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Take Control of Your iPhone Apps

Book Description

You'll find plenty of concise, clear explanations, plus pointers to a few important independent apps that add to the features offered in Apple's.

Jeff shows you how to use the iPhone apps for real-life tasks, including how to:

  • Update your calendar on the bus, and view the changes on your office Mac

  • Sync the sometimes elusive Birthdays calendar to your iPhone

  • Explain to friends how your iPhone knows where it is

  • Set an alarm that you'll hear, even if the volume is turned down

  • Set up a conference call with three of your friends

  • Skip ahead in a long voicemail message

  • Get around on the Web without squinting more than necessary

  • Read and reply to email

  • Send text messages or quickly place a call to someone you're texting with

  • Take quality photos with the iPhone 3GS

  • Upload photos from your iPhone to your computer

  • Trim the video you just took at a party and share it online right away

  • Get directions from your doctor's office to the drugstore

  • Settle arguments about which way north is

  • Find a song quickly so you can play it for a friend

  • Use Jeff's favorite free app, Remote, to run iTunes on a Mac or an Apple TV

Table of Contents

  1. Take Control of Your iPhone Apps
    1. Read Me First
      1. Updates
      2. Basics
    2. Introduction
    3. 1. iPhone Apps Quick Start
    4. 2. Shared iPhone OS Features
      1. Sync Essential Information
        1. Sync via iTunes
        2. Sync via MobileMe
        3. Sync via iTunes and MobileMe
        4. Choose a Sync Date Range
      2. Mark a Spot With Location Services
        1. Reset Location Services Warnings
        2. Turn Off Location Services
    5. 3. Calendar
      1. View Events
        1. Choose Which Calendar to View
        2. View Event Details
        3. Search for Events
      2. Create a New Event
      3. Edit an Event
    6. 4. Phone and Contacts
      1. Add and Manage Contacts
        1. Create a New Contact
        2. Add a Contact from Other Apps
        3. Make a Contact a Favorite
        4. Locate a Contact
        5. Edit a Contact
      2. Make Phone Calls
        1. Initiate a Call
        2. Receive a Call
        3. Handle Calls in Progress
        4. View Information about a Call
      3. Check Your Visual Voicemail
        1. Record a Greeting
        2. Listen to Your Messages
    7. 5. Safari
      1. View Web Pages
        1. Navigate a Web Page
        2. Open Another Web Page
        3. Perform a Web Search
        4. AutoFill Web Forms
          1. Save AutoFill Information
          2. Remove Saved AutoFill Data
        5. View Your Browsing History
      2. Create and Manage Bookmarks
        1. Add a Bookmark
        2. Manage Bookmarks
      3. Create Web Clips
      4. Use Safari's Security Settings
        1. Web Content Controls
        2. Privacy Controls
    8. 6. Mail
      1. Set Up Mail
        1. Sync Accounts with Your Computer
        2. Set Up an Account on the iPhone
      2. Check and Read Email
        1. Specify How to Check for New Mail
          1. Push
          2. Fetch
        2. Check Mail
        3. Read Mail
        4. File or Delete Mail
          1. File or Delete a Single Message
          2. File or Delete Multiple Messages
        5. Search for Mail
      3. Compose and Reply to Messages
        1. Create a New Message
        2. Forward or Reply to a Message
    9. 7. Messages
      1. Send and Receive Text Messages
      2. Edit Messages
      3. Send Media Files
        1. Send an MMS Message
        2. View and Save an MMS Message
    10. 8. Camera and Photos
      1. Take a Photo
        1. Take a Photo with an iPhone or iPhone 3G
        2. Take a Photo with an iPhone 3GS
          1. Set a Focus Point and Exposure Source
          2. Take a Macro Photo
        3. Strategies for Steady Shooting
      2. Record Video (iPhone 3GS)
      3. Sync Photos from Your Computer
      4. View Your Photos and Videos
        1. View Individual Photos or Movies
        2. Play a Slideshow
        3. Delete Multiple Photos or Videos
      5. Trim Video
      6. Share Photos and Videos
        1. Share a Photo
        2. Share a Video (iPhone 3GS Only)
        3. Share Multiple Items
        4. Share Better-Quality Photos and Video
          1. Copy and Paste Photos into Mail
          2. Import Videos to the Computer First
    11. 9. Maps and Compass
      1. Orient Yourself With the Compass (iPhone 3GS Only)
      2. Find Yourself
        1. Find Your Location
          1. Orient Yourself (iPhone 3GS)
          2. Change the Map View
      3. Search for a Location
        1. Add, Share, and Save Locations
        2. Drop a Pin
      4. Get Directions
        1. Get Directions between Two Points
        2. Follow the Directions
    12. 10. iPod
      1. Sync Your Media
        1. Smart Playlists
        2. Download Media from the iTunes App
      2. Locate Your Media
        1. Search for Media
        2. Browse Your Library
          1. Genius Mix
          2. Cover Flow
      3. Play Your Media
        1. Play Music
        2. Play Podcasts and Audiobooks
        3. Play Videos
        4. Control Playback outside the iPod App
        5. Make Playlists
          1. Genius Playlist
          2. On-The-Go Playlist
    13. 11. Remote
      1. Connect to an iTunes Library
        1. Add a Library
        2. Request a Song Using iTunes DJ
          1. Set Up iTunes DJ in iTunes
          2. Request Songs
      2. Control Playback
      3. Control an Apple TV
    14. 12. Learn More
    15. About This Book
      1. About the Author
      2. Author's Acknowledgments
      3. Shameless Plug
      4. About the Publisher
      5. Production Credits
    16. About the Author