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Take Control of Easy Mac Backups

Book Description

Backup guru Joe Kissell teaches you the fastest and easiest way to create a complete Mac backup system from which you can restore your data after an accident or disaster—including versioned backups, an all-important bootable duplicate, and an offsite backup.

Table of Contents

  1. Read Me First
    1. Updates and More
    2. Basics
    3. What’s New in Version 1.1
  2. Introduction
  3. Quick Start to Easy Mac Backups
  4. Understand Joe’s Basic Backup Strategy
    1. Why Create Versioned Backups?
    2. Why Create Bootable Duplicates?
    3. Why Use an External Hard Drive?
    4. Why Use Multiple Partitions?
    5. Why Store Backups Offsite?
  5. Decide If Time Machine Is Right for You
    1. Learn When Time Machine Isn’t Ideal
    2. Choose Another Versioned Backup Program
    3. ChronoSync
    4. CrashPlan
    5. Data Backup 3
    6. QRecall
    7. Retrospect
    8. Synk
  6. Pick a Hard Drive
    1. Decide on Capacity
    2. Duplicate Size
    3. Versioned Backup Size
    4. Total Size
    5. Choose an Interface (or Several)
    6. Consider Other Factors
    7. Should You Buy a Time Capsule?
    8. Decide How Many Drives to Buy
    9. Find a Good Deal on Hard Drives
  7. Prepare Your Hard Drive
    1. Choose a Partition Map Scheme
    2. Decide How Many Partitions to Make
    3. Configure Your Drive
    4. Choose Local or Network Backups
    5. Local Backups
    6. Network Backups
  8. Set Up and Use Time Machine
    1. Set Up Your Time Machine Hardware
    2. Choose a Destination
    3. Exclude Files from Time Machine
    4. Items to Consider Excluding
    5. Restore Data with Time Machine
    6. Restore Files and Folders in the Finder
    7. Restore Files and Folders Using Spotlight
    8. Restore Data Within Applications
    9. Restore Files from Another Time Machine Backup
    10. Restore a Disk Using Time Machine
    11. Restore Files without Time Machine
    12. Delete Files from a Time Machine Backup
    13. Delete an Entire Snapshot
    14. Delete All Instances of a Single File
    15. Use a Single Backup Disk with Multiple Macs
    16. Use Multiple Backup Disks with a Single Mac
    17. Manage Your Time Machine Schedule
    18. Migrate to a Larger Time Machine Disk
    19. Migrate to a Local Drive
    20. Migrate to a Time Capsule or Network Volume
    21. Avoid (or Solve) Time Machine Problems
    22. Find Missing Volumes
    23. Remount Network Volumes
    24. Avoid Conflicts with Virus Scanners
    25. Find Out What Time Machine Is Really Up To
    26. Avoid Restoring Files When Aperture Is Open
    27. Understand Limitations of Time Machine with FileVault
    28. Purge Deleted Applications from Time Machine
    29. Convince Time Machine to Use the Right Disk
    30. Live Dangerously: Hack Time Machine
    31. Modify the Hourly Backup Interval
    32. Use Unsupported Network Volumes
    33. Increase Wireless Network Throughput
    34. Encrypt Time Machine Backups
  9. Use Other Versioned Backup Software
    1. ChronoSync Tips
    2. CrashPlan Tips
    3. Data Backup Tips
    4. QRecall Tips
    5. Retrospect Tips
    6. Synk Tips
  10. Create a Bootable Duplicate
    1. Create a Duplicate with SuperDuper
    2. Create a Duplicate with Carbon Copy Cloner
    3. Test Your Duplicate
  11. Store an Extra Backup Offsite
    1. Use a Second Hard Drive
    2. Use an Internet Backup Service
    3. Backblaze
    4. CrashPlan
    5. Jungle Disk
    6. MozyHome
    7. Use an Offsite Time Machine Service
    8. Transport
    9. Dolly Drive
  12. What to Do When Disaster Strikes
    1. Restore Individual Files
    2. Use Your Bootable Duplicate
    3. Restore a Complete Disk
    4. Restore a Disk from a Bootable Duplicate
  13. About This Book
    1. Ebook Extras
    2. About the Author
    3. Author’s Acknowledgements
    4. Shameless Plug
    5. About the Publisher
    6. Production Credits
  14. Copyright and Fine Print
  15. Featured Titles
  16. CrashPlan Coupon
  17. Data Backup Coupon
  18. Footnotes