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Take Control of iPhone Basics, iOS 4 Edition

Book Description

Just getting started with an iPhone, or still thinking about buying one? Former Apple writer Karen G. Anderson helps you decide which iPhone to purchase, discusses common accessories, and explains how to successfully complete basic startup tasks. You'll learn about power management, connecting to the Internet, making phone calls, setting up a Bluetooth headset, transferring songs and other media from a computer, creating a security passcode, and how to get around the interface. You'll also receive help with synchronizing calendar events and contacts (whether via iTunes or over-the-air), buying apps, and finding your stuff on your iPhone.

Table of Contents

  1. Read Me First
    1. Updates and More
    2. Basics
    3. What’s New in Version 1.1
  2. Introduction
  3. iPhone Quick Start
  4. Decide What to Buy
    1. Which iPhone Is Right for You?
    2. Timing
    3. Capabilities
    4. Verizon or AT&T?
    5. Storage Capacity
    6. Antennas
    7. AppleCare
    8. Accessories
  5. Find Buttons and Ports
    1. iPhone 4 Photos
    2. iPhone 3GS (and 3G) Photos
  6. Connect Your iPhone to a Computer
    1. Why Connect?
    2. How to Connect
  7. Update Your iPhone’s Software
  8. Power Up (and Down)
    1. Handle the Battery
    2. Pick a Powerful Port
    3. Turn Your iPhone Off and On
  9. Explore the Interface
    1. Unlock the Lock Screen
    2. Slider
    3. Go Home
    4. Use the iPhone’s Touchscreen
    5. Tap
    6. Touch
    7. Drag
    8. Swipe, Flick, and Slide
    9. Combine Gestures
    10. Pinch and Expand (Zoom)
    11. Rotate and Tilt (Change Orientation)
    12. Shake (Undo)
  10. Connect to Wireless Networks
    1. Get a 3G Signal
    2. Make a Wi-Fi Connection
    3. AirPrint and AirPlay
    4. Disconnect from Wi-Fi
    5. Connect with Bluetooth
  11. Make and Receive Calls
    1. Make a Call
    2. Receive a Call
    3. Control a Call
    4. Create Contacts and Favorites
    5. Use Voicemail
    6. Enjoy FaceTime Calls (iPhone 4)
    7. FaceTime Requirements
    8. Using FaceTime
  12. Use, Download, and Manage Apps
    1. Use the Core Apps
    2. Mail
    3. Safari
    4. iPod and iTunes
    5. Calendar
    6. Camera
    7. Clock
    8. Contacts
    9. Game Center
    10. iBooks
    11. Maps
    12. Notes
    13. Photos
    14. Weather
    15. Find Great Apps
    16. Shop for Apps
    17. App Store Issues
    18. Shopping on the iPhone
    19. Shopping in iTunes
    20. Start Using a New App
    21. Manage Apps
    22. Update Apps
    23. Share Apps
    24. Send Feedback
    25. Delete an App
  13. Move Files and Data between the iPhone and Your Computer
    1. Know the History
    2. Devise a Data Strategy
    3. Transfer with iTunes
    4. General Advice
    5. iTunes Media Transfer
    6. iTunes Document Transfer
    7. Transfer via the Internet
    8. Data
    9. Documents
  14. Find Your Stuff
    1. Search with Spotlight
    2. Configure Spotlight
    3. Conduct a Search
    4. Find a File
    5. Know Backup Basics
    6. Make a Backup
    7. Restore from a Backup
  15. Secure Your iPhone
  16. Appendix A: Buy and Make Ringtones
    1. Buy iPhone Ringtones
    2. Buy Ringtones through iTunes
    3. Other Sources for Ready-Made Ringtones
    4. Make iPhone Ringtones
    5. Use iTunes
    6. Use Audio Software on Your Computer
    7. Use a Third-Party App on Your iPhone
    8. Sync Ringtones to Your iPhone
    9. Configure Ringtones
  17. About This Book
    1. Ebook Extras
    2. About the Author
    3. Author’s Acknowledgments
    4. About the Publisher
    5. Production Credits
  18. Copyright and Fine Print
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