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Take Control of CrashPlan Backups

Book Description

You know not to put all your eggs in one basket, but are you backing up to only a single location? Our favorite backup service, CrashPlan, backs up your data silently in the background, storing it locally on a hard disk or another computer you own, offsite on a friend's computer (for the consumer version), or in the cloud. But thanks to CrashPlan's power, flexibility, and cross-platform interface, you may need additional explanation to get the most out of CrashPlan's best features. This ebook - created in collaboration with CrashPlan maker Code 42 Software - has all the behind-the-scenes details and real-world advice you need.

In the ebook, backup expert Joe Kissell helps you devise an effective backup strategy for CrashPlan's unique capabilities, shows you how to back up to multiple destinations and restore files from all of them, explains less-common tasks (such as switching to a new computer and seeding a hard drive locally before moving it to a friend's house for offsite backup), and walks you through fine-tuning CrashPlan's many settings to meet your needs. All three consumer and small-business versions of CrashPlan - the free CrashPlan and the subscription-focused CrashPlan+ and CrashPlan PRO - are discussed, with relevant differences called out. (The book does not cover CrashPlan PROe, the enterprise version.)

For small businesses subscribing to the CrashPlan PRO service, Joe documents how to manage users and computers via the service's Web-based interface, and for anyone backing up to CrashPlan Central or CrashPlan PRO Cloud, he describes how to use the CrashPlan Mobile app (for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7) to access backed-up files. Lastly, Joe provides troubleshooting tips in case things go wrong, and offers advice for backup needs outside CrashPlan's purview (like bootable duplicates).

Questions answered in the book include:

  • Can I get by with just the free CrashPlan or do I need CrashPlan+?
  • How does CrashPlan protect my data in transit and at the destination?
  • Does CrashPlan maintain multiple versions of files? Can I control how many?
  • How does CrashPlan work to reduce bandwidth use and storage space?
  • Can I back up to a local hard disk, to a friend, and to CrashPlan Central?
  • How do I back up different sets of files to different destinations?
  • How can I speed up my first Internet-based backup?
  • How can I tell what CrashPlan is doing, and what do all its messages mean?
  • What's involved with restoring files, even older versions of files?
  • What do I do if I need to restore all my files over a slow Internet connection?
  • How can I avoid backup confusion when I switch to a new computer?
  • How do I seed a backup for offsite or CrashPlan Central use?
  • How can I pause or stop CrashPlan's background processing?
  • In what ways can I tweak CrashPlan's settings for optimal performance?
  • How can CrashPlan notify me if backups aren't working for some reason?
  • What can I do with my backed-up files via the free CrashPlan Mobile app?

Table of Contents

  1. Read Me First
    1. Updates and More
    2. Basics
    3. What’s New in Version 1.1
  2. Introduction
  3. CrashPlan Quick Start
  4. Understand CrashPlan Basics
    1. CrashPlan Versions
    2. CrashPlan Components
    3. Automatic Backups
    4. Versioning and Deduplication
    5. Compression
    6. Encryption
    7. Destination Choices
    8. Multiple Destinations
    9. Backup Sets
    10. Backup Priority
    11. CrashPlan Accounts
  5. Devise a CrashPlan Strategy
    1. Decide Which Destination(s) to Use
    2. Back Up to a Local Hard Drive or Network Volume
    3. Back Up to Another Computer You Own
    4. Back Up to a Friend’s Computer
    5. Host a Friend’s Backups
    6. Back Up to CrashPlan Central
    7. Back Up to PRO Cloud
    8. Decide Which Data to Back Up
    9. Data You Might Want to Add
    10. Data You Might Want to Omit
    11. Data You Might Think You Should Add, but Shouldn’t
    12. How to Estimate Your Storage Needs
    13. Choose an Encryption Method
    14. Secure Key with Account Password
    15. Secure Key with Private Password
    16. Custom Data Key
  6. Set Up a CrashPlan Backup
    1. Install CrashPlan
    2. Set Up (or Sign In to) an Account
    3. Enter License Info
    4. Set Your Encryption Method
    5. Refine Backup Selections
    6. Select Files, Folders, and Volumes
    7. Exclude Items
    8. Set Your Destination and Start Backups
    9. Monitor and Control Backup Progress
    10. Work with Backup Sets
    11. Manage Destinations
  7. Restore Data
    1. Restore Using the CrashPlan Client
    2. Choose a Source
    3. Select Items to Restore
    4. Choose Versions and Target
    5. Restore the Files
    6. Restore from a Friend’s Computer
    7. Restore in a Web Browser
    8. Receive Files on a Hard Drive
    9. Receive Files from CrashPlan Central
    10. Receive Files from a Friend
  8. Use Special CrashPlan Features
    1. Add a Computer to a Family Unlimited Plan
    2. Switch to a New Computer
    3. Seed a Backup
    4. Seed to CrashPlan Central
    5. Seed to Another Destination
    6. Pause (and Resume) CrashPlan
    7. Back Up Databases and Open Files
  9. Customize CrashPlan Settings
    1. General Settings
    2. Inbound Backups
    3. CPU Usage
    4. Notifications
    5. Other General Settings
    6. Backup Settings
    7. Backup Schedule
    8. Selection Verification
    9. Frequency and Versions
    10. Advanced Settings
    11. Account Settings
    12. Security Settings
    13. Network Settings
  10. Use CrashPlan PRO Online
    1. Use the Dashboard
    2. Manage Users
    3. Manage Computers
    4. Set Device Defaults
    5. Adjust Other Settings
    6. View and Edit Your Profile
    7. Manage Your Account
  11. Use CrashPlan on the Go
    1. CrashPlan Mobile Basics
    2. Common Features
    3. Platform-specific Features
    4. iOS
    5. Android
    6. Windows Phone
  12. Solve CrashPlan Problems
    1. My Backup Seems to Be Starting Over
    2. A Destination Is Disconnected
    3. My Backup Seems to Have Stalled
    4. CrashPlan Can’t Connect to the Local Backup Engine
    5. My CrashPlan Cache Is Taking Up Too Much Space
    6. CrashPlan (or Java) Is Overwhelming My CPU
    7. My Destination Ran Out of Space
  13. Go Beyond CrashPlan
    1. Consider Other Backup Needs
    2. Create Bootable Duplicates (Mac)
    3. Create Disk Images (Windows/Linux)
  14. Learn More
  15. About This Book
    1. Ebook Extras
    2. About the Author
    3. Acknowledgments
    4. Shameless Plug
    5. About the Publisher
    6. Credits
  16. Copyright and Fine Print
  17. Featured Titles