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Take Control of Using Lion

Book Description

This ebook will teach you how to use your Mac more effectively with OS X 10.7 Lion, whether you embrace all of Lion's new capabilities or strike a balance between old and new. Mac expert and former college professor Matt Neuburg explains how to use these important new features in Lion:

  • Auto Save: Fully Lion-savvy applications don't have Save commands—learn what's going on with Auto Save, and start to feel comfortable letting Lion do the work.

  • Resume: Find out how to enjoy the new Resume feature that re-opens applications and windows when you restart your Mac or relaunch a program. (Also, learn how to turn it off temporarily or permanently.)

  • Mission Control: Discover the many ways to enter and control Mission Control, and figure out how to make its many window-management options work for you.

  • Full-screen mode: Find out how to enter and leave full-screen mode, and see how it relates to Mission Control.

  • Launchpad: Launchpad brings the iPhone Home screen to the Mac. Learn how to use and customize Launchpad, and get ideas for additional ways to open your applications.

  • Gestures: If you have a trackpad or Magic Mouse, get ready for gestures in Lion, since there are more of them than ever before, and it's well worth learning a few. You'll learn about gestures as you read, since many Lion commands can be invoked with a gesture.

Table of Contents

  1. Read Me First
    1. Updates and More
    2. Basics
    3. What’s New in This Edition
    4. What’s New in Version 1.2
  2. Introduction
  3. Using Lion Quick Start
  4. Know What’s New
    1. Resume
    2. Auto Save
    3. Window Changes
    4. Finder Changes
    5. Improved Open and Save Dialogs
    6. Launchpad
    7. System Preferences and Dock
    8. And Some Other Things
  5. Straighten Out Your System Preferences
    1. Find a Preference Pane
    2. Customize the Main Preference Pane
  6. Dominate the Dock
    1. How the Dock Works
    2. Customize Dock Contents
    3. Set Dock Preferences
    4. Set Stack Preferences
  7. Ease Your Eyeballs
    1. Calibrate Your Screen
    2. Smooth Your Text
    3. Take a Closer Look
    4. Grow the Cursor
    5. Learn about Other Seeing Tricks
    6. Have the Mac Read Your Text
    7. Have the Mac Read the Interface
  8. Wash Your Windows
    1. Survey Your Scrollbars
    2. Resize Efficiently, Lose the Lozenge
    3. Get Ready for Resume
    4. Meet Mission Control
    5. Manage Spaces
    6. Make Full-Screen Windows
    7. Dominate Dashboard
    8. Consider Third-Party Window Management
  9. Handle the Hierarchy
    1. Configure a Finder Window
    2. Peek with Quick Look and Cover Flow
    3. Scope Out Springing Folders
    4. Copy and Paste in the Finder
    5. Set Up the Desktop
    6. Use the Finder Sidebar
    7. Customize Your Finder Toolbar
    8. Tweak Your Open and Save Dialogs
    9. Use a Third-Party Finder Substitute
    10. Jump with Spotlight
    11. Remember about Recent Documents
    12. Adopt a Launcher
  10. Stop Saving
    1. Meet the Modern Document Model
    2. Work with Documents
    3. Handle Regret
  11. Master the Mouse, Control the Keyboard
    1. Trick Out Your Mouse or Trackpad
    2. Modify Your Modifiers
    3. Mouse Less, Keyboard More
    4. Review Global Keyboard Shortcuts
    5. Consider Application Shortcuts
    6. Fix Your Fn Key
  12. Fix Your Fonts
    1. Know Why Font Management Is Needed
    2. Customize Collections
    3. Disable Fonts
    4. More Fun With Font Book
  13. Tackle Your Text
    1. Set Up Text Behavior
    2. Understand the Input Menu
    3. Enable the Input Menu
    4. Use the Input Menu
    5. Learn Which Fonts Contain Which Characters
  14. Customize Status Menus
    1. Show Status Menus
    2. Manage Status Menus
    3. Overview of Status Menus
  15. Perform Miscellaneous Configurations
    1. Set Up Login Items
    2. Make a New User
    3. Limit User Powers
    4. Determine Internet Helpers
    5. Prevent the Vanishing Window
    6. Make the Menu Bar Opaque
    7. Survey Your Services
  16. Keep Using Lion
  17. About This Book
    1. Ebook Extras
    2. About the Author
    3. Author’s Acknowledgments
    4. About the Publisher
  18. Copyright and Fine Print
  19. Featured Titles