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Ten Thousand Horses

Book Description

In this inspiring leadership fable, Stahl-Wert and Jennings draw on their years of experience as consultants and chief executives, as well as on findings from Gallup's ground-breaking Q-12 survey, to lay out an leadership model that will turn employees from dutiful drones to committed contributors. "Ten Thousand Horses" is the story of Matt James, a top-performing sa lesman who is promoted to head his division, an entirely different job than the one he was good at. His workers don't respond to his efforts to lead them, and soon he's on the brink of being fired. In desperation, he reaches out to his old, unorthodox mentor, David Butler, who now works with wiild mustang horses. More than simply a leadership fable, "Ten Thousand Horses" is a story of personal transformation. Beyond specific practices and techniques, Matt must learn a whole new way of relating to his employees, because, as he discovers, leading an engaged workforce is as much about who you are as what you do.