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Take Control of iTunes 10: The FAQ

Book Description

Join iTunes expert Kirk McElhearn as he helps you think like an iTunes power user so you can get the most out of your audio, video, and book collections in iTunes 10. You'll also learn the best ways to transfer media to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod.

In this question-and-answer format title, Kirk helps you appreciate and understand the process of bringing media into iTunes, tagging it, adding album artwork, and organizing it into playlists. With that setup completed, you can enjoy your music, movies, audiobooks, ebooks, and more without hassles on your Mac or Windows computer, and on all your portable Apple devices.

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Table of Contents

  1. Take Control of iTunes 10: The FAQ
    1. Read Me First
      1. Updates and More
      2. Basics
      3. What’s New in Version 1.1
    2. Introduction
    3. 1. iTunes Quick Start
    4. 2. Play
      1. Play Topics
      2. How Do I Play CDs with iTunes?
        1. Set What Happens When You Insert a CD
        2. Control Playback
      3. Do I Have to Play a CD in Order?
      4. In What Other Ways Can I Control iTunes While I Listen to Music?
        1. Mini Player
        2. Artwork Player
      5. How Do I Listen to Music from My Library or from a Playlist?
      6. What Is Genius?
      7. How Do I Turn On Genius?
      8. How Do I Create a Genius Playlist?
      9. How Do I Use Genius Mixes?
      10. How Do I Jump Back to Songs I’ve Played Recently?
      11. How Do I Use iTunes DJ?
      12. Can I Listen to Internet Radio?
      13. How Do I Listen to Podcasts or iTunes U Content?
      14. Is There Anything Special to Know about Listening to Audiobooks?
      15. How Do I Make My iTunes Music Sound Better?
      16. Can I Play iTunes Audio over a Network to a Stereo?
      17. How Do I Control iTunes Remotely?
      18. How Do I Display Eye Candy While Listening to Music?
      19. How Do I Watch Videos in iTunes?
    5. 3. Rip
      1. Rip Topics
      2. How Should I Rip My CDs?
      3. Which Compression Format Should I Use to Rip CDs?
      4. Which Bit Rate Should I Use to Rip CDs?
      5. What Other Settings Are Important When Ripping CDs?
      6. How Do I Rip a Music CD?
      7. How Do I Rip an Audiobook CD?
        1. Joining Tracks
        2. Keeping Individual Tracks
      8. How Do I Use iTunes to Convert Audio Files to a Different Format?
      9. How Do I Rip Videos to Use in iTunes?
      10. Why Can’t I Copy My Video to My iOS Device?
      11. Can I Rip Just the Music from a Concert DVD?
    6. 4. Buy
      1. Buy Topics
      2. What Does the iTunes Store Sell?
      3. Does Everything I Buy from the iTunes Store Have DRM?
      4. How Do I Shop in the iTunes Store?
      5. Is the iTunes Store Perfect?
      6. How Do I Use the iTunes Store Efficiently?
      7. How Can I Discover New Music That My Friends Like?
      8. Where Else Can I Buy Music Online?
      9. How Do I Add Digital Files I Already Own to iTunes?
      10. Where Can I Find Podcasts?
      11. How Do I Subscribe to a Podcast That’s Not in the iTunes Store?
      12. Can I Get Smarter with the iTunes Store?
    7. 5. Tag
      1. Tag Topics
      2. What Are Tags?
      3. Which Tag Information Is Stored Where?
      4. Which Tags Should I Worry About?
      5. How Do I Change Tags?
      6. Which Tags Should I Change?
      7. What’s the Deal with “Gapless Albums”?
      8. How Do I Put Files in the Correct Library?
      9. How Do I Add Lyrics to My Tracks?
      10. How Do I Add Album Art to My Files?
      11. How Do I Rate Songs?
      12. What Are Plays and Skips?
      13. How Do I Reset My Plays or Skips?
    8. 6. View
      1. View Topics
      2. How Can I View My Files in iTunes?
        1. List View
        2. Album List View
        3. Grid View
        4. Cover Flow View
      3. How Do I Use the Column Browser?
      4. How Do I Remove Extra Sidebar Items?
    9. 7. Organize
      1. Organize Topics
      2. A Word of Wisdom…
      3. How Do I Make a Regular Playlist?
      4. What Can I Do with a Playlist?
      5. What Are Smart Playlists?
      6. How Do I Create a Smart Playlist?
      7. What Interesting Things Can I Do with Smart Playlists?
      8. Do Smart Playlists Slow Down My Library?
      9. How Can I Organize My Playlists?
      10. How Do I Delete a Playlist?
      11. How Do I Delete Songs from a Playlist?
      12. How Do I Delete Songs from My Library?
      13. How Do I Search for Items in My Library?
      14. How Do I Find Duplicates in My Library?
      15. How Does iTunes Organize My Files?
      16. Where Can I Store My Media If I Run Out of Room on My Computer?
      17. How Do I Move an iTunes Library from a Windows PC to a Mac?
      18. What’s the Best Way to Deal with My Huge Music Collection in iTunes?
      19. Can I Have More than One iTunes Library on My Computer?
    10. 8. Sync
      1. Sync Topics
      2. What Should I Sync to My iOS Device?
      3. How Do I Choose What to Sync to My iOS Device?
        1. Pick Media Manually
        2. Pick Media Automatically
      4. How Do I Sync This Ebook to My iOS Device?
      5. How Do I Squeeze as Much Music as Possible on My iOS Device?
      6. Can I Have iTunes Fill Up My iOS Device?
      7. What If Two (or More) People Want to Sync iOS Devices with the Same Computer?
      8. What about Syncing an Apple TV?
      9. Are There Special Features for Syncing an iPod shuffle?
      10. Where Can I Learn More about Syncing?
    11. 9. Share
      1. Share Topics
      2. How Do I Share My iTunes Library over a Network?
      3. How Do I Access Someone Else’s iTunes Library?
      4. How Do I Create a Centralized Music Server and Share It with iTunes Library Sharing?
      5. Can You Tell Me More about iTunes Library Sharing?
      6. How Do I Copy Media from One iTunes Library to Another?
    12. 10. Burn
      1. Burn Topics
      2. How Do I Burn CDs of My Music?
      3. What Music Won’t Burn?
      4. Can I Burn DVDs of Videos?
      5. What’s a Data CD?
    13. 11. Print
      1. Print Topics
      2. Why Would I Want to Print from iTunes?
      3. What Can I Print with iTunes?
    14. 12. Back Up
      1. What’s the Best Way to Back Up Media Files?
    15. 13. Bonus: Extend iTunes with AppleScripts
      1. Bonus Topics
      2. What Are AppleScripts?
      3. Where Do I Get AppleScripts?
      4. What Can I Do with AppleScripts?
      5. What If I Use Windows? How Can I Do All These Great Things?
    16. 14. Learn More
    17. A. About This Book
      1. Ebook Extras
      2. About the Author
      3. Author’s Acknowledgments
      4. Shameless Plug
      5. About the Publisher
      6. Production Credits