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Street Photography: A Guide to Finding and Capturing Authentic Portraits and Streetscapes

Book Description

Street photography is about people. As a street photographer your job is to be in the moment and acutely aware of your surroundings — what a person is wearing, the way traffic is moving, or if the weather is changing. Good street photographers are watching constantly and leveraging these elements to capture subjects in authentic moments. In this ebook, Chicago-based photographer John Batdorff offers his best tips and techniques for finding and making great street images. You will learn about:

  • Selecting cameras and lenses to get the job done

  • Assessing your street approach and getting in the proper mindset

  • Scouting locations and working them fully to get your best shot

  • Blending in with your equipment, clothing, and body language

  • Observing vs. engaging with your subjects

  • Establishing a style and finishing your vision with post processing choices