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Take Control of Switching to the Mac

Book Description

Switching to the Mac is easier than ever with our real-world advice! You're using Windows, so we're guessing that you're considering a switch to the Mac (good for you!) or that you're a Mac user on a PC at work. (If the latter, you may want to read the Mac-user version of this page.) This book covers the steps needed to switch your computing life from Windows to the Macintosh. It covers a lot of ground and by the end, you'll be running on your Mac with your files moved over from your Windows PC, and you'll know how to get around on your new Mac.

Table of Contents

  1. Take Control of Switching to the Mac
    1. Read Me First
      1. Updates
      2. Basics
      3. What's New in Version 1.5
    2. Introduction
    3. 1. Switching to the Mac Quick Start
    4. 2. Get Ready
      1. What's Cool About the Mac
      2. What's Not so Cool (and What to Do About It)
      3. Choose the Best Mac for You
    5. 3. Set Up and Use Your Mac
      1. Set Up Your Mac
      2. Understand User Interface Differences
        1. Mouse differences
        2. Keyboard differences
        3. Differences in menus
          1. The phantom application
          2. Status menus
        4. Differences in windows
          1. Close, minimize, and zoom buttons
          2. Scroll bars
          3. Resizing and dragging windows:
          4. Search box
        5. The Finder vs. Windows Explorer
        6. Differences in disk organization
        7. The Dock vs. the taskbar
          1. Learn the application switching shortcut
          2. Customize the Dock
        8. Sleep mode vs. system standby
        9. Safe sleep vs. hibernate
        10. System Preferences vs. Control Panel
        11. Summary: Learning to speak Mac
      3. Choose Mac Applications
        1. Web browsers
        2. Email applications
        3. Office applications
        4. Instant messaging
        5. iLife applications
        6. Media players
        7. Graphics and illustration programs
        8. Database programs
        9. Where to find more software
      4. Move Your Data to Your Mac
        1. Getting help
        2. How to move files
        3. Moving documents
        4. Moving digital music
          1. Moving an iTunes library
          2. Moving other music
        5. Moving email messages
        6. Moving address books
        7. Moving Web browser bookmarks
        8. Moving Internet settings
          1. Dial-up connection
          2. Broadband connection
        9. Moving sound effects
        10. Moving wallpaper (Desktop pictures)
    6. 4. Learn More about Your Mac
      1. Set Up Multiple Users
      2. Learn More About Finder Views
        1. See sizes of all folders
      3. Find Files with Spotlight
      4. Manage Applications and Windows
        1. Deal with window clutter
          1. Hide Others
          2. Exposé
          3. Spaces
      5. Use the Network
      6. Try Printing
      7. Use Software Update
      8. Glitches and Gotchas: Troubleshooting
        1. General bad behavior
        2. Kernel panic
      9. Five Mac Features You Must Learn
        1. Use multiple Finder windows
        2. Move and copy files
        3. Learn Finder and system keyboard shortcuts
        4. Customize the Finder sidebar and toolbar
        5. Print documents to PDF files
      10. Five Useful Tips
        1. Work around stubborn Web sites
        2. Use Dashboard
        3. Open recent items
        4. Password-protect your Mac
        5. Make a smart folder
    7. 5. Live as a Mac User in a Windows World
      1. Share Documents with Windows Users
      2. Run Windows on Your Mac
        1. Remote Desktop Connection
    8. A. Glossary
    9. B. Learn More
      1. Books
      2. Web Sites
    10. C. About This Book
      1. About the Author
      2. Author's Acknowledgments
      3. About the Publisher
      4. Production Credits