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Take Control of Running Windows on a Mac, 5th Edition

Book Description

Using an Intel-based Mac means you can choose the best of both worlds—running Mac OS X or running Windows—but what's the optimal way way to go about it? Cross-platform expert Joe Kissell has distilled untold hours of testing into this ebook to help you understand the pros and cons of Apple's Boot Camp versus virtualization software and to give advice and step-by-step instructions for installing and using Windows 7, Vista, or XP in Boot Camp, Parallels Desktop 6, VMware Fusion 3, and VirtualBox 4.

"I really enjoyed Take Control of Running Windows on a Mac. It was very informative, easy to read, and not too complicated." —Brian Henson

Table of Contents

  1. Read Me First
    1. Updates and More
    2. Basics
    3. Mac OS X Versions
    4. Menus
    5. Finding an Application’s Preferences
    6. Paths
    7. Right-Clicking
    8. System Tray
    9. (My) Terminology Difference
    10. What’s New in Version 5.0
  2. Introduction
  3. Running Windows Quick Start
  4. Why Bother?
  5. Decide How to Run Windows
    1. Boot Camp
    2. Virtualization Software
    3. Parallels Desktop
    4. VMware Fusion
    5. VirtualBox
    6. OpenOSX WinTel
    7. Joe’s Recommendations
  6. Collect the Ingredients
    1. An Intel-Based Mac (Preferably)
    2. Disk Space
    3. RAM
    4. A Windows CD or DVD
    5. Which Version of Windows?
    6. Retail or OEM Licensing
    7. Physical Disc or Download
  7. Install and Use Boot Camp
    1. Assemble Your Tools
    2. Prepare Your Mac
    3. Run Boot Camp Assistant
    4. Install Windows XP under Boot Camp
    5. Install Windows 7 or Vista under Boot Camp
    6. Install Boot Camp Drivers for Windows
    7. Solve Input Device Problems
    8. Right-Click with a One-Button Mouse
    9. Use Bluetooth Input Devices
    10. Use Missing Keys
    11. Switch between Mac OS X and Windows
    12. Share Files across Platforms
    13. Access Windows Files from Mac OS X
    14. Access Mac OS X Files from Windows
    15. Back Up a Boot Camp Volume
    16. Duplicate a Boot Camp Volume
    17. Make Versioned Backups of a Boot Camp Volume
    18. Get Rid of Your Windows Partition
  8. Understand Virtualization Concepts
    1. Virtual Machines
    2. Virtual Disks
    3. Using Boot Camp Volumes
    4. RAM Usage
    5. Networking Modes
    6. Virtual Machine Drivers
    7. Automated Installation
  9. Install and Use Parallels Desktop
    1. Install Parallels Desktop
    2. Install Windows under Parallels Desktop
    3. Mount a Boot Camp Volume in Parallels
    4. Create a Virtual Machine from a Boot Camp Volume in Parallels
    5. Work with Windows in a Parallels Virtual Machine
    6. Get Around in Parallels
    7. Right-Clicking in Parallels
    8. Connecting USB Devices
    9. Using SmartMount
    10. Adjusting Screen Resolution
    11. Working with Windows and Views
    12. Shutting Down, Starting Up, Pausing, Suspending, and Resuming
    13. Using SmartSelect
    14. Using Snapshots
    15. Share Files between Windows and Mac OS X in Parallels
    16. Upgrade to a New Version of Parallels Desktop
  10. Install and Use VMware Fusion
    1. Install Fusion
    2. Create a Virtual Machine in Fusion
    3. Easy Install
    4. Standard Install
    5. Finish Your Windows Installation
    6. Install Boot Camp Drivers
    7. Use a Boot Camp Partition in Fusion
    8. Work with Windows in a VMware Fusion Virtual Machine
    9. Right-Clicking in Fusion
    10. Using the Optical Drive
    11. Adjusting Screen Resolution
    12. Using Full Screen View
    13. Using Unity View
    14. Using the Applications Menu
    15. Shutting Down, Starting Up, Pausing, Suspending, and Resuming
    16. Sharing Applications between Mac OS X and Windows
    17. Using Snapshots
    18. Share Files between Windows and Mac OS X in Fusion
    19. Mirror Folders
    20. Share Individual Folders
  11. Install and Use VirtualBox
    1. Install VirtualBox
    2. Set Up a New Virtual Machine in VirtualBox
    3. Install Windows in VirtualBox
    4. Install Guest Additions
    5. Work with Windows in a VirtualBox Virtual Machine
    6. Right-Clicking in VirtualBox
    7. Using the Optical Drive
    8. Adjusting Screen Resolution
    9. Working with Windows and Views
    10. Shutting Down, Starting Up, Pausing, Suspending, and Resuming
    11. Using Snapshots
    12. Share Files between Windows and Mac OS X in VirtualBox
  12. Back Up Virtual Machine Data
    1. Duplicate a Virtual Machine
    2. Create Versioned Virtual Machine Backups
  13. Run Windows Applications without Windows
    1. Wine
    2. Darwine
    3. CrossOver
    4. Cider
    5. ReactOS
  14. Solve Printing Problems
  15. Create a Slipstream Installer Disc
    1. Why You Might Need a Slipstream Disc
    2. Prepare Your Computer
    3. Run nLite
    4. Burn a Windows XP+SP2 or SP3 CD
  16. Protect Your Windows Setup from Malware
    1. Apply Windows Updates
    2. Use a Firewall
    3. Install Anti-Virus Software
    4. Remove and Block Spyware and Adware
    5. Get a Better Browser
  17. Learn More
  18. Appendix A: Windows on a PowerPC Mac
  19. About This Book
    1. Ebook Extras
    2. About the Author
    3. Author’s Acknowledgments
    4. Shameless Plug
    5. About the Publisher
    6. Production Credits
  20. Copyright and Fine Print
  21. Featured Titles
  22. Coupon for VMware Fusion