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Take Control of iPhone OS 3

Book Description

You'll discover how to navigate the many options in Settings so you're up and running quickly, and learn important techniques - such as searching and copying text - for using your iPhone effectively. You'll also get help with many specific iPhone questions, including these:

  • How does my iPhone know where it is?

  • How do I manage my network connections?

  • How can I type faster so it's more fun to use?

  • How do I transfer photos to and from my iPhone?

  • How do the many volume control options function?

  • How do I attach a Bluetooth headset?

  • Can I delete a third-party app, but get it back later?

  • How do I buy or make ringtones?

  • What do I need to know before I travel abroad?

  • How do I put an often-used Web page on my Home screen?

  • How do I use iPhone tethering to connect my laptop to the Internet?

  • How do I set up an ad-hoc, peer-to-peer Bluetooth network?

  • How do I get started with syncing via Exchange?

  • What are the pros and cons of jailbreaking?

  • I'm a Unix geek. How to I get root access?

Plus, you'll find detailed troubleshooting techniques to use if you run into a problem, including:

  • Safari problems

  • Syncing problems

  • Internet connection problems

  • Freezes, crashes, and mysterious buggy behavior

  • Restoring an ailing iPhone from a backup

  • Determining if you need a hardware repair

  • How to deal with passwords and security issues

Table of Contents

  1. Take Control of iPhone OS 3
    1. Read Me First
      1. Updates
      2. Basics
        1. Macintosh:
        2. iPhone and iPod touch:
    2. Introduction
    3. 1. iPhone OS Quick Start
    4. 2. 8 Quick Troubleshooting Steps
    5. 3. Sync Your iPhone
      1. Understand Sync Options
        1. Music
          1. Music Videos
          2. Voice Memos
        2. Podcasts
        3. iTunes U
        4. Movies and TV Shows
          1. Rented Movies
        5. Photos
        6. Info Items
          1. Contacts
          2. Calendars
          3. Web Browser
          4. Notes
          5. Mail Accounts
          6. Advanced
      2. Choose Manual Syncing
        1. Stop Automatic Syncing
        2. Sync Manually
      3. Manage Syncing With Multiple Computers
        1. Media
        2. Info Data
      4. Understand the iPhone Backup
        1. Create or Update a Backup
        2. View Backup Lists, Items, and Data
        3. Delete a Backup
      5. Solve Sync Failures and Errors
        1. The iPhone Doesn't Appear in iTunes
        2. "Unknown error" When Syncing
        3. "Not enough free space" Error
        4. Incorrect Format or "can't play" Errors
        5. Info Items Fail to Sync
      6. Resolve Sync Conflicts
      7. Create and Sync Custom Ringtones
        1. Buy Ringtones on the Mac
        2. Buy Ringtones on the iPhone
        3. Create Ringtones in GarageBand
        4. Create Ringtones via Third-Party Software
        5. Sync Ringtones
        6. Select Ringtones on Your iPhone
        7. Solve Ringtone Problems
          1. Resync "Lost" Ringtones
          2. "Not copied" Error Message
          3. Ringtones and Syncing from Multiple Computers
    6. 4. Use MobileMe
      1. Sync With Mobileme
        1. Use Push, Fetch, or Manual?
        2. Get Data from MobileMe
          1. Get Ready
          2. Configure Your Mac for MobileMe
          3. Configure Your iPhone for MobileMe
          4. Understand the Limits of MobileMe Syncing
          5. Test Your Settings
        3. The MobileMe FAQ
          1. I'm sure everything is set correctly, but MobileMe Push isn't working. What do I do?
          2. What happens to the MobileMe data on my iPhone if I stop syncing it to MobileMe?
          3. Help! I have duplicates in Contacts, Calendars or Bookmarks. What do I do?
          4. Help! My Contacts and Calendar data have vanished from my iPhone. What do I do?
          5. How do I fix a "need to replace" error?
          6. I use Entourage instead of Address Book and iCal. Can I sync Entourage data via MobileMe?
          7. Can I send photos and videos from my iPhone to my Web Gallery in MobileMe?
      2. Find My iphone
        1. Set Up Find My iPhone
        2. Use Find My iPhone
        3. Send a Message to Your iPhone
        4. Secure a Missing iPhone
          1. Enable a Passcode Lock Remotely
          2. Initiate a Remote Wipe
    7. 5. Manage App Store Apps
      1. Install Apps
        1. Decide on an Installation Method
        2. Manage Apps Directly on the iPhone
        3. Manage Apps in iTunes
        4. Install Apps from Another iPhone User
          1. Share via iTunes Home Sharing
          2. Share via the Finder
      2. Delete Apps
        1. Delete an App from the iPhone Only
          1. If you are away from your Mac:
          2. If you are at your Mac:
        2. Delete an App from Both the iPhone and iTunes
      3. Reinstall Deleted Apps
      4. Update Apps
        1. Update on Your iPhone
          1. Update Using iTunes
      5. The App Faq
        1. How are App Store Apps Backed Up?
          1. Could Apps Contribute to Long Sync Times?
          2. Where Do I Find the Settings for an App?
          3. How Do I Find the Version Number of an App?
          4. What Should I Do If an App Won't Delete?
          5. What Should I Do If an App Download Didn't Finish?
          6. What if an App Refuses to Install or Update on My iPhone?
          7. How Do I Fix an "application cannot be opened" message?
