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Take Control of Screen Sharing in Snow Leopard

Book Description

Screen sharing lets you control the mouse and keyboard of one computer while you sit at another computer across the room or on the other side of the world. It's great for providing remote tech support, configuring and managing a remote server, and collaborating on documents. In recent versions of Mac OS X, Apple has piled on the options, enabling screen sharing via iChat, Bonjour, directly by entering an IP address, and Back to My Mac. Plus, Skype has a screen sharing feature and various iPhone apps offer remote screen sharing.

All these screen sharing choices bring complexity, and this book helps you match your situation to the best screen-sharing option for your needs. You'll learn how to configure the software-and set up your router, if necessary. And, should something not work as expected, the book also includes problem-solving advice.

Table of Contents

  1. Take Control of Screen Sharing in Snow Leopard
    1. Read Me First
      1. Updates
      2. Links
      3. Basics
      4. What's New in This Edition
      5. Leopard and Snow Leopard
    2. Introduction
    3. 1. Quick Start to Screen Sharing
    4. 2. Learn the Basics of Screen Sharing
      1. Uses of Screen Sharing
      2. Options for Screen Sharing
        1. Built-in Support
          1. iChat
          2. Bonjour
          3. Back to My Mac
          4. Direct Connection
        2. Skype
        3. VNC
      3. Security behind Screen Sharing
      4. Picking the Right Method
    5. 3. Share via iChat
      1. Get Set Up
      2. Ask the Doctor: What Can iChat Do?
      3. Start Screen Sharing via iChat
      4. Controlling and Being Controlled
        1. Controller
        2. Being Controlled
      5. Use iChat Theater
        1. Start a Presentation
          1. Method #1
          2. Method #2
        2. Run a Presentation
          1. Record a Presentation
          2. View a Local Video Preview
        3. End a Session
    6. 4. Prepare to Share
      1. Share Your Screen
        1. Turn On Screen Sharing
        2. Limit Screen Sharing to Specific Users
        3. Let in Users without Accounts
        4. Use the Screen Sharing Menu
      2. Use the Screen Sharing Application
        1. Cut, Copy, and Paste
        2. Scaling and Scrolling
        3. Transmission Fidelity
        4. Receiving Multiple Screens
        5. Setting Preferences
        6. Disconnecting
        7. Reconnecting
    7. 5. Share via Bonjour
    8. 6. Share via Back to My Mac
      1. Turn on Back to My Mac
      2. Connect with Back to My Mac
      3. Disable Back to My Mac
    9. 7. Share via a Direct Connection
    10. 8. Share via Skype
      1. Set Up Skype
      2. Share Your Screen in Skype
        1. Initiate a Session
        2. End Your Session
    11. 9. Share with iPhone Apps
      1. Jaadu VNC
        1. Enable Remote Access for Jaadu VNC
        2. Configure Jugaari's Server Software
        3. Set Up Jaadu VNC on an iPhone or iPod touch
          1. Make the First Connection to a Local VNC Server
          2. Make the First Connection to a Remote Server
          3. Make Subsequent Connections
        4. Control a Computer with Jaadu VNC
      2. LogMeIn Ignition
    12. 10. Get Backward Compatibility with VNC
      1. Share Your Screen With VNC
        1. Enable VNC
        2. Enable SSH
      2. Use the JollysFastvnc Client
      3. Use Vine for VNC
        1. Vine Viewer
          1. Set Vine Options
          2. Make a Bonjour Connection
          3. Make a Direct Connection
          4. View Remote Machines
          5. Disconnect a Session
        2. Vine Server
    13. 11. Troubleshooting
      1. iChat Connection Problems
      2. Bonjour, Direct, and VNC Connection Problems
      3. Back to My Mac Connection Problems
      4. Firewall Blocks Access
      5. Solving Sleep
        1. Enable Wake on Demand in Snow Leopard
        2. Enable Wake on LAN
        3. Disable Sleep
    14. A. Other Remote Access Solutions
      1. LogMeIn
      2. Timbuktu Pro
      3. Apple Remote Desktop
      4. GoToMyPC
    15. B. Configure Your Router or Gateway
      1. Which Kind of Configuration?
      2. Set Up Routing for Back to My Mac and iChat
        1. Confer with the Doctor for Network Advice
        2. Check Back to My Mac Status Messages
        3. Determine Which Router Type You Use
        4. Set Up an Apple AirPort Base Station
        5. Set Up a Linksys Router with UPnP
        6. Enable UPnP on Non-Linksys Routers
      3. Use Manual Port Mapping
        1. Set Up a 2Wire Router with Port Mapping
        2. Generic Advice on Configuring Port Mapping
          1. Assign a Fixed Address to a Local Computer
            1. Manually Set a Fixed Address
            2. Use DHCP Reservation to Set a Fixed Address
          2. Map Ports with Any Router
          3. Map Ports with a Modern Apple Router
      4. Expose a Computer
    16. C. About This Book
      1. About the Author
      2. Author's Acknowledgments
      3. Shameless Plug
      4. About the Publisher
      5. Production Credits