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Take Control of Mac OS X Backups, Fifth Edition

Book Description

In this comprehensive, 228-page book, backup guru Joe Kissell helps you pick the best backup strategy for your needs and understand the hows and whys of what you are doing, taking you far beyond the limited security of turning on Time Machine or copying a few files to CD. You'll get an at-a-glance comparison of different backup strategies (low-cost, easy, safest), advice for backing up digital photos and massive video projects, and time-tested recommendations for setting up, testing, maintaining, and restoring backups.

Table of Contents

  1. Take Control of Mac OS X Backups, Fifth Edition
    1. Read Me First
      1. Updates
      2. Basics
      3. What’s New in the Fifth Edition
      4. Finding the Online Appendixes
    2. Introduction
    3. 1. Mac OS X Backups Quick Start
    4. 2. Decide on a Basic Backup Strategy
      1. Backup Strategy Approaches
      2. Decide Which Backup Methods to Use
        1. Do You Need Duplicates?
        2. Do You Need Versioned Backups?
      3. The Duplicate
      4. The Versioned Backup
      5. Automating Backups
        1. Schedule-Free Backups
        2. Scheduled Backups
      6. Keeping Multiple Backups
      7. Off-Site Backups
      8. Backing up a Small Network
        1. Network Backup Approaches
        2. Special Considerations
      9. Joe’s Recommended Basic Strategy
        1. Duplication Strategy
        2. Versioned Backup Strategy
        3. Off-Site Storage Strategy
      10. Reassess Your Backup Strategy
        1. What’s New in the World of Backups
          1. More Data Needs Backing Up
          2. Storage Media Choices Are Changing
          3. Interface Options Expand…Slightly
          4. Cloud Cover Increases
          5. Software Continues Its Evolution
        2. Factors to Reevaluate
    5. 3. Consider Special Backup Needs
      1. Digital Photos
        1. Photo Backup Strategy
          1. Cataloging Software
          2. Photo Sharing Services
      2. Dealing with Huge Volumes of Data
        1. Video Backup Strategy
          1. Video Data Types
          2. Recommendations
        2. Strategy for Other Large Files
          1. Set Your Cost and Storage Expectations Appropriately
          2. Keep Copies of Your Original Files
          3. Back Up Active Projects
      3. Version Control
        1. Version Control for Programmers
        2. Version Control for Ordinary Folk
          1. NTI Shadow
          2. ForeverSave
      4. Backing up While on the Road
        1. Backing up from a Laptop
          1. Local or Remote?
          2. Local Backups
          3. Remote Backups
        2. Backing up without a Laptop
      5. Windows Files and Volumes
        1. Boot Camp
          1. Duplicate a Boot Camp Volume
          2. Create Versioned Backups of a Boot Camp Volume
            1. Versioned Boot Camp Backups under Mac OS X
            2. Versioned Boot Camp Backups under Windows
        2. Virtualization Software
          1. Duplicate a Virtual Machine
          2. Create Versioned Virtual Machine Backups
    6. 4. Choose Your Hardware
      1. Hard Drives
        1. Hard Drive Virtues
        2. Does Size Matter?
        3. Choosing a Hard Drive
      2. RAIDs and RAID-Like Tech
        1. Why You Might Care about a Striped RAID, JBOD, or Concatenated Storage
        2. Why You Might Care about a Mirrored RAID
        3. Drobo Storage Devices
      3. Optical Media
        1. Recordable CDs
        2. Recordable DVDs
        3. Optical Media Longevity
        4. Final Thoughts on Optical Drives
      4. Network Storage Devices
        1. NAS Devices
        2. Time Capsule
        3. NDAS Devices
        4. SAN Devices
      5. Local Network Servers
      6. Internet Backup Services
        1. Traditional Internet Backup Services
        2. Modern Internet Backup Services
        3. BYOS (Bring-Your-Own-Software) Internet Backups
        4. iDisk
        5. Transport
        6. Dolly Drive
        7. Internet Backup Services: Pros and Cons
