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Update March 25, 2015

Find shortcuts that make tedious tasks quick, accurate, and repeatable!

If you use copy and paste, you're eliminating unnecessary retyping and possible typos. But did you realize that you could be using dozens of additional shortcuts that make tedious tasks quick, accurate, and repeatable? In this essential title, Joe Kissell shines a light on OS X's many built-in shortcuts and provides sweeping coverage of the utilities that go even further.

You don't need to be a programmer -- or even particularly geeky -- to automate your Mac. Everyone uses copy and paste, and most of what Joe explains can be used by anyone, from novice to expert, to make their work quicker, more accurate, and more easily repeated when needed. Nor is specialized software necessary, since OS X has oodles of built-in automation features like keyboard shortcuts, configurable gestures, and automatic launching of key apps. But clever Macintosh developers have created brilliant utilities that go far beyond OS X's features, and Joe discusses the key players, devotes a chapter to Keyboard Maestro (which gives you control over nearly any task on your Mac), and delves into the included automation capabilities in Microsoft Office and Nisus Writer Pro.

In short, Take Control of Automating Your Mac will:

  • Show you lots of tools and techniques for automating your Mac.
  • Offer concrete examples you can use as is or adapt to your needs.
  • Inspire you with extensive lists of further possibilities.

We've included discounts totalling over $60 on eight of the key apps Joe covers: 20% or 30% off on Keyboard Maestro, LaunchBar, Hazel, Nisus Writer Pro, TextExpander, TextSoap, TypeIt4Me, and Typinator -- look for coupons at the back of the ebook!

Take Control of Automating Your Mac has chapters about how to:

  • Develop an automator's mindset
  • Use OS X's built-in automation features
  • Take full advantage of input devices to save clicks
  • Automate text expansion for faster, more consistent typing
  • Control the Finder with a launcher and by organizing files with Hazel
  • Supercharge your clipboard to remember and reformat previous copies
  • Write macros in Microsoft Office and Nisus Writer Pro
  • Create rules to file email automatically in Apple Mail and Outlook
  • Log in to Web sites faster with a password manager
  • Automate cloud services with IFTTT and Zapier
  • Set up automatic backup and syncing
  • Get started with Automator and AppleScript
  • Control nearly anything on your Mac with Keyboard Maestro

This ebook was written for users of 10.9 Mavericks and 10.10 Yosemite, but many of the functions described work similarly in older versions of OS X.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Read Me First
  4. Introduction
  5. Automation Quick Start
  6. Develop an Automator’s Mindset
  7. Use Built-in Automation Features
  8. Automate Your Input Devices
  9. Automate Text Expansion
  10. Automate the Finder
  11. Supercharge Your Clipboard
  12. Automate Individual Apps
  13. Automate Email
  14. Automate the Web
  15. Automate Backup and Syncing
  16. Use OS X Automation Technologies
  17. Use a Macro Utility
  18. About This Book
  19. Copyright and Fine Print
  20. Featured Titles
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