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Take Control of MobileMe, 2nd Edition

Book Description

MobileMe has become a Swiss-army knife of online services, offering not only a whizzy "push" data-syncing service for tracking calendar, contact, bookmark, and note info on a variety of devices, but also email services, online storage and file sharing, a place to put your iWeb site or share photos or videos, and more. Take Control of MobileMe helps you understand the features and get set up, and then it dives into the details of real-world tasks.

Table of Contents

  1. Take Control of MobileMe, Second Edition
    1. Read Me First
      1. Updates and More
      2. Basics
      3. What’s New in the Second Edition
      4. What Was New in Version 1.2
    2. Introduction
    3. 1. MobileMe Quick Start
    4. 2. Get to Know MobileMe
      1. What Is MobileMe?
      2. Major MobileMe Features
    5. 3. Set Up and Explore MobileMe
      1. Set Up MobileMe on a Mac
      2. Set Up MobileMe under Windows
      3. Set Up MobileMe on an iOS Device
      4. Navigate the MobileMe Web Site
        1. Sign In
        2. The Toolbar
          1. Navigation Controls
          2. Application-Specific Controls
          3. Account Menu
        3. The Sidebar
    6. 4. Keep Your Data in Sync
      1. Understand Syncing Options
        1. A Word about Push Synchronization
        2. Calendars, Contacts, and Bookmarks
        3. Mac-Only Data Types
        4. Notes
      2. Set Up Syncing on a Mac or PC
        1. Adjust the Data Change Alert
      3. Set Up Syncing on an iOS Device
      4. Resolve Synchronization Conflicts
      5. Reset Sync Data
    7. 5. Mail
      1. Mobileme Mail Benefits
      2. Access MobileMe Mail on the Web
        1. Mail Overview
        2. Work with Incoming Messages
        3. Compose a New Message
          1. Address a Message
          2. Use Other Composing Tools
        4. Work with Folders on the Server
        5. Configure MobileMe Mail Preferences
          1. General Preferences
          2. Addresses Preferences
            1. Aliases
            2. Extra From Addresses
            3. POP Accounts
          3. Composing Preferences
          4. Rules Preferences
          5. Vacation Preferences
      3. Access MobileMe Mail Using Apple Mail
      4. Access MobileMe Mail with Other Email Clients
      5. Use Mail on an iOS Device
    8. 6. Contacts
      1. View Contacts
      2. Search for Contacts
      3. Work with Contact Groups
      4. Edit, Add, or Delete Contacts
      5. Perform More Contact-Related Tasks
      6. Set Contact Preferences
    9. 7. Calendar
      1. Work with Events
        1. Choose a Calendar View
        2. Navigate to Another Date
        3. Use the Notification Box
      2. Add, Edit, or Delete Events
        1. Add an Event
        2. Set Event Details
        3. Change Event Details
        4. Move an Event
        5. Change an Event’s Duration
        6. Delete an Event
      3. Work with To-Do Items
      4. Manage Your Calendars
      5. Share Calendars
        1. Activate Sharing
        2. Modify or Stop Sharing
      6. Set Calendar Preferences
        1. General Preferences
        2. Advanced Preferences
    10. 8. Gallery
      1. Understand Gallery
      2. Create a Gallery with iLife
        1. Share Photos and Movies with iPhoto
        2. Share Movies with iMovie
        3. Add a Gallery to iWeb
      3. Create a Gallery Album on the Web
        1. Add Media to an Album
        2. Edit an Album
      4. Use the MobileMe Gallery App
    11. 9. iDisk
      1. Explore Your iDisk
      2. Share Files
        1. Protect Your Public Folder with a Password
        2. Enable or Disable Write Access
      3. Access an iDisk
        1. Use iDisk on the MobileMe Web Site
        2. Connect Using Mac OS X
          1. Connect to Another User’s iDisk
          2. Connect to Another User’s Public Folder
        3. Connect Using Windows
        4. Connect Using an iOS Device
        5. Understand Data Transfer Limits
        6. Divide Space between Files and Email
        7. Buy More Space
    12. 10. Find My iPhone
      1. Activate Find My iPhone
      2. Find Your iPhone in a Browser
      3. Find Your iPhone with an App
    13. 11. Account
      1. Summary
      2. Personal Info
      3. Account Options
      4. Billing Information
      5. Password Settings
      6. Storage Settings
      7. Personal Domain
      8. Security Certificates
    14. 12. MobileMe and iLife
      1. Create Sites and Blogs with iWeb
      2. Publish Photos from iphoto
      3. Publish Movies from imovie
      4. Publish a Podcast with Garageband
    15. 13. Access Your Mac Remotely
      1. What Back To My Mac Can Do
      2. Configure Your Devices
      3. Configure Your Router
      4. Get Back To Your Mac
        1. Share Another Mac’s Screen
        2. Access Files on Another Mac, a Time Capsule, or an AirPort Disk
    16. 14. Back Up Your Files
      1. Use iDisk for Backups (or Not)
      2. (Don’t) Back Up with Backup
    17. A. Account Conversion Methods
    18. B. About This Book
      1. Ebook Extras
      2. About the Author
      3. Author’s Acknowledgements
      4. Shameless Plug
      5. About the Publisher
      6. Production Credits