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Take Control of Syncing Data in Snow Leopard

Book Description

You'll learn about syncing managed data on a Mac running Snow Leopard with:

  • Another Mac

  • Microsoft Exchange

  • The cloud (i.e. MobileMe or Google)

  • An iPhone, iPod, or Apple TV

  • A non-Apple mobile phone

  • A PDA (i.e. a Palm or Blackberry, specifics are brief)

Types of sync data covered include:

  • Calendar items stored in iCal, Entourage, Google, and Yahoo

  • Contacts stored in Address Book, Entourage, Google, and Yahoo

  • Data on Exchange servers

  • Data on MobileMe

  • Dock items and Dashboard widgets

  • Apple Mail account settings, Safari bookmarks, and application preferences

  • Apple Mail and Entourage notes

  • Keychains (user names and passwords)

  • Items from software that uses Mac OS X's Sync Services, such as Yojimbo

  • Audio, video, photos, apps, and associated metadata from iTunes

Types of devices covered include:

  • Macs, with details on MobileMe and overviews of popular third-party options

  • The iPhone and iPod touch, via Microsoft Exchange, MobileMe, or iTunes

  • Old and new iPods via iTunes, with details on USB and FireWire connections

  • The Apple TV via iTunes

  • Mobile phones, smartphones, BlackBerries, and Palm OS PDAs via iSync and/or third-party utilities

Connection technologies and software examined include:

  • Bluetooth, USB, FireWire, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet

  • MobileMe, iTunes, iSync, IMAP (IMAP discussion is limited to Apple Mail), Exchange

  • Third-party products from BusyMac, Feisar, Mark/Space, Nova Media, PocketMac, and Spanning Sync

Sampler of special questions you'll find answers to:

  • What is the truth database? And what should I do if I think it's lying?

  • When a sync occurs, what's going on behind the scenes?

  • What is push syncing and how does it work?

  • What is the difference between syncing and a backup?

  • What does Bluetooth "discovery" mean, and what should I do about it?

  • Can I control exactly which audio and video files sync to my iPod?

  • How do I override automatic syncing when I connect my iPod to iTunes?

  • How does iTunes decide if a video file is a movie, TV show, or music video?

  • How does the Apple TV figure out what to sync if it fills up?

  • How do I sync everything possible to my iPhone—calendars, contacts, Safari bookmarks, the works?

  • How do I sync a mobile phone that Apple doesn't support?

  • Argh! Snow Leopard's iSync doesn't support the Palm! What third-party software can I use instead?

  • I want to sync directly with an Exchange server... what do I need to know?

  • What's the smartest way to sync keychains between Macs?

  • I have a syncing feeling about my data—what should I do?

