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Take Control of Customizing Microsoft Office

Book Description

Work faster and more efficiently in Microsoft Office X and Office 2004!

You know Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are powerful, but are you harnessing that power effectively? Microsoft Office expert Kirk McElhearn has distilled years of experience with these programs to explain how to work in Office more quickly and effectively. Learn how to issue your favorite commands faster, whether that means that you put commands on a toolbar for one-click access, stick them on custom menus where you can find them easily, or assign them keyboard shortcuts so that your fingers can do the work. Find tips for arranging toolbars and customizing the Formatting palette. Discover how to insert frequently typed bits of text with ease, and learn to use templates so that you never re-create a frequently used document (such as a monthly report) from scratch again. Kirk will have you working more efficiently than before in no time! Also included: how to navigate toolbars using the keyboard, working with the Word work menu, where Office stores customizations, and more. Bonus! A special appendix lists 20 favorite Office customizations from Macintosh experts.

Table of Contents

  1. Take Control of Customizing Microsoft Office
    1. Read Me First
      1. Onscreen Reading Tips
      2. Printing Tips
      3. Basics
      4. Version 1.0.1 Change List
    2. Introduction
    3. 1. Customizing Office Quick Start
    4. 2. Decide How You Want to Customize Office
    5. 3. Where Office Saves Customizations
      1. Office 2004
      2. Office X
    6. 4. Customizing Toolbars
      1. Showing and Hiding Toolbars
      2. Resizing and Arranging Toolbars
        1. Resizing toolbars
        2. Rearranging toolbars
      3. Modifying Toolbars
        1. Removing extra buttons
        2. Hiding buttons
        3. Creating a toolbar
        4. Creating a toolbar button
      4. Customizing the Formatting Palette
    7. 5. Customizing Menus
      1. Removing Extra Commands
      2. Moving Commands
      3. Removing an Entire Menu
      4. Creating a Menu
      5. Using the Word Work Menu
      6. Modifying Contextual Menus
    8. 6. Using Keyboard Shortcuts
      1. Finding Keyboard Shortcuts
        1. Creating a command list in Word
        2. Finding more keyboard shortcuts
      2. Setting Keyboard Shortcuts
    9. 7. Saving Typing Time
      1. Adding AutoText Entries
      2. Using AutoText
      3. Deleting AutoText Entries
      4. Adding Autocorrect Entries
      5. Deleting Autocorrect Entries
    10. 8. Working with Templates
      1. Word Templates
        1. Customizing Word's default (Normal) template
        2. Making a custom Word template
        3. Transferring items between Word documents
      2. Excel Templates
        1. Making default Excel templates
          1. Creating a workbook template
          2. Creating a sheet template
        2. Making a custom Excel template
        3. Attaching toolbars to Excel workbooks
      3. PowerPoint Templates
      4. Using Templates
    11. 9. Resources
    12. A. Powerpoint & Entourage Shortcuts
    13. B. Cool Customization Ideas
      1. General Office
      2. Excel
      3. Word Normal File and Style
      4. More Word Customizations:
      5. Word Macro Ideas
      6. Entourage
    14. About This Ebook
      1. About the Author
      2. Author's Acknowledgements
      3. Shameless Plug
      4. Take Control: the Series
      5. About Tidbits Electronic Publishing
      6. Production Credits