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Take Control of Apple Mail in Lion

Book Description

Are you using Apple Mail in Lion effectively? In this book, email expert Joe Kissell provides the comprehensive guidance you need. Perhaps you just want to fully understand the basics of receiving, composing, and sending email. Or maybe you want to master many advanced options—including account setup, employing multiple accounts, formatting, rules, smart mailboxes, and iCloud or Gmail integration. Either way, you'll find helpful advice and detailed steps, based on extensive real-world experience. You'll also find tips on various third-party add-ons that make Mail smarter and more enjoyable to use.

Table of Contents

  1. Read Me First
    1. Updates and More
    2. Basics
    3. What’s New in This Edition
  2. Introduction
  3. Quick Start to Controlling Apple Mail
  4. Learn What’s New in Lion Mail
  5. Learn about Email Protocols
    1. POP
    2. IMAP
    3. Switching from POP to IMAP
    4. iCloud
    5. SMTP
    6. Exchange
  6. Set Up Your Accounts
    1. Use IMAP with Gmail
    2. Account Setup Tips
  7. Read Incoming Messages
    1. Check Your Email
    2. Understand and Customize the Interface
    3. Follow Conversations
    4. Manage Incoming Message Formats
    5. Use Data Detectors
    6. Work with Message Flags
    7. File and Organize Messages
    8. Deal with Incoming Attachments
    9. Stop Spam
  8. Read RSS Feeds
    1. Configure Mail’s RSS Preferences
    2. Add and Manage RSS Feeds
    3. View RSS Articles
  9. Address Addressing
    1. Put Addresses in Address Book
    2. Address an Email Message
    3. LDAP Server
    4. Access Hidden Address Fields
    5. Address Messages to Groups
    6. Handle Previous Recipients
    7. Choose an Account or Address to Send From
  10. Compose and Send Messages
    1. Handle Message Formatting
    2. Personalize Email with Signatures
    3. Set Message Priority
    4. Work with Outgoing Attachments
    5. Reply to Messages
    6. Forward Messages as Attachments
    7. Use Mail Stationery
  11. Sign and Encrypt Messages
    1. Learn When and Why to Sign or Encrypt Messages
    2. Understand S/MIME Basics
    3. Get a Personal Certificate
    4. Sign or Encrypt a Message
    5. Read Signed or Encrypted Mail
  12. Manage Your Mailboxes
    1. Special Mailboxes
    2. Create a New Mailbox
    3. Arrange, Hide, and Show Mailboxes
  13. Keep Track of Notes
    1. Create a Note
    2. Save Notes
    3. View Notes
  14. Find Your Messages
    1. Perform a Basic Search
    2. Search for a Phrase
    3. Use Boolean Expressions
    4. Search By Date Range
    5. Search within the Current Message
    6. Work Smarter with Smart Mailboxes
  15. Automate Mail with Rules
    1. Create a Rule
    2. Use Multiple Conditions and Actions
    3. Rule Examples
    4. Running Rules on Command
  16. Fix Mail Problems
    1. Fix Incoming Mail Problems
    2. Fix Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Problems
    3. Fix Mailbox Problems
    4. Fix Searching Errors
  17. Back Up and Restore Your Email
    1. Back Up and Restore with Time Machine
    2. Use Another Backup Program
    3. Do a Cloud-to-Cloud Backup
    4. Export a Mailbox
  18. About This Book
    1. Ebook Extras
    2. About the Author
    3. Shameless Plug
    4. About the Publisher
  19. Copyright and Fine Print
  20. Featured Titles