Table of Contents

  1. Take Control of Syncing Data in Snow Leopard
    1. Read Me First
      1. Updates
      2. Basics
      3. What's New in This Edition
    2. Introduction
    3. 1. Quick Start to Syncing
    4. 2. A Briefing on Syncing
      1. Syncing Through the Ages
      2. Syncing vs. Backups
      3. Three Approaches to Syncing Managed Information
        1. Sync Services and Managed Data
        2. Syncing in Apple's Walled Garden
        3. Syncing with Alien Technologies
      4. The Sync Services Syncing Model
        1. The Players
        2. The Process
        3. Types of Sync Sessions
    5. 3. Sync By Device
      1. Syncing Between Macs
      2. Syncing with Apple Devices
      3. Syncing with Anything Else
    6. 4. Connect Your Gear
      1. Connect over a Network
        1. MobileMe
        2. Apple TV
          1. Wired Apple TV Networking
          2. Wireless Apple TV Networking
          3. After You Connect the Apple TV
        3. Third-Party Utilities
      2. Connect with USB
        1. Cables
          1. iPods and iPhones
          2. Non-Apple Mobile Phones
        2. Cradles and Docks
        3. USB Versions
        4. Power Requirements
      3. Connect with FireWire
      4. Connect With Bluetooth
        1. Activate Bluetooth
        2. A Brief Bluetooth Backgrounder
        3. Set Up a Bluetooth Device
    7. 5. Sync an Apple Device with iTunes
      1. Understand iTunes Syncing
      2. Set General Syncing Options
        1. Syncing Automatically
          1. iPods and iPhones
          2. Apple TV
        2. Syncing Checked Items
        3. Manually Managing Music and Videos
      3. Sync Personal Information
        1. Set Up Personal Information Syncing for iPods and iPhones
        2. Manage iPod Information Syncing
        3. Manage iPhone and iPod touch Information Syncing
          1. Syncing iPhone and iPod touch Contacts
          2. Syncing iPhone and iPod touch Calendars
          3. Syncing Notes to an iPhone or iPod touch
          4. Syncing iPhone and iPod touch Mail Account Settings
          5. Syncing iPhone and iPod touch Bookmarks
        4. Reset iPhone and iPod touch Synced Information
      4. Sync Applications
      5. Sync Music
      6. Sync Movies and TV Shows
        1. Syncing Movies
        2. Syncing Episodes of TV Shows
          1. Syncing All TV Shows
          2. Syncing Recent TV Shows
          3. Syncing Unwatched TV Shows
      7. Sync Podcasts
        1. Syncing All Podcast Episodes
        2. Syncing Recent Podcast Episodes
        3. Syncing Unplayed Podcast Episodes
        4. Syncing New Podcast Episodes
      8. Sync iTunes U
      9. Sync Photos
      10. Sync Games on an iPod
    8. 6. iPhone and iPod touch Push Syncing
      1. Decide Whether or Not to Push
      2. Know Mobileme Push Basics
      3. Set Up Push
        1. Understand Duplicate Confusion
        2. Prepare to Activate Push Syncing
        3. Set Up Push Syncing on Your Device
    9. 7. Sync a Handheld Device with iSync
      1. Know iSync Basics
      2. Add Devices
      3. Remove Devices
      4. Configure Device Sync Settings
      5. Reset Devices
      6. Set the iSync Preferences
    10. 8. Sync Your Mac with MobileMe
      1. Meet MobileMe
      2. Choose What and When to Sync
        1. Sync by Button or Menu
      3. Sync Contacts and Calendars
        1. What Contact and Calendar Data Syncs
        2. Turn On Contacts and Calendars Syncing
      4. Sync Mail Settings and Notes
        1. What Mail and Notes Data Syncs
          1. Mail Account Settings
          2. Mail Rules, Signatures, and Smart Mailboxes
          3. Notes about Notes
        2. Turn On Mail and Note Syncing
      5. Sync Keychains
        1. What Keychain Syncing Syncs
        2. Turn On Keychain Syncing
      6. Sync Dashboard and Dock Settings
        1. What Dashboard and Dock Settings Sync
        2. Turn On Dashboard Dock Settings Syncing
      7. Sync Preferences
        1. What Preferences Syncing Syncs
        2. Turn On Preferences Syncing
      8. Sync Bookmarks
        1. Turn On Bookmark Syncing
      9. Sync Other Stuff
        1. What Stuff Syncs
        2. Turn Syncing On
      10. Reset Information
        1. Resetting Your MobileMe Sync Data
        2. Unregistering and Registering Users
          1. Unregistering
          2. Registering
    11. 9. The Conflict Resolver
      1. Resolve Conflicts When They Arise
      2. Use the Syncing Status Menu to Resolve Conflicts
    12. 10. Sync with Third-Party Software
      1. Why Try a Third Party?
      2. Sync Phones with Third-Party Plug-ins
        1. Where to Get Plug-Ins
        2. Install an iSync plug-in
      3. Sync Palms
      4. Sync Blackberries
      5. Sync Windows Mobile Devices
      6. Sync Managed Information without Mobileme
        1. Sync Internet Calendars Directly with an iPhone or iPod touch
          1. Set Up a CalDAV Syncing Subscription
          2. Set Up an ICS Subscription
        2. Set Up iCal to Sync Google Calendars
        3. Sync Address Book with Yahoo and Google
        4. Sync and Share Calendars with BusySync
        5. Sync and Share Calendars with BusyCal
        6. Sync and Share Contacts and Calendars with Spanning Sync
        7. Sync Locally with SyncTogether
      7. Sync Entourage
        1. Sync Entourage Calendars and Contacts
        2. Sync Entourage Notes
        3. Entourage and Exchange
        4. Entourage Calendar Syncing Quirks
      8. Sync Exchange Directly
        1. Sync Your Mac with Exchange
        2. Sync an iPhone or iPod touch with Exchange
      9. Sync Google Calendars to an iPhone or iPod Touch with ActiveSync
    13. 11. Lost in Translation
      1. Compatibility Strategies Used by Snow Leopard's Sync Services
      2. Compatibility Strategies You Can Use
        1. An iCal Testing Strategy
        2. An Address Book Testing Strategy
        3. After Testing
    14. 12. Think Before You Sync
      1. Go with the Flow
      2. Choose a Master
      3. Be Regular
      4. Clean Up after Yourself
      5. Play It Safe
      6. Start Small
    15. A. If Things Go Wrong
      1. Scrutinize Common Troublemakers
        1. Check Connections
          1. Is Everything Plugged In?
          2. Is Everything Turned On?
          3. Is Everything Operating?
        2. Deal with Corruptions
          1. Regroup
          2. Diagnose the Cause
        3. System Updates
        4. Bugs and Other Misunderstandings
      2. Practice Basic Troubleshooting Techniques
        1. Check the Experts
          1. Make Web Searches
          2. Visit a Few Sites of Great Value
          3. Consult Apple's Support Site
        2. Create a New Account
        3. Back Up and Reset
          1. Back Up
          2. Reset
    16. About This Book
      1. About the Author
      2. Author's Acknowledgments
      3. About the Publisher
      4. Production Credits
    17. About the Author