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Strategic Sourcing and Category Management

Book Description

Strategic Sourcing and Category Management: Lessons Learned in Ikea looks at how to drive efficient sourcing within organizations through applying the highly successful concepts and methods used in IKEA.

Table of Contents

  1. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="TOCCHAP-NUM">01&#160;&#160;</span><span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="epub-Bold-Normal-Normal">Lessons learned at Ikea</span>
    1. Where does Ikea come from?
    2. Where is Ikea’s purchasing going next?
    3. What results has Ikea produced?
    4. How is the organization led?
    5. Why is category sourcing led through a process?
    6. Lessons learned and reflections
    7. What challenges might Ikea face in the future?
  2. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="TOCCHAP-NUM">02&#160;&#160;</span><span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="epub-Bold-Normal-Normal">How is it done?</span>
    1. A category sourcing process
    2. Reflections
  3. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="TOCCHAP-NUM">03&#160;&#160;</span><span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="epub-Bold-Normal-Normal">What should the team do?</span>
    1. The project directive
    2. Segmentation
    3. Goals and requirements
    4. Influence and power
    5. Reflections
  4. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="TOCCHAP-NUM">04&#160;&#160;</span><span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="epub-Bold-Normal-Normal">Where is the money?</span>
    1. Spend analysis
    2. Supplier evaluation
    3. Gap analysis
    4. Market diagnosis
    5. Project plan
    6. Summary and reflections
  5. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="TOCCHAP-NUM">05&#160;&#160;</span><span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="epub-Bold-Normal-Normal">Creating the strategy</span>
    1. Positioning
    2. Supplier structure
    3. Value analysis
    4. Strategy development
    5. Summary
    6. Reflections
  6. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="TOCCHAP-NUM">06&#160;&#160;</span><span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="epub-Bold-Normal-Normal">The moment of truth</span>
    1. Tendering
    2. Contracts
    3. Implementation
    4. Reflections
  7. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="TOCCHAP-NUM">07&#160;&#160;</span><span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="epub-Bold-Normal-Normal">Leading the business and creating leverage</span>
    1. Measure and control
    2. New product development
    3. Create leverage: new business drivers
    4. Questions and reflections
  8. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="TOCCHAP-NUM">08&#160;&#160;</span><span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="epub-Bold-Normal-Normal">Different categories and other perspectives</span>
    1. Sourcing of semi-manufactured materials
    2. Sourcing of components
    3. Sourcing of branded products
    4. Indirect sourcing: standard products
    5. Indirect sourcing: transport (Europe)
    6. Indirect sourcing: professional services
    7. Questions and reflections
  9. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="TOCCHAP-NUM">09&#160;&#160;</span><span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="epub-Bold-Normal-Normal">From theory to practice</span>
    1. 1. Establishing a sense of urgency
    2. 2. Creating the guiding coalition
    3. 3–4. Developing and communicating a vision and a strategy
    4. 5. Empowering employees for broad-based action
    5. 6. Generating short-term wins
    6. 7. Consolidating gains and producing more change
    7. 8. Anchoring new approaches in the culture
    8. Summary
  10. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="TOCCHAP-NUM">10&#160;&#160;</span><span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="epub-Bold-Normal-Normal">Success or failure?</span>