          8. What If an App Refuses to Launch, with No Error Message?
          9. What Should I Do If an App Crashes or Freezes?
          10. How Do I Report an App Problem?
          11. Where and How are App Store Apps Stored on a Mac?
          12. How Do I Get an .ipa File on My Mac into iTunes?
    8. 6. Master Keyboard and Speech Input
      1. Type More Accurately
        1. Use Landscape If You Can
        2. Learn Your Tapping Bias
        3. Hold Down for a Key Preview
        4. Use the Alphabet-to-Numbers Keyboard Trick
        5. Use the Space Bar Double-Tap
        6. Customize Your Capping
        7. Use Auto-Correction
        8. Reset the Keyboard Dictionary
      2. Edit Text
        1. Use the Magnifying Glass
        2. Use Cut, Copy, and Paste
        3. Shake to Undo
      3. Use "Hidden" Keyboard Options
      4. Understand Keyboard Contexts
        1. Application-Specific Options
        2. International Keyboards
      5. Use Spotlight Search
      6. Use Voice Control
        1. Understand Voice Control Commands
        2. Use Voice Control with Wired Headsets
    9. 7. Troubleshooting 101
      1. Understand Freezes and Crashes
        1. Freezes
        2. Crashes
        3. Handling Freezes and Crashes
      2. Prevent Freezes and Crashes
        1. Update the iPhone OS Software
        2. Update Carrier Settings
        3. Update Third-Party Apps
        4. Update iTunes
        5. Don't Overload the iPhone
      3. View Crash- and Freeze-related Data
        1. View Console's Crash Data
        2. Check Identification Data
        3. iTunes "diagnostic information" Dialog
      4. Restart Your iPhone
        1. Restart
        2. Force Restart
      5. Reset, Restore, or Recover
        1. Reset
          1. Reset All Settings
        2. Erase All Content and Settings
        3. Restore
          1. Before You Restore
          2. Backup-Only Restore
          3. Full Restore
        4. Recover
        5. Resolve Update and Restore Errors
      6. Decide if Your iPhone Needs Repair
      7. Get a Repair
      8. Damage Control
        1. Too Hot to Handle?
        2. Liquid Damage?
        3. No Sound from Speakers?
        4. Volume Problems?
        5. Problems with Third-Party Accessories?
      9. Understand the SIM Card
        1. Decide If You Should Remove Your SIM Card
        2. Remove or Replace a SIM Card
      10. Manage the Battery
        1. Conserve Battery Life
        2. Conserve Battery Lifespan
        3. Charging Tips
        4. Replace the Battery
    10. 8. Solve Safari Problems
      1. Use the Clear Options
      2. Use the Security Settings
      3. Debug Safari
      4. Solve Other Safari Problems
        1. Web Pages Won't Load or Don't Fully Work
        2. Use Mobile-optimized Pages
        3. Fix Safari Crashes
    11. 9. Go Under the Hood
      1. Transfer Mac Files to Your iPhone
      2. Access iPhone Software on Your Mac
        1. Update Files
        2. Backup Files
        3. App Files
      3. Access iPhone Data from Your Mac
        1. PhoneView
        2. DiskAid
      4. Obtain Root Access to Your iPhone
      5. Use iPhone Configuration Utility
      6. Jailbreaking: What, Why, and How
        1. Read Me Before Jailbreaking!
        2. Why Jailbreak?
        3. How to Jailbreak
    12. 10. Navigate Wi-Fi, EDGE, 3G & Bluetooth
      1. Select A Network Type
      2. Join A Wi-fi Network
      3. Access More Info for a Wi-fi Network
      4. Solve Wi-fi Network Problems
        1. Toggle Airplane Mode
        2. Toggle Wi-Fi
        3. Turn Wi-Fi Off Altogether
        4. Move to a Different Location
        5. Switch Wi-Fi Networks
        6. Renew the DHCP Lease
        7. Forget a Network
        8. Forget and Rejoin a Network
        9. Check for Password Problems
        10. Check the Network's IP Settings
        11. Check the Router and Modem
        12. Reset Network Settings
        13. No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Address Listed
      5. Solve Data Network Problems
        1. Move to a Different Location
        2. Disable 3G or Wi-Fi
        3. Restart Your iPhone
      6. Join Wi-fi Hotspots
        1. Use Auto-Login at AT&T Wi-Fi Hotspots
        2. Use Auto-Login at Other Hotspots
        3. Use AutoFill
        4. Forget This Network vs. Auto-Join Off
          1. Forget This Network
          2. Auto-Join Off
        5. Solve Problems with Hotspot Logins
      7. Travel Abroad with Your Iphone
        1. Cost-Saving Packages and Tips
        2. Monitor Your Data Usage
      8. Use Bluetooth
        1. Enable Bluetooth
        2. Pair (and Forget) Devices
        3. Use a Bluetooth Headset or Car Kit
          1. Pairing
          2. Receiving and Placing Calls
        4. Use Stereo Bluetooth
      9. Use Peer-to-Peer Connectivity
      10. Use Internet Tethering
    13. 11. Understand Location Services
      1. Location Services Basics
      2. Use the Compass
      3. Use Location Services and Compass in Maps
    14. 12. Keep Your iPhone Secure
      1. Lock Your iPhone
        1. Use Auto-Lock
        2. Use Passcode Lock
        3. Use a SIM PIN
      2. Handle Other Passwords
        1. Voicemail Password
        2. Restrictions Password
        3. Network and Mail Passwords
        4. Web Passwords
      3. Use a VPN
    15. A. The iPhone in an Enterprise Environment
      1. Set Up an Enterprise iPhone
      2. Microsoft Exchange Activesync
    16. About This Book
      1. About the Author
      2. Author's Acknowledgments
      3. Shameless Plug
      4. About the Publisher
      5. Production Credits
    17. About the Author