effects Illusionist, 2nd Edition

Book Description


Harness the full power of After Effects by mastering its native plug-in effects. Author Chad Perkins breaks down the creation and application of each native plug-in effect available in the After Effects toolset. He also shows you how each can be used optimally in your own media project, when and why it makes sense to use each, and how to "break the rules" by using effects in unconventional ways.

Completely updated for CS6 and revised to include coverage of Keylight and the Cycore effects, you will learn every effect from color correction to distortion to simulation and all in between, putting the full power of After Effects in your hands. Included is instruction for using, among others:


  • The 3D Camera Tracker
  • The Cycore effects
  • Matte tools, including Keylight and Refine Matte
  • Color correction tools
  • A wide array of pattern generating tools


The DVD includes project files, allowing you work hand-in-hand with the lessons contained in the book.

E-book customers: please go to www.focalpress.com/9780240818986 to access the DVD files.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  5. Chapter 1 Becoming an Illusionist
    1. Why This Book?
    2. Why Use Effects?
    3. The Great Secret to the Effects
    4. Applying Effects
    5. Using Effect Presets
    6. Browsing Effects Presets with Adobe Bridge
    7. Using Brainstorm with Effects
    8. Common Effect Parameters
    9. About the Artbeats Footage
  6. Chapter 2 The 3D Channel Effects
    1. The 3D Channel Extract Effect
    2. The Depth Matte Effect
    3. The Depth of Field Effect
    4. The EXtractoR Effect
    5. The Fog 3D Effect
    6. The ID Matte Effect
    7. The IDentifier Effect
  7. Chapter 3 The Audio Effects
    1. Treble, Bass, and EQ
    2. Dry and Wet Out
    3. Left and Right Stereo Channels
    4. The Backwards Effect
    5. The Bass & Treble Effect
    6. The Delay Effect
    7. The Flange & Chorus Effect
    8. The High-Low Pass Effect
    9. The Modulator Effect
    10. The Parametric EQ Effect
    11. The Reverb Effect
    12. The Stereo Mixer Effect
    13. The Tone Effect
  8. Chapter 4 The Blur & Sharpen Effects
    1. The Bilateral Blur Effect
    2. The Box Blur Effect
    3. The Camera Lens Blur Effect
    4. The Channel Blur Effect
    5. The Compound Blur Effect
    6. The Directional Blur Effect
    7. The Fast Blur Effect
    8. The Gaussian Blur Effect
    9. The Radial Blur Effect
    10. The Reduce Interlace Flicker Effect
    11. The Sharpen Effect
    12. The Smart Blur Effect
    13. The Unsharp Mask Effect
  9. Chapter 5 The Channel Effects
    1. The Arithmetic Effect
    2. The Blend Effect
    3. The Calculations Effect
    4. The Channel Combiner Effect
    5. The Compound Arithmetic Effect
    6. The Invert Effect
    7. The Minimax Effect
    8. The Remove Color Matting Effect
    9. The Set Channels Effect
    10. The Set Matte Effect
    11. The Shift Channels Effect
    12. The Solid Composite Effect
  10. Chapter 6 The Color Correction Effects
    1. What’s in This Chapter
    2. The Auto Color Effect
    3. The Auto Contrast Effect
    4. The Auto Levels Effect
    5. The Black & White Effect
    6. The Brightness & Contrast Effect
    7. The Broadcast Colors Effect
    8. The Change Color Effect
    9. The Change to Color Effect
    10. The Channel Mixer Effect
    11. The Color Balance Effect
    12. The Color Balance (HLS) Effect
    13. The Color Link Effect
    14. The Color Stabilizer Effect
    15. The Colorama Effect
    16. The Curves Effect
    17. The Equalize Effect
    18. The Exposure Effect
    19. The Gamma/Pedestal/Gain Effect
    20. The Hue/Saturation Effect
    21. The Leave Color Effect
    22. The Levels Effect
    23. The Levels (Individual Controls) Effect
    24. The Photo Filter Effect
    25. The PS Arbitrary Map Effect
    26. The Selective Color Effect
    27. The Shadow/Highlight Effect
    28. The Tint Effect
    29. The Tritone Effect
    30. The Vibrance Effect
  11. Chapter 7 The Distort Effects
    1. The Bezier Warp Effect
    2. The Bulge Effect
    3. The Corner Pin Effect
    4. The Displacement Map Effect
    5. The Liquify Effect
    6. The Magnify Effect
    7. The Mesh Warp Effect
    8. The Mirror Effect
    9. The Offset Effect
    10. The Optics Compensation Effect
    11. The Polar Coordinates Effect
    12. The Reshape Effect
    13. The Ripple Effect
    14. The Rolling Shutter Repair Effect
    15. The Smear Effect
    16. The Spherize Effect
