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Take Control of Upgrading to Lion

Book Description

Join Joe Kissell and learn how to best upgrade to Mac OS X 10.7 Lion in the latest edition of his popular "Take Control of Upgrading..." ebook.

Whether your upgrade is fairly straightforward or utterly complicated, Joe explains what to do before you start upgrading to Lion, how to upgrade effectively, what to do if your upgrade has a problem, and how to get a smart start once the upgrade is completed. New Lion features that you'll learn about include FileVault 2 encryption (Joe recommends this for most laptop users) and Recovery mode. The ebook also covers the basics of installing Lion Server.

Benefit from Joe's experience in writing about how to install Mac OS X since 2003, and let him help you install Lion.

Table of Contents

  1. Read Me First
    1. Updates and More
    2. Basics
    3. What’s New in Version 1.2
  2. Introduction
  3. Lion Upgrade Quick Start
  4. Welcome Back,
  5. Learn What You’re Getting Yourself Into
    1. Plot a Post-Rosetta Strategy
    2. Anticipate Other Missing Components
    3. Meet the All-New FileVault
    4. Understand How Lion Is Distributed
    5. Consider Installer Changes
  6. Check Your Mac for Compatibility
    1. Processor Support
    2. RAM
    3. Firmware Updates
    4. Free Disk Space
    5. Mac App Store Compatibility
    6. A Magic Input Device
  7. Back Up Your Disk
    1. Why You Need a Duplicate
    2. Preparing for a Duplicate
    3. Create a Duplicate
    4. Test Your Duplicate
    5. Back Up Windows Volumes
  8. Clean Up Your Mac
    1. Update Your Third-Party Software
    2. De-Clutter Your Disk
    3. Run Apple Hardware Test
    4. Run Disk Utility
    5. Check Service Settings
    6. Update Your Duplicate
  9. Make Sure Your Disk Is Ready
    1. Consider Disabling Encryption
    2. Consider Re-partitioning Your Disk
  10. Decide between In-place Upgrade and Clean Install
    1. Plan A: In-place Upgrade
    2. Plan B: Clean Install
    3. Pick a Plan
  11. Make Final Preparations
    1. Obtain the Installer
    2. Copy the Installer to a Safe Place
    3. Update Your Duplicate (Again)
    4. Turn Off (Yes, Off) Automatic Duplicates
    5. Make a Copy of This Book
  12. Upgrade Using Plan A:
    1. Start the Installer
    2. Select a Destination
    3. Go for a Walk
    4. Check for Proper Operation
  13. Upgrade Using Plan B: Clean Install
    1. Start Up from Your Bootable Duplicate
    2. Erase Your Disk
    3. Run the Installer
    4. Use Setup Assistant
  14. Perform Post-installation Tasks
    1. Wrangle Spotlight
    2. Run Software Update
    3. Reinstall the Java Runtime
    4. Set Up User Accounts
    5. Turn Deactivated Features Back On
    6. Consider Turning On FileVault
    7. Review the Incompatible Software Folder
    8. Decide How to Use Time Machine
    9. Deal with Other Surprises
    10. Final Software Advice
    11. Take Lion to the Next Level
  15. Troubleshoot Upgrade Problems
    1. Can’t Run the Lion Installer…
    2. Can’t Select Installation Volume…
    3. Mac Won’t Start Up Under Lion…
  16. Install Lion Server
  17. Migrate to a New Mac
    1. Understand Migration Concepts
    2. Migrate from Another Mac
    3. Migrate from a Windows PC
  18. Use Recovery Mode
    1. Get to Know the Recovery HD Volume
    2. Boot into Recovery Mode
  19. About This Book
    1. Ebook Extras
    2. About the Author
    3. Author’s Acknowledgments
    4. Shameless Plug
    5. About the Publisher
  20. Copyright and Fine Print
  21. Featured Titles