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Take Control of Your iPod: Beyond the Music

Book Description

Learn a dozen ways to do more with an iPod than just listen to music!

Written by gadget-wizard Steve Sande, this 136-page book helps you advance to the next level of iPod mastery. You'll learn basics like charging an iPod and moving music over to it, but most of the book looks at all the other stuff you can do with an iPod: track calendar items and contacts, keep to-do lists, exercise, read ebooks and RSS feeds, listen to podcasts and audiobooks, watch video, view subway maps, back up your hard drive, and much more!

Table of Contents

  1. Take Control of Your iPod: Beyond the Music
    1. Read Me First
      1. Basics
      2. What's New in This Version
      3. What Was New in Version 2.0
    2. Introduction
    3. 1. Quick Start to Going Beyond the Music
    4. 2. Know Your iPod
    5. 3. Plug in Your iPod
      1. AC Adapter
      2. Computer (all iPods except the shuffle)
      3. Dock (all iPods except the shuffle)
      4. The iPod shuffle
      5. Batteries
        1. Dealing with a dead battery
        2. Battery extenders
    6. 4. Troubleshooting & Security
      1. iPod Troubleshooting: The Five Rs
        1. Reset
        2. Retry
        3. Restart
        4. Reinstall (your iPod software)
        5. Restore
      2. Locking an iPod (nano, 5G–6G, touch)
    7. 5. Install iTunes
      1. Update iTunes for Macintosh
      2. Update iTunes for Windows
    8. 6. Listen to Music
      1. Add Music to Your iTunes Library
        1. Copy music from a CD
        2. Buy music from the iTunes Store
      2. Sync the iPod
      3. Why They Call It the iPod shuffle…
    9. 7. Set Up the iPod as a Disk
      1. Use your iPod as a Disk on a Mac
        1. Using the disk
        2. Ejecting the disk-enabled iPod
        3. Use Your iPod as a Disk on a PC
        4. Using the disk
        5. Ejecting the disk-enabled iPod
    10. 8. Use PDA Features
      1. Use the iPod Calendar
        1. Transfer events and to dos from a Mac
          1. iCal, iTunes, and Tiger
          2. iCal and Mac OS X
          3. Now Up-To-Date
          4. Entourage
          5. Manual syncing
        2. Transfer events and to dos from a PC
        3. View the Calendar
        4. View things to do
      2. Use the iPod Contacts
        1. Transfer contacts from a Mac or PC
        2. View contacts
      3. Use iPDA to Sync Information (Mac Only)
      4. Use the iPod Clock
        1. Set an alarm
        2. Put yourself to sleep
        3. Use the World Clock (nano and 5G–6G iPod)
        4. Use the Stopwatch (nano and 5G–6G iPod)
        5. Talk to Your iPod (2G–3G nano and 5G–6G iPod)
    11. 9. Back Up Your Computer
    12. 10. Use Your iPod as a Mac Startup Drive
      1. Install Mac OS X Yourself
      2. Use TechTool Protogo to Install Mac OS X
    13. 11. Read Text, RSS & Email
      1. Read Text on Your iPod
        1. Convert to text format
          1. Create new text files
          2. Convert PDF files
          3. Convert Microsoft Word files
          4. Convert Microsoft Excel files
          5. Convert Web pages
          6. Copy directions to your iPod
          7. Convert text ebooks
        2. Work around the 4K limit
        3. Transfer file(s) to the iPod
      2. Tips for Reading on an iPod
      3. Reading Ebooks on the iPod touch
      4. Read RSS Feeds
        1. RSS-Syncing in iPDA for Macintosh
        2. RSS-Syncing in iPodSync for Windows
      5. Read Email
        1. Email in iPDA (Macintosh)
        2. Email in k-pod (Windows)
        3. Email in PocketMac iPod Edition (Mac or Windows)
    14. 12. Transfer Photos & Maps
      1. Transfer Photos from a Camera to an iPod
      2. Transfer Photos from an iPod to a Computer
      3. Sync Photos from a Computer to an iPod
      4. Copy Maps to an iPod
        1. Public transportation maps
        2. Making your own iPod maps
    15. 13. Listen to Podcasts
      1. Subscribe to Podcasts with iTunes
      2. Sync Podcasts
      3. Subscribe to Podcasts with Juice
    16. 14. Listen to Audiobooks
      1. Download an Audiobook
      2. Rip an Audiobook CD
      3. Copy an MP3 Audiobook CD
      4. Convert a Text File to an Audiobook (Mac Only)
    17. 15. Run Presentations
      1. Convert Presentations Using iPresent It
        1. Special iPresent It prep for Keynote users only
        2. Convert in iPresent It
        3. Set up your presentation
    18. 16. Watch Video
      1. Add Video to iTunes
        1. Video from the iTunes Store
        2. iMovie HD file
        3. DVD
          1. Converting DVDs on a Mac
          2. Converting DVDs on a Windows PC
        4. Other video formats
      2. Move Video to an iPod
        1. Move Video to an iPod
          1. Manual copying
          2. Video syncing
    19. 17. Run with Your iPod
    20. 18. Install Linux
      1. Download iPodLinux
        1. Install iPodLinux from Mac OS X
        2. Install iPodLinux from Windows
      2. Boot with iPodLinux
      3. If Your iPodLinux Installation Fails
    21. 19. Play Games
      1. Games on Most iPods
      2. Games on Fancier iPods (3G nano, 5–6G iPod)
    22. 20. Learn More
    23. About This Book
      1. About the Author
      2. Author's Acknowledgements
      3. Shameless Plug
      4. About the Publisher
      5. Production Credits