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Testing and Validating Product Ideas with Lean

Video Description

Product managers, developers, and top executives all face a common dilemma when deciding whether or not to move forward with a new product: how do we know if the marketplace wants it? In this video, you'll learn some simple Lean testing techniques for quickly and inexpensively gathering the data you need to help you move forward with your projects. Topics covered include: Lean methods for acquiring customer feedback; Lean methods for incorporating that feedback into your product ideas; Lean techniques for integrating changes to your products; and advice on how to address any concerns your stakeholders and team member may have regarding Lean. This introductory level course works best for participants who have taken the O'Reilly course "Introduction to Lean" or have some basic familiarity with Lean concepts.

  • Expand your knowledge of Lean and how to apply it when developing new products
  • Understand what "failing fast" means and why it's important
  • Discover how to design and run Lean-based product validation experiments
  • Explore the Lean techniques that can determine the marketplace viability of new products

Kylie Castellaw and Maryam Aidini are Lead Consultants at Thoughtworks, where they coach Fortune 500 companies on how to use Lean for portfolio planning and product development purposes. Kylie comes to the Lean practice with a background as a UX designer/researcher and cognitive psychologist. She holds degrees in graphics design and human factors psychology from the University of Idaho. Maryam comes to Lean after many years working in software development. Maryam holds degrees in software engineering and advanced computing from Manchester Metropolitan University.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction 00:01:51
  2. Refresher: What is Lean, and Why is it Helping Enterprises? 00:04:15
  3. What is Lean Experimentation? 00:03:50
  4. Key Advantages of Lean Experimentation and a Learning Exercise 00:03:19
  5. Two Lean Experimentation Success Stories 00:06:24
  6. Uncovering Assumptions 00:03:15
  7. Techniques to Uncover Assumptions 00:02:49
  8. Techniques to Prioritize Assumptions 00:01:25
  9. Lean Experimentation Demo: Uncovering Assumptions 00:06:23
  10. Lean Experimentation Demo: Prioritizing Assumptions 00:06:21
  11. Learning Exercise: Uncovering Assumptions 00:01:26
  12. Creating a Lean Experiment to Test Your Assumption 00:02:01
  13. Introducing the Limbo Method to Choose an Experiment Method 00:01:37
  14. Sample Experiment Ideas 00:03:22
  15. Prioritizing an Experiment Method & Planning for Success 00:02:26
  16. Demo: Brainstorming Experiment Method Options 00:03:27
  17. Demo: Prioritizing a Method and Planning the Experiment 00:11:27
  18. Learning Exercise: Planning an Experiment for a Current Project 00:01:56
  19. Running Experiments and Tips for Success When Collecting Data 00:04:43
  20. Lean Experimentation Demo: Running Experiments 00:03:18
  21. The Importance of Analysis and Making Pivot Decisions 00:02:18
  22. Possible Outcomes of the Analysis 00:02:10
  23. Lean Experimentation Demo: Analyzing the Data and Moving Forward 00:03:00
  24. Learning Exercise: Analyzing the Data and Moving Forward 00:00:58
  25. Keep Going! Continuing Experiments as a Way of Working 00:03:39
  26. Building a Startup Culture through Lean Experimentation 00:03:40
  27. Key Challenges and Responses When Introducing Lean Experimentation 00:04:43
  28. Conclusion: Using Lean Techniques to Validate Product Ideas 00:01:30