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Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Book Description

Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management is the essential guide to the principles and practices of sustainable logistics operations and the responsible management of the entire supply chain. It offers practitioners and students the required understanding of sustainability science as well as an understanding of sustainability as it affects the supply chain.Examining the subject in an integrated manner and from a holistic perspective, it examines all the key areas, including: product design; procurement; cleaner production; freight transport; warehousing and storage; purchasing; supply management; reverse logistics; recycling; strategy and more. Written by three leading experts on the subject, Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a comprehensive, academic book that provides research-led applications and case studies.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. List of figures
  6. List of tables
  7. List of case studies
  8. About the authors
  9. Introduction
  10. 01: Logistics and supply chain management
    1. The nature of logistics and supply chain management
    2. Logistics and SCM trends affecting sustainability
    3. Sustainable logistics and supply chains
    4. Summary
  11. 02: Science of sustainability
    1. Concepts of sustainability
    2. Species and ecosystems
    3. Energy
    4. Industry
    5. Food
    6. Population and urban growth
    7. Water
    8. Summary
  12. 03: Freight transport
    1. Impact of freight transport
    2. Transport modes
    3. Strategies to reduce environmental impact of freight transport
    4. Wider aspects of sustainability in freight transport
    5. Summary
  13. 04: Sustainable warehousing
    1. The environmental impact of warehouses
    2. The roles and functions of warehouses
    3. Warehouse location
    4. Handling equipment
    5. Assessing the impact
    6. Reduction of the environmental impact
    7. Social dimension of sustainability in warehousing
    8. Risks and vulnerability in warehousing
    9. Summary
  14. 05: Product design, cleaner production and packaging
    1. Background
    2. Product design for environment and sustainable logistics
    3. Regulatory frameworks
    4. Cleaner production
    5. Packaging for the environment
    6. Summary
  15. 06: Sustainable purchasing and procurement
    1. The role of procurement in the supply chain
    2. What is ‘green procurement’?
    3. Drivers and barriers for sustainable procurement
    4. Procurement frameworks
    5. Ecolabels
    6. Lifecycle assessment
    7. Comparing purchasing options
    8. Summary
  16. 07: Reverse logistics and recycling
    1. Background
    2. Reverse logistics and recycling
    3. Product recovery options
    4. Recycling
    5. Regulations
    6. Summary
  17. 08: Risk, corporate social responsibility and ethics
    1. Background
    2. Risk in logistics and supply chains
    3. Corporate social responsibility
    4. Ethical framework and codes of conduct
    5. Global and industrial initiatives
    6. Summary
  18. 09: Sustainable logistics and supply chain management strategy
    1. Concepts of corporate strategy
    2. Theoretical motivations underlying corporate and sustainable strategy
    3. Sustainable logistics and supply chain performance measurement
    4. Environmental management systems
    5. Lifecycle assessment
    6. Assessing sustainable choices and initiatives
    7. Summary
  19. References
  20. Index