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Take Control of Customizing Leopard

Book Description

Come up to speed quickly on Leopard's new features! So, what's new in Leopard? What's all the fuss about? This book shows you, through a hands-on guided tour of the adjustments, tweaks, and customizations you can make in the System and the Finder. Apple boasts of 300 new features in Leopard, but to make the most of those features, turn to Matt Neuburg for a road map on how to customize Leopard so it's right for you. Matt shows you how to protect your data with Time Machine, including instructions for searching through previous files with Spotlight. You'll also learn how to peek at files with Quick Look and Cover Flow, customize Leopard's updated sidebar, and use Spaces effectively. Matt explains numerous other key customizations, including how to use the much-improved Spotlight interface, set Finder windows to open in your desired view, configure Open and Save dialogs, arrange items on your toolbar for quick access, and turn on the new Path Bar. Also covered are how to work with Expose, Dashboard, status menus, login items, Internet helper applications, zooming controls, double-headed scroll arrows, and lots more. Read this ebook to learn the answers to questions like:

  • What are the major new features in Leopard?

  • What are the major new features in Leopard?

  • How might I change my work habits to get more out of Leopard?

  • Can I move windows between virtual desktops in Spaces?

  • How do I customize my Time Machine backups?

  • What's the best way to use Spotlight to find files on my disk?

  • How can I keep my Desktop from getting too messy?

  • How do I assign keyboard shortcuts to menu items?

  • Can I turn off or reassign the Caps Lock key?

  • How do I turn off all those Services in the application menus?

Table of Contents

  1. Take Control of Customizing Leopard
    1. Read Me First
      1. Updates
      2. Basics
      3. What's New in This Version
    2. Introduction
    3. 1. Customizing Leopard Quick Start
    4. 2. KNOW WHAT'S NEW
    5. 3. Install Intelligently
      1. Select a Destination
      2. Install Summary
    6. 4. Preserve the Past with Time Machine
      1. Turn on Time Machine
      2. Make a Manual Snapshot
      3. Use the Time Machine Application
      4. Use Time Machine in Other Ways
    7. 5. Dominate the Dock, Master the Menu Bar
      1. The Dock
        1. Customize the contents
        2. Set Dock preferences
        3. Set up Stacks
      2. The Menu Bar
    8. 6. Straighten Out Your System Preferences
    9. 7. Handle the Hierarchy
      1. Set Up the Default Finder Window
      2. Peek With Quick Look and Cover Flow
        1. Quick Look
        2. Cover Flow view
      3. Prepare for Springing Folders
      4. Set Up the Desktop
      5. Sidebar Basics
      6. Customize Your Sidebar
        1. Devices
        2. Shared
        3. Places
        4. Search For
        5. Set the width
      7. Tweak Your Open and Save Dialogs
      8. Toolbar Basics
      9. Customize Your Toolbar
      10. Determine Your Toolbar's Visibility
      11. Use the Path Bar
      12. Understand Spotlight
      13. Tackle the Spotlight Search Interfaces
        1. The Spotlight menu
        2. The Finder search window
      14. Search Backward in Time
      15. Set Up Spotlight Preferences
      16. Make Smart Folders
    10. 8. Wash Your Windows
      1. Set Up Exposé
        1. All Windows mode
        2. Application Windows mode
        3. Desktop mode
        4. Customize Exposé triggers
          1. Corner of the screen trigger
          2. Keyboard shortcut trigger
          3. Mouse button trigger
      2. Set Up Spaces
        1. Start using Spaces
        2. Prepare to switch spaces
        3. Set up the Spaces grid
        4. Make application bindings for Spaces
        5. Be Spaces-minded
      3. Set Up Dashboard
        1. Customize Dashboard triggers
        2. Customize Dashboard
        3. Customize Dashboard widgets
        4. How to give Dashboard the boot
        5. Consider Third-Party Window Management
    11. 9. Control the Keyboard, Master the Mouse
      1. Modify Your Modifiers
      2. Give Your Mouse the Finger
      3. Trick Out Your Trackpad
      4. Mouse Less, Keyboard More
        1. Mouseless menus
        2. Mouseless window interface
        3. Mouseless pointer movement
      5. Review Global Keyboard Shortcuts
      6. Consider Application Keyboard Shortcuts
      7. Fix Your Fn Key
      8. Straighten Up Your Services
      9. Adopt a Launcher
    12. 10. Ease Your Eyeballs
      1. Calibrate Your Screen
      2. Adjust Text Smoothing
      3. Take a Closer Look
        1. Adjust zoom options
      4. Grow the Pointer
      5. Learn about Other Seeing Tricks
      6. Have the Mac Read the Interface to You
    13. 11. Fix Your Fonts
      1. Customize Collections
      2. Disable Fonts
      3. Consider Third-Party Font Utilities
    14. 12. Tackle Your Text
      1. Use the Input Menu
        1. Use the Character Palette
        2. Use a keyboard layout
        3. Enter a compound character
      2. Learn Which Fonts Contain Which Characters
    15. 13. Customize Status Menus
    16. 14. Perform Miscellaneous Configurations
      1. Set Up Login Items
      2. Limit User Powers
      3. Scroll Easier
      4. Determine Internet Helper Applications
      5. Prevent the Vanishing Window
      6. Block Automatic Updates
    17. 15. Find Other Customizations
    18. A. Use AppleScript To Make Every Window Open in List View, No matter What
    19. About This Book
      1. About the Author
      2. Author's Acknowledgements
      3. Shameless Plug
      4. About the Publisher
      5. Production Credits