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Take Control of Buying a Digital Camera

Book Description

Find practical, real-world advice that helps you choose a digital camera!

Rather than bury you with arcane technical details or a myriad of camera models, Larry first helps you determine how much you want to spend, what sort of pictures you're likely to take, and what aspects of using a camera are important to you. With that grounding, you're ready to learn about the different camera features, separated by those that are actually important and those that merely fill up feature checklists. The ebook even contains a camera comparison worksheet you can fill in while shopping. Additional sections give you pointers on how to read camera reviews (plus a list of the best review sites!), advice about evaluating picture quality, suggestions of where to buy your camera, the lowdown on accessories you might want, and tips on working with photos on your computer.

Table of Contents

  1. Take Control of Buying a Digital Camera
    1. Read Me First
      1. What's New in Version 3.1
      2. What Was New in Version 3.0
    2. Introduction
    3. 1. Quick Start for Buying a Digital Camera
    4. 2. Set a Realistic Camera Budget
    5. 3. Understand Camera Usability
      1. Discover Your Photographic Type
      2. Decide on Important Usability Features
    6. 4. Compare Camera Features
      1. Lens Zoom Range (Wide Angle to Telephoto)
        1. Understand zoom lens terminology
        2. Consider zoom lens usability
        3. Optical zoom versus digital zoom
      2. Image Sensor Size: Megapixels
        1. How many megapixels are enough?
        2. Practical aspects of megapixels
        3. Choose a minimum number of megapixels
      3. Lens Quality
      4. LCD Monitor and Viewfinder
      5. Shutter Response and Autofocus
      6. Start-up Time and Shot-to-Shot Speed
      7. Shape, Size, and Design
      8. Camera ISO (Sensitivity) Range
      9. Battery Life and Battery Type
      10. Built-in Flash vs. External Flash
        1. Flash and red-eye
      11. Storage Media
        1. Storage media speed
      12. Manual Focus
      13. Custom White Balance
      14. Video Capture
      15. Unique Features
    7. 5. Buying a Digital SLR Camera
      1. The DSLR System
      2. Prices and Resolution
      3. Lens Focal Length Options
      4. DSLR Dust Spots
      5. DSLR Computer Workflow
    8. 6. Read Between the Lines of Camera Reviews
    9. 7. Evaluate Picture Quality
      1. Basic Quality Considerations
        1. Color accuracy and saturation
        2. Noise
        3. Posterization
      2. Advanced Quality Considerations
    10. 8. Buy the Camera
      1. Local Retailers
      2. Online Retailers
      3. After the Purchase
      1. Camera Cases
      2. Tripod
      3. Waterproof/Underwater Housing
      4. Filters or Filter Software
      1. Buy More External Storage
      2. Consider Third-Party Photo Workflow Software
      3. Print Your Photos
    13. A. Camera Buying Worksheet
      1. Take Control of Buying a Digital Camera—Shopping Guide
      2. Take Control of Buying a Digital Camera—Shopping Guide
    14. B. Feature Roundup
    15. C. Model Suggestions
      1. Ultra-Compact Cameras with "Folding Optics"
      2. Ultra-Compact Cameras
      3. Compact Cameras
      4. SLR-Style Bodies
      5. DSLRs
    16. D. Improve Your Photography
      1. Use the LCD Monitor
      2. Turn On the Flash
      3. Turn Down the Flash
      4. Learn to Read Histograms
      5. Correct Exposure Is Not Always Pleasing
    17. E. Glossary
    18. About This Book
      1. About the Author
      2. Author's Acknowledgements
      3. Shameless Plug
      4. About the Publisher
      5. Production Credits