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STTS: Maximise Your Memory Power

Book Description

In today's fast-paced information age, maximising your memory power is not an option but a necessity. We use our memory all the time, and the way we use it will affect what we achieve in our lives. No matter what your profession or occupation, mastering information and memory management skills will prove essential, and will help you to increase your productivity and profitability. Nishant Kasibhatla, Grand Master of Memory and World Record Holder, shares more than 20 simple yet practical techniques that will help you remember anything. By practising these techniques, you will be able to exercise your brain, focus better, remember things easily, retain information for longer and even impress people with special memory stunts. Learn to maximise your memory power today.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Preface
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
  7. Assess Yourself
  8. 1. Understanding How Your Memory Works
    1. Brain remembers pictures better
    2. The 3 R's of memory process
    3. The enemies of your memory
    4. Debunking memory myths
    5. The secrets of maximising your memory power
    6. Star Tips for understanding how your memory works
  9. 2. Association — the Mental Glue
    1. The Trigger Principle
    2. How good is your memory?
    3. How to create strong associations
    4. Association exercises
    5. Star Tips for making associations stick like glue
  10. 3. Memory Techniques for Beginners
    1. First Letter Technique
    2. First Letter Sentence Technique
    3. Number Phrase Technique
    4. Number Shape Technique
    5. Number Rhyme Technique
    6. Star Tips for beginners
  11. 4. Remembering Lists, Speeches and Presentations
    1. The CARR Technique
    2. The Word Train Technique
    3. Using the Word Train Technique to remember a to-do list
    4. The Body List Technique
    5. Using the Body List Technique to remember facts and ideas
    6. The Roman Room Technique
    7. Using the Roman Room Technique to remember speeches and presentations
    8. Expanding the Roman Room
    9. Word Train vs Body List vs Roman Room
    10. Star Tips for remembering lists, speeches and presentations
  12. 5. Remembering Abstract and Foreign Language Words
    1. The Visual Trigger Technique
    2. Knowledge triggers
    3. Sound triggers
    4. Using triggers to improve your vocabulary
    5. Using triggers to remember foreign language vocabulary
    6. Using triggers to remember technical terms and other abstract words
    7. Star Tips for remembering abstract and foreign language words
  13. 6. Remembering Numbers and Statistics
    1. The Ultimate System
    2. Converting numbers into words (and images)
    3. Dealing with one- or two-digit numbers
    4. Using phonetics to remember numbers of any length
    5. The 100 images database — your cheat sheet
    6. Star Tips for remembering numbers and statistics
  14. 7. Remembering Names and Faces
    1. Why do we forget names?
    2. The Five-step Name Memory System
    3. The Basic Technique — five steps explained
    4. The Advanced Technique — five steps explained
    5. Putting it all together
    6. Star Tips for remembering names and faces
  15. 8. Eight Ways to Turbocharge Your Brain Power
    1. Doing meditation
    2. Solving puzzles
    3. Creating a mind canvas
    4. Asking “what if?”
    5. Thinking of ten uses
    6. Trusting your brain
    7. Learning a new skill
    8. Activating Instant Replay
    9. Star Tips for turbocharging your brain power
  16. 9. Techniques to Deal With Everyday Memory Problems
    1. Overcoming absent-mindedness
    2. Remembering alphabetical or alpha-numerical information
    3. Dealing with tip-of-the-tongue (TOT) phenomenon and mental blocks
    4. Remembering birthdays and anniversaries
    5. Remembering weekly appointments
    6. Storing information in your long-term memory
    7. Remembering spoken information
    8. Remembering what you read
    9. Star Tips for dealing with everyday memory problems
  17. 10. Tricks and Stunts to Maximise Your Memory and Impress People
    1. Calendar memory
    2. 30-digit number
    3. Mental filing cabinet
    4. Facts about people
    5. Meeting memos
    6. Applying memory stunts to your working life
    7. Star Tips for maximising your memory and impressing people
  18. Index
  19. About the Author