    17. The Transform Effect
    18. The Turbulent Displace Effect
    19. The Twirl Effect
    20. The Warp Effect
    21. The Warp Stabilizer Effect
    22. The Wave Warp Effect
  12. Chapter 8 The Expression Controls Effects
    1. The Angle Control Effect
    2. The Checkbox Control Effect
    3. The Color Control Effect
    4. The Layer Control Effect
    5. The Point Control Effect
    6. The Slider Control Effect
  13. Chapter 9 The Generate Effects
    1. The 4-Color Gradient Effect
    2. The Advanced Lightning Effect
    3. The Audio Spectrum Effect
    4. The Audio Waveform Effect
    5. The Beam Effect
    6. The Cell Pattern Effect
    7. The Checkerboard Effect
    8. The Circle Effect
    9. The Ellipse Effect
    10. The Eyedropper Fill Effect
    11. The Fill Effect
    12. The Fractal Effect
    13. The Grid Effect
    14. The Lens Flare Effect
    15. The Paint Bucket Effect
    16. The Radio Waves Effect
    17. The Ramp Effect
    18. The Scribble Effect
    19. The Stroke Effect
    20. The Vegas Effect
    21. The Write-on Effect
  14. Chapter 10 The Keying Effects
    1. Universal Keying Concepts
    2. The Color Difference Key Effect
    3. The Color Key Effect
    4. The Color Range Effect
    5. The Difference Matte Effect
    6. The Extract Effect
    7. The Inner/Outer Key Effect
    8. The Keylight (1.2) Effect
    9. The Linear Color Key Effect
    10. The Luma Key Effect
    11. The Spill Suppressor Effect
  15. Chapter 11 The Matte Effects
    1. The Matte Choker Effect
    2. The Refine Matte Effect
    3. The Simple Choker Effect
  16. Chapter 12 The Noise & Grain Effects
    1. Good Noise
    2. Noise vs. Grain
    3. The Powerful Pattern Generators
    4. The Add Grain Effect
    5. The Dust & Scratches Effect
    6. The Fractal Noise Effect
    7. The Match Grain Effect
    8. The Median Effect
    9. The Noise Effect
    10. The Noise Alpha Effect
    11. The Noise HLS Effect
    12. The Noise HLS Auto Effect
    13. The Remove Grain Effect
    14. The Turbulent Noise Effect
  17. Chapter 13 The Obsolete Effects
    1. The Basic 3D Effect
    2. The Basic Text Effect
    3. The Lightning Effect
    4. The Path Text Effect
  18. Chapter 14 The Perspective Effects
    1. The 3D Camera Tracker Effect
    2. The 3D Glasses Effect
    3. The Bevel Alpha Effect
    4. The Bevel Edges Effect
    5. The Drop Shadow Effect
    6. The Radial Shadow Effect
  19. Chapter 15 The Simulation Effects
    1. The Card Dance Effect
    2. The Caustics Effect
    3. The Foam Effect
    4. The Particle Playground Effect
    5. The Shatter Effect
    6. The Wave World Effect
  20. Chapter 16 The Stylize Effects
    1. The Brush Strokes Effect
    2. The Cartoon Effect
    3. The Color Emboss Effect
    4. The Emboss Effect
    5. The Find Edges Effect
    6. The Glow Effect
    7. The Mosaic Effect
    8. The Motion Tile Effect
    9. The Posterize Effect
    10. The Roughen Edges Effect
    11. The Scatter Effect
    12. The Strobe Light Effect
    13. The Texturize Effect
    14. The Threshold Effect
  21. Chapter 17 The Text Effects
    1. The Numbers Effect
    2. The Timecode Effect
  22. Chapter 18 The Time Effects
    1. The Echo Effect
    2. The Posterize Time Effect
    3. The Time Difference Effect
    4. The Time Displacement Effect
    5. The Timewarp Effect
  23. Chapter 19 The Transition Effects
    1. The Block Dissolve Effect
    2. The Card Wipe Effect
    3. The Gradient Wipe Effect
    4. The Iris Wipe Effect
    5. The Linear Wipe Effect
    6. The Radial Wipe Effect
    7. The Venetian Blinds Effect
  24. Chapter 20 The Utility Effects
    1. The Apply Color LUT Effect
    2. The Cineon Converter Effect
    3. The Color Profile Converter Effect
    4. The Grow Bounds Effect
    5. The HDR Compander Effect
    6. The HDR Highlight Compression Effect
  25. Chapter 21 The Cycore Effects
    1. CC Sphere
    2. CC Star Burst
    3. CC Radial Fast Blur
    4. CC Particle Systems II
    5. CC Kaleida
    6. CC Ball Action
    7. CC Pixel Polly
    8. CC [Weather Systems]
    9. CC Light Sweep
    10. CC Mr. Mercury
    11. Honorable Mentions
  26. Chapter 22 Using Multiple Effects Together
    1. Using Multiple Effects for Utility
    2. Using Multiple Effects for Creativity
  27. Chapter 23 Enhancing the Illusion with Maps
    1. Making Maps in After Effects
    2. Making Maps Externally
  28. Chapter 24 Where Do I Go From Here?
    1. The Included Third-Party Effects
    2. Other Third-Party Effects
  29. Index