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Take Control of Safari 5

Book Description

Go beyond basic Web browsing in Safari 5 with this definitive guide from Mac expert Sharon Zardetto! You'll find detailed coverage of new Safari 5 features like support for extensions and the Reader. You'll get essential advice on smart ways customize your Safari environment, and learn key browsing techniques, including how to keep track of where you've been, load multiple Web pages at once, search both the Web and the content of pages you're reading, fill out forms automatically, keep track of passwords, download files, use RSS to keep up with your favorite Web sites, and manage your Web-browsing history.

Table of Contents

  1. Take Control of Safari 5
    1. Read Me First
      1. Updates and More
      2. Basics
      3. What’s New in Safari 5
      4. What’s New in This Edition
    2. Introduction
    3. 1. Safari 5 Quick Start
    4. 2. Customize Your Safari Environment
      1. Do Basic Setup for the “Bars”
        1. The Toolbar
          1. Define “Permanent” Buttons for Narrow Windows
        2. The Tab Bar
        3. The Bookmarks Bar
        4. The Status Bar
      2. Set Your Starting Pages
        1. Set a Home Page
        2. Don’t Use the “Tabs for” Option
      3. Define Font Parameters
      4. Set a Font-Size Lower Limit
    5. 3. Navigate to and within Web Sites
      1. Use the Address Field
        1. Use the Address Field’s Suggestion List
      2. Reload a Page
      3. Cancel a Page Load
      4. Move between Windows, Tabs, or Recent Pages
      5. Go Back to Where You’ve Been
      6. Move Around within a Page
    6. 4. Manage Your Top Sites
      1. View Your Top Sites
      2. Edit Your Top Sites Gallery
        1. Add a Page to Top Sites
    7. 5. Handle Multiple Pages with Tabs
      1. Set Your Tab Preferences
      2. Take the Tab Tour
      3. Override a Page’s Default Window-Opening Settings
      4. Know Your Link-Opening Options
      5. Open a Page from Outside of Safari
      6. Learn Tab-Window Interactions
    8. 6. Tune Out Page Clutter with Reader
      1. Learn Reader Basics
      2. Go Beyond Reading in Reader
    9. 7. Set Up and Use Bookmarks
      1. Set Your Bookmark Preferences
      2. Flag Favorites with Bookmarks
      3. Learn about the Bookmarks Window
      4. Create Folders for Bookmarks
      5. Work with Bookmarks and Folders
        1. Open, Delete, or Rename Items
          1. Open a Bookmark
          2. Delete a Bookmark or Folder
          3. Rename a Bookmark or Folder
        2. Organize Bookmarks and Folders
          1. Put Something in a Folder or Collection
          2. Put Something in a Subfolder
          3. Reorder Folders or Bookmarks
      6. Use the Bookmarks Bar
        1. Organize the Bookmarks Bar
        2. Remove or Delete Items from the Bookmarks Bar
      7. Take Advantage of Bookmark-Tab Interactions
        1. Turn Tabs into Bookmarks
        2. Open Bookmarks into Tabs
        3. Use an Auto-Click Folder
    10. 8. Retrace Your Steps through History
      1. Define Your History Range
      2. Access the History Collection
      3. Use the Back and Forward Buttons and Menus
      4. Reopen Recently Closed Windows or Tabs
      5. Stealth Browsing
        1. Secret Surfing
        2. C is for Cookie
        3. Erase Your Tracks with the Reset Command
    11. 9. Know Your Search Options
      1. Use the Web Search Field
        1. The Suggestion List
      2. Understand How Search Engines “Think”
        1. Use the Search SnapBack
      3. Search within a Page
      4. Search Your History and Bookmarks
    12. 10. Use AutoFill for Forms and Passwords
      1. Turn on Autofill Sources
      2. Fill in Forms
      3. Store and Edit Your Passwords
    13. 11. Track Your Downloads
      1. Set the Download Preferences
      2. Utilize the Downloads Window
    14. 12. Scan Site Highlights with RSS Feeds
      1. Set Your RSS Preferences
      2. Use Safari to View RSS Feeds
        1. Learn the Filter, Display, and Sort Controls
        2. Bookmark RSS Feeds
          1. View Multiple Feeds in One Window
          2. Save Multiple Feeds as a Single Bookmark
        3. Bookmark an RSS Search
      3. Use Mail as Your RSS Reader
    15. 13. Expand Safari’s Capabilities with Extensions
      1. Install Extensions
        1. Install a Gallery Extension
        2. Install a Non-Gallery Extension
        3. Check Out Newly Installed Extensions
      2. Work with Extension Buttons on the Toolbar
      3. Update Your Extensions
      4. Disable an Extension
      5. Uninstall Extensions
    16. A. Update to Safari 5
      1. System Requirements
      2. Download and Install Updates
      3. Download Safari 5 from the Web
    17. B. Trackpad Gestures in Safari
    18. C. Create a Web-Clip Widget
    19. D. About This Book
      1. Ebook Extras
      2. About the Author
      3. Author’s Acknowledgments
      4. Shameless Plug
      5. About the Publisher
      6. Production Credits