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Teaching Entrepreneurship

Book Description

Teaching Entrepreneurship moves entrepreneurship education from the traditional process view to a practice-based approach and advocates teaching entrepreneurship using a portfolio of practices, which includes play, empathy, creation, experimentation, and reflection. Together these practices help students develop the competency to think and act entrepreneurially in order to create, find, and exploit opportunities of all kinds in a continuously changing and uncertain world. Divided into two parts, the book is written for those educators who want their students to develop a bias for action and who are willing to explore new approaches in their own classrooms. A set of 42 exercises with detailed teaching notes is also included to help educators effectively teach the practices in their curriculum. Entrepreneurship educators will find a great deal of useful knowledge in this volume, which provides relevant, targeted exercises for immediate application in the classroom.

Table of Contents

  1. List of figures, tables and boxes
  2. 1 Teaching entrepreneurship as a method that requires practice
  3. Part I The Practices of Entrepreneurship Education: The Theory
    1. 2 The practice of play
    2. 3 The practice of empathy
    3. 4 The practice of creation
    4. 5 The practice of experimentation
    5. 6 The practice of reflection
  4. Part II The Practices of Entrepreneurship Education: The Application
    1. 7 Exercises to practice play
      1. Puzzles and quilts
      2. Building the culture of your business with The Sims
      3. Rainmakers
      4. Improvisation for creativity
      5. Marshmallow tower
      6. Airplane contest
      7. Business model canvas game
    2. 8 Exercises to practice empathy
      1. The power of observation
      2. Negotiation for resource acquisition
      3. Monkey business
      4. Sequenced and escalated peer coaching exercises
      5. Interviewing an entrepreneur and self-assessment
      6. Perfect pitch
      7. Who’s on first?
      8. Family systems
      9. Understanding the entrepreneurial side of government
      10. Creating customer personas
    3. 9 Exercises to practice creation
      1. Mind dumping for ideation
      2. Ideaspace
      3. Future trends and entrepreneurial opportunities
      4. Self-understanding for opportunity creation
      5. Resource acquisition game
      6. Building a strategic network
      7. Creating as an artist
      8. The resource challenge
      9. Your strategic alliance
    4. 10 Exercises to practice experimentation
      1. Feasibility blueprint
      2. Competitive cup stacking
      3. Escalating market tests
      4. Opportunity screening
      5. Fear of failure
      6. Drawing bridges
      7. $5, $50, and $500 experiments
    5. 11 Exercises to practice reflection
      1. Developing a reflective practice
      2. Reflecting on entrepreneurial experience
      3. Cultural artifacts
      4. Passion cube
      5. Opportunity walk
      6. Plotting the growth of your business
      7. Brewster’s millions
      8. The dark side of entrepreneurship
      9. Envisioning entrepreneurial leadership
    6. 12 A final note: The practices support accreditation
  5. Index