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The 250 Questions Every Self-Employed Person Should Ask

Book Description

I want to be my own boss. I never want to punch another timeclock. I want to follow my own dream. Each year, millions of Americans choose the path of self-employment--whether as freelancers, consultants, or microbusiness owners. And every year, they encounter pitfalls and detours along the way. When they have questions, where can they turn? This book answers 250 of the most critical questions about short- and long-term success, such as: What are the specific tax benefits of being self-employed? What kind of insurance coverage do I need for a home-based business? What's a domain name, and where can I get one? When should I hire employees? Planning is key to any self-employment arrangement. Accomplished freelancer Mary Mihaly calls on fifteen-plus years of experience to present the questions that you might not even know to ask--the ones that will set you up for success. With this book by your side, you can find happiness in your true calling.