      7. Hardware You (Probably) Shouldn’t Consider and Why
      8. Joe’s Hardware Recommendations
    7. 5. Choose Your Software
      1. Backup Software Features
        1. Duplication
        2. Scanning Methods
        3. Sources and Destinations
        4. Rolling Backups
        5. Versioned Backup Pruning
        6. File Format, Compression, and Encryption
        7. Sub-File Updating
        8. Deduplication
        9. Selectors and Exclusions
        10. Snapshots and File Lists
        11. Ease of Restoration
        12. Restoring a Full Versioned Backup as a Bootable Volume
        13. Ease of Use
        14. Support and Reputation
        15. Price
      2. Noteworthy Software
        1. Apple Backup
        2. Backblaze
        3. Carbon Copy Cloner
        4. ChronoSync
        5. CrashPlan
        6. Data Backup
        7. Jungle Disk
        8. QRecall
        9. Retrospect
        10. SuperDuper
        11. Synk
        12. Time Machine
      3. Joe’s Software Recommendations
        1. For Duplicates…
        2. For Versioned Backups…
        3. For Off-Site Backups…
    8. 6. Set Up Your Backup System
      1. Test Hardware First
      2. Partition Hard Disks
      3. Install and Test Software
      4. Label Media and Files
      5. Set Up and Create Your First Duplicate
        1. Set Ownership on the Destination Volume
        2. Configure Your Duplication Software
        3. Make a Duplicate
      6. Test Your Duplicate
      7. Set Up and Create Your First Versioned Backup
      8. Test Your Versioned Backup
      9. Automate Your Backups
      10. Mind Your Media
        1. Recycling vs. Long-Term Archives
        2. Off-Site Storage
      11. Restore Data from a Backup
        1. Repair or Erase Your Disk
        2. Restore a Duplicate
        3. Restore a CD/DVD Duplicate onto a Hard Disk
        4. Restore Versioned Backup Files
    9. 7. Configure and Use Time Machine
      1. Set Up Your Time Machine Hardware
      2. Choose a Destination
      3. Exclude Files from Time Machine
        1. Items to Consider Excluding
      4. Restore Data with Time Machine
        1. Restore Files and Folders in the Finder
        2. Restore Files and Folders Using Spotlight
        3. Restore Data within Applications
          1. Address Book
          2. iPhoto
          3. Mail
          4. GarageBand
        4. Restore Files from Another Time Machine Backup
        5. Restore a Disk Using Time Machine
        6. Restore Files without Time Machine
      5. Delete Files from a Time Machine Backup
        1. Delete an Entire Snapshot
        2. Delete All Instances of a Single File
      6. Use a Single Backup Disk with Multiple Macs
      7. Use Multiple Backup Disks with a Single Mac
      8. Manage Your Time Machine Schedule
        1. Run Time Machine Manually
      9. Migrate to a Larger Time Machine Disk
        1. Migrate to a Local Drive
        2. Migrate to a Time Capsule or Network Volume
      10. Avoid (or Solve) Time Machine Problems
        1. Restore Files after a Hardware or Name Change
        2. Find Missing Volumes
        3. Remount Network Volumes
        4. Avoid Conflicts with Virus Scanners
        5. Find Out What Time Machine Is Really up To
        6. Avoid Restoring Files When Aperture Is Open
        7. Understand Limitations of Time Machine with FileVault
        8. Purge Deleted Applications from Time Machine
        9. Convince Time Machine to Use the Right Disk
      11. Live Dangerously: Hack Time Machine
        1. Modify the Hourly Backup Interval
        2. Use Unsupported Network Volumes
        3. Increase Wireless Network Throughput
        4. Encrypt Time Machine Backups
    10. A. Unix-Based Backup Systems
      1. Understand Copying Issues
      2. Create (or Borrow) a Script
        1. Scripts for Bootable Duplicates
        2. Scripts for Versioned Backups
      3. Schedule a Command-Line Backup
      4. Final Thoughts
    11. Glossary
    12. B. About This Book
      1. Ebook Extras
      2. About the Author
      3. Author’s Acknowledgements
      4. Shameless Plug
      5. About the Publisher
      6. Production Credits