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The 4G Mobile Revolution

Book Description

Is the ultimate guide to leading revolutionary change initiatives through the inside story of one of the most successful business transformations in recent history.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. About the authors
  4. Foreword
  5. Preface
    1. 01  Inspiration, inventors and innovation
      1. Transformative leaders
      2. Transformative technologies
      3. A transformative telecoms market
    2. 02  Sleeping with the enemy
      1. Genesis of the joint venture
      2. Britain’s biggest communications company
    3. 03 A new team to deliver
      1. A leadership structure to enable transformation
      2. Selecting a team to move the company forward
      3. Transforming the management structure
      4. Establishing priorities
      5. A new leadership style for a new business
    4. 04 An audacious plan
      1. The big bang theory
      2. The innovation vs regulation conundrum
      3. Building a plan and a vision for the company
    5. 05 A step change in performance
      1. Execution, execution, execution
      2. The Performance Management Framework
      3. Aligning performance to the vision
      4. Setting the direction
      5. Instilling clear accountabilities and responsibilities
      6. Getting your team to commit
      7. The power of the Performance Dashboard
      8. The importance of getting to know the customer and the front line
    6. 06 Building a new brand for Britain
      1. The secret project
      2. Brand transformation
      3. Product innovation at the core of your brand
      4. A brand-new DNA – from the inside out
    7. 07 Announcing EE 101
      1. Managing the pressure points
      2. The importance of strategic partnerships
      3. The communications challenge
      4. We are EE
    8. 08 The challenge of momentum 123
      1. 2013 and 2014: the superfast years
      2. A technological transformation
      3. The ever-evolving network
      4. Taking up the challenge of serving half of Britain
    9. 09 Supercharging sales 147
      1. Breaking records with 4G
      2. Transforming a business-to-consumer function
      3. Retail transformation
      4. Digital transformation
      5. Transforming a business-to-business function
    10. 10 The £12.5 billion business 165
      1. Kick-starting a financial transformation
      2. The importance of cash management
      3. The key to supplier management
      4. Driving revenue profitably
    11. 11 The culmination of the joint venture 173
      1. A new transformation
      2. The integration challenge
      3. 5G and the video revolution
      4. The people of EE
  6. Afterword
  7. Endnotes
  8. Index