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The 25 Sales Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople, 3rd Edition

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"Steve Schiffman is a great source of practical, real-life, results-oriented insights. You can read his books again and again." -Patricia C. Simpson, Vice President, Chemical Bank. "Steve's techniques are practical, relevant, and easy to apply. Read this book and put his ideas to use." -Andrea Becker-Arnold, Director, Corporate Sales Training, U.S. Healthcare. Now you can join the hundreds of thousands of salespeople who have followed Stephen Schiffman's advice and watch your performance soar. Schiffman lets you in on the industry's best-kept secrets. Learn how to: Convert leads to sales; Motivate yourself and motivate others; Give killer presentations; Keep your sense of humor. This new edition includes: New examples using the latest advances in sales presentation technology; Up-to-date cases of these successful habits in action; Five bonus habits showing readers how to overcome mistakes, set sales timetables, and reexamine processes to shore up weaknesses. If you're a salesperson looking to succeed, this is the book for you! Stephen Schiffman has trained more than a half-million salespeople at firms such as AT&T, Information Systems, Chemical Bank, Manufacturer's Hanover Trust, Motorola, and U.S. Health Care. He is president of D.E.I. Management Group and the author of such bestselling books as Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work!) and Closing Techniques (That Really Work!).