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Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac

Book Description

Whether you're just getting started podcasting or want to take it to the next level, long-time podcaster Andy Affleck has the start-to-finish guidance you need! Learn how plan your podcast, choose the right mic, record and edit like a pro, and publish your podcast to the world. Updated for the latest software and techniques!

Table of Contents

  1. Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac
    1. Read Me First
      1. Updates
      2. Basics
      3. What's New in Versions 2.0 and 2.1
    2. Introduction
    3. 1. Podcasting Quick Start
    4. 2. Plan Your Podcast
      1. Decide What You Want to Say
      2. Pick a Format
      3. Listen to Your Audience, Listen to Your Show
      4. Learn Podcasting Terminology
    5. 3. Set Up Your Studio
      1. Choose a Microphone and Supporting Hardware
        1. Pick a Mic
          1. Directional
          2. Omnidirectional
          3. Pricing
        2. Decide on a Breakout Box or Mixer
          1. Breakout Boxes
          2. Mixers
          3. Mics, Breakout Boxes, and Mixers
        3. Take Your Show on the Road
      2. Audio Software You Need
        1. What Recording Apps Have in Common
        2. Choose Your Audio Software
          1. Consider Audio-Input Tools
          2. Software for Phone and VoIP Interviews
      3. Set Up Audio
    6. 4. Record Your Podcast
      1. Use Good Microphone Techniques
      2. Interview People Successfully
      3. Use Audio Plug-ins to Sound Your Best
      4. Record with Audio Hijack Pro
        1. Install Programs at First Run
        2. Set Up Audio Hijack Pro
        3. Make a "Live" Podcast
          1. Prepare All Audio
          2. Record the Show
        4. Record VoIP in Audio Hijack Pro
          1. Split Both Sides of an Interview into Separate Channels
          2. Edit Split Interview Channels
          3. Merge Split Interview Channels
      5. Record with GarageBand
        1. Set Up GarageBand
        2. Start a New Episode
        3. Record the Show
        4. Record Multiple Takes at One Time
        5. Record an Interview Using iChat
      6. Record with Sound Studio
      7. Record with WireTap Studio
        1. Set Up and Record
        2. Record VoIP in WireTap Studio
      8. Record with Übercaster
      9. Pull Audio from Multiple Sources with Soundflower
    7. 5. Edit Your Podcast
      1. Edit with GarageBand
        1. Add Additional Audio
        2. Apply Audio Plug-ins to Your Voice Track
        3. Edit Your Voice Track
        4. Mix Tracks
          1. Duck
          2. Manage Volume
      2. Edit with Fission
        1. Edit Your Voice
      3. Edit with WireTap Studio
        1. Apply Audio Plug-ins to Your Voice
        2. Edit Your Voice
      4. Edit with Sound Studio
        1. Edit Your Voice
      5. Edit with Übercaster
        1. Add Additional Audio
        2. Apply Audio Plug-ins to Your Voice Track
        3. Edit Your Voice Track
        4. Mix Tracks
    8. 6. Tag and Add Chapters to Your Podcast
      1. Add Tags to Identify Your Podcast
        1. Decide What Software to Use
        2. Tag with GarageBand
        3. Tag with iTunes
        4. Tag with WireTap Studio
        5. Tag with Übercaster
      2. Use Chapters to Create an Enhanced Podcast
        1. Add Chapters with GarageBand
        2. Add Chapters with Übercaster
    9. 7. Encode Your Podcast
      1. Decide How to Work
        1. Pick an Encoded Audio File Format
      2. Figure Out Encoding Settings
      3. Encode with GarageBand
      4. Encode with WireTap Studio
      5. Encode with Übercaster
      6. Encode with iTunes
    10. 8. Publish and Promote Your Podcast
      1. Understand Bandwidth Costs
      2. Understand Syndication Formats
      3. Tools to Publish Podcasts
      4. Upload and Publish an Episode
      5. Promote Your Podcast
    11. 9. Learn More
      1. The Take Control of Podcasting… Podcast
      2. Web Resources
    12. A. About This Book
      1. About the Author
      2. Author's Acknowledgments
      3. Shameless Plug
      4. About the Publisher
      5. Production Credits