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Take Control of Recording with GarageBand '08

Book Description

Learn how to record complete songs with drums, keyboards, bass, strings, even horns...even if all you have is an old, beat up, electric guitar! This book explains how to use GarageBand '08 to create musical compositions with vocals, drums, guitars, MIDI keyboards, and even the kitchen sink! Seattle musician Jeff Tolbert shares his GarageBand know-how and years of recording experience to help you get the most out of your existing gear or purchase new equipment that fits your budget and style. You'll find real-world recording studio techniques, learn how to use a microphone effectively, and discover how to apply effects like a pro. Clear steps and practical advice help you plan a recording session, record multiple tracks at once, and fix mistakes easily. Two example songs demonstrate many of the techniques discussed.

Table of Contents

  1. Take Control of Recording with GarageBand '08
    1. Read Me First
      1. Updates
      2. Basics
      3. What's New in This Edition
    2. Introduction
    3. 1. Quick Start to Recording with Garageband
    4. 2. Strategize Your Recording Session
    5. 3. Choose a Recording Method
      1. Software Instruments
      2. Real Instruments
    6. 4. Recording Software Instruments
      1. Learn About MIDI Gear
      2. MIDI Keyboard Options
      3. Set Up Your MIDI Keyboard
      4. Record Your Tracks
        1. Select a Software Instrument sound
        2. Fine tune your instrument
        3. Start with a beat
        4. Record a track
        5. Record using a cycle region
        6. Get your part right
        7. Record drum tracks
      5. Edit the Performance
        1. Edit individual notes
    7. 5. Recording Real Instruments
      1. Consider Your Equipment
        1. Plug in
        2. Locate an interface
        3. Use a microphone
      2. Set Up Your Input Device
        1. Use your Mac's built-in audio jack
        2. Use an external input device
          1. iMic
          2. Behringer Eurorack UB502
          3. Tascam US-122L
      3. Record an Electric Instrument
        1. Set your options
        2. Set up your track
        3. Set levels
        4. Let's record already…
      4. Record with a Microphone
        1. Choose a microphone
        2. Select a room
        3. Learn about mic placement
          1. Mic an electric guitar or bass amp
          2. Mic an acoustic guitar
          3. Mic a piano
          4. Mic drums
          5. Mic small ensembles
        4. Record vocals
          1. Set the mood
          2. Place the microphone
        5. Record a stereo track
        6. Record multiple takes
          1. Create a multi-take recording
        7. Record multiple tracks at once
        8. Use your imagination
    8. 6. Fix a Section
      1. Punch in
      2. Fix Timing and Pitch
      3. Change Tempo
    9. 7. Understand GarageBand Effects
      1. Dynamic Effects
        1. Limiters
        2. Compressors
        3. Gates
      2. Filter and Equalizer Effects
        1. Equalizers
        2. Filters
        3. Vocal Transformer
      3. Time-Based Effects
        1. Chorus, Flanger, and Phaser
        2. Echo and delay
        3. Reverb
        4. Tremolo
      4. Distortion Effects
        1. Distortion and Overdrive
        2. Bitcrusher
        3. Amp Simulation
        4. Bass Amp
      5. Automate Effects
    10. 8. Learn Garageband Tips and Tricks
      1. Double-Track Vocals and Guitars
      2. Make Your Own Loops
      3. Turn Your Guitar Into a Bass
      4. Combine Two Garageband Projects in One Song
    11. 9. Listen to the Sample Songs
      1. The Software Instrument Song
      2. The Real Instrument Song
        1. Recording the basic tracks
        2. Mixing the song
    12. 10. Learn More
        1. Web Sites
        2. Books
        3. Magazines
        4. Videos
    13. A. Garageband Midi Drum Sounds
    14. B. Troubleshooting
      1. Improving Performance
      2. Audio Delays
    15. C. Glossary
    16. D. About This Book
      1. About the Author
      2. Author's Acknowledgments
      3. Shameless Plug
      4. About the Publisher
      5. Production Credits