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Take Control of iBooks Author

Book Description

Plan, produce, and publish a Multi-Touch ebook for the iPad!

Although Apple's iBooks Author 2 is free, that doesn't mean it's also easy. In Take Control of iBooks Author, you'll join ebook designer and instructional software developer Michael E. Cohen as he helps you create a Multi-Touch ebook in iBooks Author 2.

You'll find friendly guidance with planning a project so that your workflow and outline fit what iBooks Author 2 can do. You'll also get comprehensive step-by-step instructions for how to produce your ebook by customizing layouts and arranging text and media. Finally, you'll learn how to publish your ebook, whether for distribution on Apple's iBookstore or elsewhere.

Apple's Multi-Touch ebooks boast visually impressive, template-driven layouts that can contain many types of media--including interactive images, slideshows, audio and video files, rotating 3D images, scrolling sidebars, popping popovers, and quiz questions. You create them on your Mac in the free iBooks Author 2 from Apple, and you can sell them to iPad users in the iBookstore or distribute them for free in any way you like. (iBooks Author 2 runs on Mac OS X 10.7.4 Lion and later.)

Read this ebook for expert advice on how to:

Plan Your Project!

  • Give your content a "spine," and design it to flow comfortably into an iBooks Author template.
  • Determine what special types of media your book will contain--including audio files, video files, slideshows, charts and tables, graphics, interactive graphics, 3D rotating graphics (COLLADA), and study questions. You'll learn what your options are, and what file formats are needed.
  • Decide whether to write your text in iBooks Author or in another program--and, if you decide to write outside of iBooks Author, learn how to import your content efficiently.

Produce Your Book!

  • Pick an iBooks Author template and customize it--whether it's one of the six new Portrait Only templates or a Landscape with Portrait template, you'll get detailed advice for customizing it so your book looks right no matter which way you turn it.
  • Add new chapters, sections, and pages to your book.
  • Make your text flow through your book, and understand how to control the flow.
  • Import and position graphics, videos, and other media items, so that they appear where you want them to--and understand why and how these elements may appear as thumbnails.
  • Make an imported graphic interactive with tappable elements that reveal additional information.
  • Create and configure study questions (and answers).
  • Add an interactive glossary and index, and understand how they interact.
  • Learn how iBooks Author generates a table of contents, and tweak your table of contents.
  • Make internal hyperlinks and external links to the Web.


  • Export your ebook as a basic PDF or text file (for people who want to read your book, but don't have an iPad).
  • Export your ebook as a Multi-Touch ebook that can be read exclusively in iBooks on the iPad.
  • Get set up to make your ebook available through Apple's iBookstore.
  • Upload your completed project to the iBookstore.

Table of Contents

  1. Read Me First
    1. Updates and More
    2. Basics
    3. What’s New in Version 1.1
  2. Introduction
  3. 1. iBooks Author Quick Start
    1. Understand Textbooks:
    2. Plan Your Project:
    3. Put It Together:
    4. Accessorize:
    5. Expose Yourself:
  4. 2. Understand the Format
    1. What Is a Textbook?
    2. How to Think about Your Book
  5. 3. Plan Your Book
    1. Assemble the Outline
    2. Collect Your Assets
    3. Plan for Interactivity
  6. 4. Write Your Book
    1. Get iBooks Author
    2. Decide Where to Compose
      1. Compose in the Shell
      2. Import Text
        1. When You Import Styles
        2. How Much to Import at Once
    3. Choose a Template
      1. Choose between Portrait and Landscape Templates
      2. Meet the Book Elements
    4. Customize a Template
      1. Customize the Opening
        1. Change the Book Cover
          1. Change the Text Placeholders on the Cover
          2. Change the Image Placeholders on the Cover
        2. Change the Intro Media
        3. Change the Table of Contents
          1. Change a Landscape Table of Contents
          2. Change an Alternate Portrait Table of Contents
      2. Modify the Layouts
        1. Know Your Chapter Layout Terms and Views
        2. Change a Main Chapter Layout
        3. Change an Alternate Portrait Chapter Layout
        4. Change a Section Layout
        5. Change a Text Page Layout
      3. Make Placeholders
        1. Make Placeholders on a Book Page
        2. Make Placeholders in a Layout
      4. Save a Template
    5. Format and Flow
      1. Create a New Text Object within a Flow
      2. Break a Text Flow
      3. Create a Stand-alone Text Object or Shape
      4. Format Text
      5. Use Updating Text
  7. 5. Add Your Assets
    1. Add Illustrations and Figures
      1. Learn to Wrap
      2. Lay Them Out like Widgets
      3. Add Images, Shapes, Tables, and Charts
    2. Add Video and Audio
    3. Add Interactive Presentations
      1. Add Galleries
      2. Add Keynote Presentations
      3. Add Interactivity
      4. Add 3D Objects
      5. Add Scrolling Sidebars and Pop-Overs
      6. Add HTML
    4. Flip It for a Different View
  8. 6. Include Study Aids
    1. Add Study Questions (and Answers)
    2. Create and Organize a Glossary
      1. Learn How the Glossary Works
      2. Add Terms to the Glossary
      3. Create Indexes
      4. Relate Glossary Terms to One Another
    3. Cross Reference Your Book
      1. Link within Your Book
      2. Link to Other Destinations
  9. 7. Publish Your Book
    1. Proof and Fine-Tune
      1. Fine-Tune the Table of Contents
      2. Preview Your Book
      3. Make Advance Reading Copies
    2. Obtain an ISBN
    3. Set Up an iTunes Connect Account (If You Need One)
      1. Decide If You Need an iTunes Connect Account
      2. Apply for an iTunes Connect Account
    4. Prepare an iTunes Store Package (If You Need One)
  10. A. About This Book
    1. Ebook Extras
    2. About the Author
      1. Author’s Acknowledgments
      2. Shameless Plugs
    3. About the Publisher
      1. Production credits:
  11. Copyright