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TechSmith Camtasia Studio 8: The Essentials

Book Description

Using Camtasia Studio 8, you can quickly create videos of just about anything on your computer (computer software or PowerPoint presentations), and post your completed lessons on the web, YouTube, Screencast.com, or burn them to a CD/DVD. Your lessons can include videos, animations, interactivity, audio, quizzes and surveys.

This book will introduce you to the essential Camtasia Studio 8 skills you need to know to get up and running with Camtasia as quickly as possible.

Lessons include, but are not limited to: recording videos using the Camtasia Recorder, using the Studio, adding media (videos and images), adding callouts, animations and transitions, adding, editing and recording audio, producing and sharing, creating quizzes and creating menus.

Table of Contents

  1. Welcome to TechSmith Camtasia Studio 8... The Essentials Workbook
  2. About This Book
    1. The Author
    2. Book Conventions
    3. Confidence Checks
    4. Course Projects
    5. System Requirements
    6. Data Files
      1. Student Activity: Download Data Files From the Web
    7. Ordering More Books
    8. Contacting IconLogic
  3. Module 1: eLearning and Camtasia
    1. Planning eLearning Lessons
    2. The Development Process
    3. The Camtasia Studio Interface
      1. Student Activity: Open a Camtasia Studio Project
      2. Student Activity: Explore the Camtasia Tools
    4. The Clip Bin and Library
      1. Student Activity: Explore the Clip Bin
      2. Student Activity: Explore the Library
    5. The Stage
      1. Student Activity: Preview Media
  4. Module 2: Recording Videos
    1. Display Resolution and Recording Area
    2. Rehearsals
      1. Student Activity: Rehearse a Script
      2. Student Activity: Set Camtasia Tools Options
    3. Recording Screen Actions
      1. Student Activity: Select a Recording Area
      2. Student Activity: Record a Video
    4. Annotations
      1. Student Activity: Add a System Stamp and Caption
        1. Confidence Check
    5. Recording Effects
      1. Student Activity: Add Effects While Recording
  5. Module 3: Videos, Images and PIP
    1. Working with the Studio
      1. Student Activity: Import a Camrec Video
      2. Student Activity: Add Media to the Timeline
        1. Confidence Check
    2. Images
      1. Student Activity: Import Images
        1. Confidence Check
    3. Multi-Track Videos
      1. Student Activity: Insert a New Track
      2. Student Activity: Create a Watermark
    4. Cursor Effects
      1. Student Activity: Add Cursor Effects
        1. Confidence Check
  6. Module 4: Callouts, Animations and Transitions
    1. Callouts
      1. Student Activity: Create a Group
      2. Student Activity: Add a Text Callout
        1. Confidence Check
      3. Student Activity: Add More Text Callouts
      4. Student Activity: Modify Visual Properties
        1. Confidence Check
      5. Student Activity: Add a Pointy Circle Callout
        1. Confidence Check
      6. Student Activity: Add a Sketch Motion Rectangle
        1. Confidence Check
    2. Animations
      1. Student Activity: Add an Animation to a Callout
        1. Confidence Check
    3. Transitions
      1. Student Activity: Add Slide Transitions
        1. Confidence Check
  7. Module 5: Audio
    1. Importing Audio Files
      1. Student Activity: Add Background Music to a Video
        1. Confidence Check
      2. Student Activity: Fade Audio In and Out
        1. Confidence Check
    2. Recording Narration
      1. Student Activity: Record Voice Narration
    3. Splitting
      1. Student Activity: Split a Music Clip
        1. Confidence Check
    4. Audio Editing
      1. Student Activity: Cut a Segment of Unwanted Audio
        1. Confidence Check
  8. Module 6: Produce and Share
    1. Producing Basics
      1. Student Activity: Produce a Standalone Video
      2. Student Activity: Share to YouTube
    2. Flash/HTML5
      1. Student Activity: Produce Flash/HTML5 Output
    3. Watermarks
      1. Student Activity: Add a Watermark to a Produced Video
  9. Module 7: Zooming, Focus, Markers and Hotspots
    1. Hide and Show the Cursor
      1. Student Activity: Control Mouse Visibility
    2. Zoom-n-Pan
      1. Student Activity: Add a Zoom-n-Pan
    3. SmartFocus
      1. Student Activity: Apply SmartFocus
    4. Markers
      1. Student Activity: Add a Marker
        1. Confidence Check
    5. TOCs
      1. Student Activity: Add a TOC
    6. Hotspots
      1. Student Activity: Add a Hotspot to a Callout
        1. Confidence Check
  10. Module 8: Quizzes and Screencast.com
    1. Quizzes
      1. Student Activity: Add a Quiz and Multiple Choice Question
      2. Student Activity: Add a Fill In the Blank Question
      3. Student Activity: Preview a Quiz
        1. Confidence Check
    2. Screencast.com
      1. Student Activity: Share to Screencast.com
        1. Confidence Check
  11. Module 9: PowerPoint and MenuMaker
    1. PowerPoint as a Starting Point
      1. Student Activity: Record PowerPoint
    2. MenuMaker
      1. Student Activity: Create a Menu
      2. Student Activity: Customize a Menu
        1. Confidence Check
  12. Index