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Take Control of Upgrading to Leopard

Book Description

Start on the right foot with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard! Little is more exciting and unnerving than a major operating system upgrade for your Mac, but thousands of people have upgraded to Panther and Tiger calmly and successfully with the advice in Joe Kissell's previous hit Take Control of Upgrading... titles. Joe's expert guidance, developed over innumerable test installations, walks you through the six steps necessary before upgrading, which of Leopard's three installation options is right for you, how to perform the actual upgrade, and post-installation checking and cleanup. Worried that something might go wrong? Joe provides in-depth discussions of what exactly each installation option does (and does not do), how to restore missing files, practical troubleshooting tips for the most common problems, and even step-by-step instructions to downgrade to your previous system if necessary. You'll also find tips on a few things that may surprise you, including special notes on Spotlight, Apple Mail, Keychain, and Time Machine. Bonus Section! Direct links to software update sites for FireWire hard drives, keyboards, mice, printers, scanners, video cards, audio equipment, common utilities, and more. Read this ebook to learn the answers to questions like:

  • Will my Mac and peripherals work with Leopard?

  • Which upgrade method should I use?

  • Should I partition my hard disk before upgrading?

  • Which files aren't copied by Archive and Install?

  • What if I can't print after upgrading?

  • Do I need new versions of my utilities for Leopard?

  • What should I do if my Mac refuses to boot under Leopard?

  • What should I do if Time Machine wants me to let it start backing up?

Table of Contents

  1. Take Control of Upgrading to Leopard
    1. Read Me First
      1. What's New in This Version
    2. Introduction
    3. 1. Leopard Upgrade Quick Start
    4. 2. Learn About Leopard Installer Changes
    5. 3. Check Your Hardware for Compatibility
      1. Processor Support
      2. DVD Support
      3. Processor Upgrade Cards
      4. RAM
      5. Video Cards
      6. PCI Cards
      7. Update Your Firmware if Necessary
      8. Make Sure You Have Enough Disk Space
      9. Check Your Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse
    6. 4. Back up Your Disk
      1. The Duplicate
        1. Hardware
          1. Size
          2. Internal or external
          3. Interface speed
          4. Interface and bootability
        2. Software
        3. What to duplicate
      2. Prepare Your External Drive
        1. Choose a partition map scheme
          1. Duplicate must boot a PowerPC-based Mac
          2. Duplicate must boot a PowerPC- and Intel-based Mac
          3. Duplicate must boot only an Intel-based Mac
        2. Choose the right format
        3. Partition and format your external drive
      3. Create a Duplicate
      4. Test Your Duplicate
      5. Back Up Windows Volumes
        1. Duplicate a FAT32 partition
        2. Duplicate an NTFS partition
    7. 5. Clean up Your Mac
      1. Update Third-party Software
      2. De-Clutter Your Hard Disk
      3. Run Apple Hardware Test
      4. Run Disk Utility
    8. 6. Consider Partitioning Your Hard Disk
      1. Understand Why (or Why Not) to Partition a Disk
      2. Decide on Partition Sizes and Order
      3. Partition a Disk
    9. 7. Say Goodbye to Mac OS 9
    10. 8. Carry Out Final Preparations
      1. Check Product Compatibility
      2. Verify Your Disk
      3. Disable Login Items
      4. Preemptively Fix Upgrade Problems
      5. Update Your Duplicate
      6. Turn Off (yes, Off) Automatic Duplicates
      7. Check Your .mac Info
    11. 9. Choose an Upgrade Method
      1. Upgrade Mac OS X
      2. Archive and Install
      3. Erase and Install
      4. Which Method is Right for You?
    12. 10. Perform a Customized Upgrade
      1. Keep Your Mac Awake
      2. Start the Installer
      3. Select a Destination
        1. Stop!
      4. Select an Upgrade Method
      5. Choose Optional Software
      6. Go for a Jog
      7. Use Setup Assistant
        1. Transfer your old data
        2. Complete Setup Assistant
    13. 11. Update Apple Software
      1. Update Boot Camp Windows Drivers
    14. 12. Set Up Your Leopard Environment
      1. Spotlight Indexing
      2. Configure Time Machine
      3. The Phantom Idisk Image
      4. Missing Features?
      5. Other Surprises
      6. Software that May Not Work
      7. Xcode Tools and Dashcode
      8. A Word About Filevault
    15. 13. Restore Missing Files
      1. Reinstall Drivers and Utilities
      2. Copy Old Files Manually
        1. How to find files
        2. How to copy files
        3. Files you may want to copy
      3. Restore Login Items
      4. Verify Your Disk (again)
      5. Final Software Advice
    16. 14. Troubleshoot Upgrade Problems
      1. Computer Won't Start Up from the Dvd…
      2. Installer Refuses to Install…
      3. Can't Select Installation Volume…
      4. Installation Does Not Complete…
      5. Computer Won't Start Up Under Leopard…
      6. Printer Won't Print…
        1. Printer not listed
        2. Printer is listed, but it won't print
      7. If All Else Fails…
    17. 15. How to Downgrade
      1. Reverting to a Bootable Duplicate
      2. Reverting to Tiger with Archive and Install
      3. Downgrading Manually (to Tiger or Earlier)
    18. A. Software Sources
      1. Audio & Midi Equipment Drivers
        1. Audio & MIDI equipment drivers
        2. FireWire hard drive firmware
        3. Input device drivers
        4. Printer drivers
        5. Scanner drivers
        6. Video card software
        7. Other peripherals
        8. Backup software
        9. Security and virtualization software:
        10. System enhancements
        11. Unix software
        12. Other Utilities
    19. About This Book
      1. About the Author
      2. Author's Acknowledgements
      3. Shameless Plugs
      4. About the Publisher
      5. Production Credits