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Take Control of Passwords in Mac OS X

Book Description

Create and manage strong passwords that keep your data safe without taxing your memory! Suffering from password overload or anxiety? Set your mind at ease with friendly assistance from Mac expert Joe Kissell! You'll learn how to assess risk factors and devise a personal plan for generating different types of passwords, using Joe's special system for creating strong passwords that are easy to remember but virtually impossible to crack. The book also explains how to work with all the different passwords on your Mac (account login, master, root, firmware, email, AirPort, keychains), teaches you how to use Apple's Keychain Access password manager, provides pointers for using passwords on the Web, and includes tips for preventing password-related problems. For those who want to go beyond Keychain Access for features like higher security or PDA syncing, Joe describes likely options and provides money-saving coupons.

Table of Contents

  1. Take Control of Passwords in Mac OS X
    1. Read Me First
      1. Onscreen Reading Tips
      2. Printing Tips
      3. Basics
    2. Introduction
    3. 1. Quick Start
    4. 2. Assess Your Password Needs
      1. Consider Your Risk Level
      2. Use an Ounce of Prevention
    5. 3. Generate Good Passwords
      1. Understand Password Security
      2. Understand the Two Password Types
        1. Security passwords
        2. Identity passwords
      3. Choose the Right Password Type
      4. Learn the Pros and Cons of Reusing Passwords
      5. Understand Optimal Password Length
        1. Length of random passwords
        2. Length of non-random passwords
      6. Create Security Passwords
      7. Devise a Pattern for Identity Passwords
        1. Password part 1: Your personal segment
        2. Password part 2: The usage-specific portion
      8. Use Password Assistant
      9. Take Action!
    6. 4. Understand Mac OS X's Passwords
      1. Login Passwords
        1. Choose and set a login password
        2. Use your login password
        3. Reset an administrator password
      2. Master Password
        1. Choose and set a master password
        2. Use your master password
      3. Root Password
      4. Firmware Password
        1. Choose and set a firmware password
      5. Email Password
      6. Wireless Network Password
      7. File-Sharing Password
      8. Keychains
        1. Choose and set a keychain password
        2. Use your keychain password
    7. 5. Use Keychain Access
      1. Understand Common Keychain Types
      2. View Your Passwords
      3. Change Access for a Password
      4. Add or Change Passwords
      5. Delete Passwords
      6. Change Your Keychain Password
      7. Change Keychain Settings
      8. Change the Default Keychain
      9. Add or Delete a Keychain
        1. Use the Delete Keychain command
        2. Use the Keychain List
      10. Add Notes to a Keychain
      11. Repair Damaged Keychains
      12. Solve the "login" Keychain Prompt Problem
      13. Use the Keychain Menu
    8. 6. Use Passwords on the Web
      1. Choose Good User Names
      2. Fill Out Forms Automatically
        1. Safari
        2. Other browsers
    9. 7. Use Third-Party Password Tools
      1. Password Generators
      2. Password Managers
    10. 8. Keep Your Passwords Secure
      1. Avoid the "weakest Link" Problem
      2. Use Wireless Networks Safely
        1. Use Wi-Fi encryption
        2. Use SSL/TLS
        3. Use a VPN
      3. Change Your Passwords
      4. Recover Forgotten Passwords
      5. Back Up Your Passwords
      6. Prepare an Emergency Password Plan
    11. A. About This Book
      1. About the Author
      2. Author's Acknowledgments
      3. Shameless Plugs
      4. About the Publisher
      5. Production Credits